My Nysc Camp Experience episode 6

THE CAMP. Episode 6.

3 days went by without hearing from Britney, I thought my being in camp would be jeopardised if I kept wallowing in her thoughts so I broke free from the thought of her and mingled with others.

I wasn’t attached to anyone, I claimed no class nor standard, I just wanted to go to camp to have fun.

I was a lone guy.

It was time for registration, although people had started their registration from day 1 but it was a place that almost 5k people would be on the queue under the scorching turn waiting for their turn. I couldn’t afford to waste such time under he sun when I still have 21 days to myself.

When almost everyone had finished their registration, it remained very few of us then I went for mine, that was on my 5th day in camp. I was on the queue when the coordinator separated us from foreign students.

People started pulling out of the queue and joining the foreign student queue, there was a lady that stood infront of me, fair With average height.

She leaned back when she was trying to pave way for the foreign students and stepped on my white shoe and left a big stain on it. She turned immediately and started apologising.

I was lost in staring at her as she apologized and tries to clean my shoe, I raised her up and told her not to worry, she kept apologising till she finished her registration and left, I kept looking around to see if I can find her and I couldn’t leave because it was my turn.

That very evening, each platoon had started planning about the tasks and activities given to us including football, dance, drama and so on.

I remember sitting on the field staring at people as they assign roles and positions to themselves. Some people still came to the camp with the political minded they had back in school .

I wasn’t interested in that I just wanted to have fun. So I agreed to join the dance and drama group. I was still sitting on the field when someone squatted beside me, looking at me, I saw this same lady with her beautiful smile.

“You didn’t tell me you are in my platoon, my name is Yetunde, what’s yours. She said as she stretched forth her hand for a shake. I accepted her handshake and she sat beside me, we started talking. She was a good conversation starter, we got connected easily and I guess I found a replacement for Britney since I didn’t know what was going on with her.

Ben, on the other hand won’t stop showing up where I am when I am with Yetunde but I didn’t see it as a big deal. He still behave childishly and I wasn’t interested in that act.

It was the Tuesday of the second week, after our skill acquisition and entrepreneurship program, I and yetunde strolled to the mammy market to adjust the big khaki trouser they gave me, we were on our way back to the hostel when I sighted Britney standing in front of her hostel staring at me.

I was shocked.

Just as if I was seeing a ghost.

I used my hand to wipe my face to be sure whom i was seeing as I moved closer to her. In front of her hostel were ladies shouting on oneanother because a lady defecated inside polythene bad and dumbed it inside the bin.

The noise was much that my voice couldn’t reach Britney as she walked inside. I almost entered their hostel before I know I wasn’t mean to go in.

Yetunde came to ask what happened but I didn’t have what to tell her. I walked her to her hostel and headed to mine.

I laid on my bed and started thinking about when she came back and why did she give me a frown face?

What could have happened or am I mistaking someone else for her?

To be continued. ..

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