My Nysc Camp Experience episode 13

THE CAMP. Episode 13.

It was an absolute silence with Ben before I broke the silence.

“I saw you at the gym, are you planning to contest for anything tomorrow?” I asked.

He shrugged.

“Before we dive into that, I want to apologise on what happened between us, from lying against you and also trying to paint you bad in front of Britney, the more I made her hate you, the more she fade away from me and get attracted to you, she has been avoiding me and its killing me, I can’t concentrate on anything, she did not want to have anything to do with me, even friendship, I know I have really messed up that’s why I decided to contest just to distract myself from the pains, I am so sorry Ade” he apologised and I could feel the sincerity in his voice.

I smiled.

“It’s fine bro, love over hates, I understand how you feel, it’s just that atimes when we do the wrong thing for the right course, everything tend to go wrong, but i appreciate the fact that you accept your wrong. We are cool bro” I said.

We had a handshake again.

I looked towards the ladies and saw that they were also engrossed in a conversation.

Ben looked at them too. He was lost at staring at Britney.

“I met her in our second year, she was innocent and gentle, so beautiful that most of the white lads in the school use to bully her, especially the boys that wanted to date her but she refused. I man up and stood up for her, I was once suspended for two months because I broke a boy’s jaw, he was talking her down and she started crying. That was what brought us together. We started dating in the third year and the bullying stopped because we were always together. I love her so much that I told my parents that I was coming to serve in Nigeria because of her, I worked everything down here Ade, despite all that, I still messed everything up.”

“What a story, what changed? Why do you have to struggle this hard to have the lady that was once in love with you, did you do anything wrong?” I asked.

“You are my gee, I can’t lie, I cheated on her with a white girl and the girl went to tell her just to hurt her and what was it. She hated me and broke up with me but it was just an emotionless cheat, I didn’t feel anything for the babe, but I just want to have a taste of her and that was it, you know guys things now” he said and I started laughing.

I laughed so hard that he started laughing too. It was funny to me. I understand him, youth exhurberance tend to take over us and we mostly miss it at that time.

“Well, the deed is done, there is no point crying over a spilt milk. I’ll do what I can to make her reason back with you, I don’t wanna have anything with her not even now that I know someone in her past is still much in love with her, we will make this work together, gradually but eventually,” I said.

He almost jumped on me, he was excited.

“Thank you so much bro, I will never forget this kind gesture, oh, I don’t mind being her friend even if she refused to date me, I just wanna have her around, thank you so much bro I appreciate ”

“It’s nothing bro, let’s talk about how tomorrow is gonna be, what are you contesting for? ” I asked.

“I am representing our platoon to contest for Mr Slim and Fit,” he said.

“You know what?, join us over there” I said.

“Are you sure that’s going to be a good idea? She didn’t want to have me around her ”

“Don’t worry bro, it’s gonna be a gradual process till she is safe around you again, you don’t have to sit beside her, you can sit beside me or Yetunde. Just act natural and don’t force anything as well” I said.

He heaved a breathe.

“Okay bro, let’s do this” he said.

We left the seat and went to join the ladies. At this point, the program was close to starting and the music was already blaring.

It was getting dark already and the pavilion was getting crowded. I sat in the middle of Yetunde and Britney, Ben sat beside yetunde.

Britney rested her head on my shoulder while Yetunde placed her hand on my lap and played with the hair.

Ben and Yetunde didn’t say a word to one another.

“Brit dear, Ben is saying Hi” I said. She raised her head and waved at him without saying anything, Ben said Hi.

Yetunde yawned and placed her head on my laps, her b***s rested on my n***d laps and that got me aroused. She felt the cassava nodding in agreement under my short.

She raised her head and looked at me owlishly.

“Oh my Goodness, Ade that was Hoooogggeee….”

“What’s that Yetunde? ” Britney asked.

“Don’t worry you can’t understand” she replied her.

I couldn’t sit any longer, I pulled off my jacket and wrapped it around my waist I sat up and rushed down the pavilion just to catch some air and also make sure I cool off before going back.

I went to the back of the pavilion.

I stood there and someone grabbed me from behind, I looked back and it was her.

Yetunde showed up again.

This geh sha wan chop my cassava, what a fighting temptation.

To be continued. ..

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