My Nysc Camp Experience episode 10

THE CAMP. Episode 10

Yetunde planted her lips on mine and looked straight into my eyes and said if Britney cannot have me then she will.

I was stunned.

“What are you talking about Yetunde, you are my friends and I am here to tell you what she wanted to do, now you kissed me and said what I don’t understand.”

She chuckled.

“It’s okay if that is what you want, let’s keep it as friends but that did not change the fact that I know I like you but you like Britney, is it because she’s based in abroad? Is that why?” She quizzed and left me speechless.

I felt what she was feeling at the moment, I held her hand and told her that she was getting it wrong, I just want to be in camp and enjoy my stay, I didn’t want to get into any love triangle. She didn’t say anything,her silence said alot. She stared at her feet and bruise the floor with her leg.

I drew her closer and hugged her.

There was a kind of feeling that arouse on my body whenever I hug her, she use to submit herself totally into my body and rest everything on me like someone that found solace. She hugged me and wrapped her hands around me with her head on my chest.

“I’m sorry Yetunde, you are an amazing lady, let’s make this a friendship thing and see how things work out” i said and she nodded in affirmation . I have learnt that I shouldn’t be the first to let go of a hug but in this case I didn’t want to be caught by the soldier let alone serving frog jump as punishment.

I broke free from her and watched her going into her hostel, I went to mine too. I opened my phone and saw Britney’s message.

“Ade, it seems you don’t like me, you broke my heart tonight by rejecting my advances, I really wanted to kiss you so bad but you didn’t think twice before you flipped back your head, you aren’t attracted to me right? I understand, I know you like Yetunde more, I see the way she makes you laugh and I guess she likes you too because I see the way she looks at you., but it’s fine anyways, please don’t just chase me away like that, I still love to be around you, you make me feel I have an elder brother in camp, do have a wonderful night rest. I love you”

I read this message and had a cheapish smile.

Britney is a lady any guy would want to kill for, but I didn’t feel any connection to her nor Yetunde. Maybe because I just finished nurturing a heartbreak few days to camp and I saw camp as an escape route to get out of my depression.

My heart was blocked like a bastard that was just flogged.

I wanted to heal and have fun, I never expected emotions coolvalstories would be flowing around. I felt nothing.

What would a broken heart feel when emotions are already leaking away from it.

I read the message and didn’t reply, I didn’t see anything special in it.

It was some minutes to light out, I was viewing my gallery when a hand touched my leg, I jumped up and I saw Ben standing at the base of my bunk staring at me like a depressed fellow.

I looked right at him like a bully.

“Oga wetin happen? Why are you here?” I asked

“I’m sorry if I have disturbed your personal time, I just want to have few words with you” He said.

“Be quick with it, its almost light out and I no fit chop frog jump o”

“It’s okay, I will be quick with it, I just want you to tell you to please leave Britney for me, please, she’s my life, I’ve been dating this lady since we were in Greenwich, I worked out everything to be here with her but you are her distraction, please, let me right my wrongs with her, I am begging you as a brother, I know Yetunde likes you, you can be with her and let me be with Britney please, I beg of you” he pleaded .

It was the best time to strike because he was like a naked corn ready to be roasted.

“Is that why you told her parents that I was the reason why she was punished because she stayed out late with me? Is that why? You lied and think you can gey away with it? Well, I don’t have anything to say to you please, you already blew that chance” I said and wrapped myself back on my bed.

It was time out already and I was ready to sleep when a WhatsApp message came on my phone, it was a picture from Yetunde, I opened it and it was a picture that got me looking owlishly.

It was a picture of her bosoms.

She gave it a caption.

“Do have a succulent night rest baby”

Chai…this geh wee nur kee me.

To be continued. ..

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