My Nysc Camp Experience episode 7

THE CAMP. Episode 7.

I laid on my bed thinking what could have happened, was it because she saw me with Yetunde or maybe she thought I didn’t ask after her health.

Alot ruminate in my mind.

Yetunde’s call came in, I picked and she told me she was outside my hostel, I went out to meet her, she had gone to mammy market to get suya and drinks, she brought mine. It was already some minutes to 7pm but the light of the day could still made someone’s face obvious.

I was with Yetunde talking when I saw Britney and Ben walking towards the gym. Britney held his gym bag while he wrapped a white towel around his neck.

The gym was just by the soldiers Lodge, corp members were allowed to go there to gym especially those that wanted to contest for Mr Mancho in the camp.

I was lost staring at them when Yetunde’s voicetapped me back to consciousness. Her displeasure was obvious on her face as she stared at me.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” I apologised.

She touched my hands and bid me good bye, I wanted to escort her back to her hostel but she insisted I shouldn’t. I felt really bad and stupid because I was lost staring at Britney when I had someone before me.

I go back to my bed and started wondering what came over me, I began to analyse the relationship between me and Britney. I was just a friend and nothing attached.

Why would I be worried because she decided to chose another guy over me afterall its her choice but on the other hand I was curious about what happened, if she could spare me a few seconds to tell me what I’ve done wrong maybe I could just apologise and we could go our separate ways.
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I was lost in these thoughts when Yetunde’s message came in.

” Ade, you matter too. Goodnight”

I read the message up to 20 times and kept wondering what she meant and what brought about that message. The day went by and i slept.

After the beagle blared the following morning, we rushed to the parade ground for drilling as usual and to my surprise, i saw Britney in my platoon, beside her was Ben standing like her bodyguard. Yetunde was there st6ating at me with a pretty smile as i descended the sloppy landscape to the parade ground.

I went to meet Yetunde and she buried herself in my arms. A heartfelt hug that shows how much she was dying to hug me or a hug to complement the message of the night.

I held her yoo, the music came up and the drilling started.

After the drilling, everyone converged at their various groups of activities. I was in Dance and Drama, Yetunde was in handball because of her height, Ben joined the football team while Britney joined the drama group. The same group I was.

Then i had the chance to speak to her without her bodyguard which was Ben. We were waiting for others when i moved closer to her.

“Britney, we need to talk” i said and dragged her to oneside. She was being repulsive, i tried to make her stay calm and talk to me but she kept snapping her hand off mine and walking away.

“Britney, see you don’t have to be my friend, just tell me what I have done wrong then l’ll apologise and leave you afterwards instead of you giving me attitudes and silent treatment”i said.

She stopped and heaved a deep breathe, she was about talking when Ben showed from the shadow.

He seemed running from where ever he was to where we were, he kept panting like a savannah dog.

“Leave the girl alone, why are you trying to force words out of her mouth, she is not interested in talking to you, leave her alone” he said.

I was bemused as I stared at him quizzically.

“Oh, now I understand, I thought as much, you have fed her with lies and that’s the reasons for her action, I think I have gotten the answers I want.” I said and walked away.

I could see guilt in her eyes.

“Ade please wait….Ade…Ade wait…” she called out but I closed the doors to my ears already.

To be continued. ..

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