My Nysc Camp Experience episode 20

THE CAMP. Episode 20

Yetunde stared at me.

I didn’t know what to say, I walked towards her and held her hand.

“Are you okay? What happened to you?” I asked.

I was speechless.

She looked pale and dehydrated.

“I’ll see you later in the evening Ade, I need to sort somethings” she said and left.

After my SAED program, I went back to the hostel and Ben came to my space to sit with me, I couldn’t help but ask about what really happened that night.

“Ben, you’ve been a great guy and I don’t want that to be ruined few days to the end of this camp, please tell me what really happened the night we saw Yetunde at mammy market” I quizzed.

He heaved a breathe.

“My guy I won’t lie to you, I don’t know what happened because the guy that went to check for me just told me that she saw Yetunde, the soldier guy and the corp member discussing and nothing else” he said.

I was surprised.

“What later happened that night after I left?” I asked.

“When it was light out, I saw Yetunde and the soldier guy heading to the administrative office and I ran after her to ask what happened, she told me she would be out of camp the following morning, I asked why but she didn’t tell me…” he said and paused.

I looked into his eyes.

“Continue Ben, please continue” I said because I wanted to get the reason why Yetunde said I should be careful of him.

He continued.

“I asked if she was caught having sexx and she looked at me owlishly, she didn’t say anything, I asked if you knew about what’s going on and she kept quiet I told her I would tell you she was out of the camp because of s*x and she stopped and yelled at me and i realised she wasn’t in her right state of mind, she looked drunk and intoxicated, her legs tottered. But to be serious, why would she be sent out of camp if not because of that?” He asked.

I was stunned. Hi Stories Republic on WhatsApp plus two three four Seven zero eight six one nine six three six six

“Ben why? Why? What has she done to deserve this from you? You didn’t even know what happened to her and you told me that fat lie? You are a monster, I hate you for that, you really messed up nigga, you messed up…” he Interrupted.

“Oh, you are quick to judge now? Should I tell you? The social night you came to me and left her with Britney, do you know what she told Britney about you and I? Britney told me everything when both of you were away, you think she didn’t speak ill of you too? See if I have the chance to get her implicated I will, don’t come and be accusing me here ” he exclaimed.

My bones went soft.

“What did she tell Britney? What did Britney tell you?” I asked.

“She told Britney that she is just using you to keep her sanity intact and you are not even in her league, she just want to use you for her sexual urges and dump you because she won’t see you again after camp, and as for me, Britney shouldn’t give me any chance because men are scum and if she gives me another chance I would still break her heart. That was after Britney told her everything that happened between us. She made me lose her forever. Ade, that girl didn’t have any good intention for both of us, she is a parasite that just want to spoil everything before leaving, she already spoil some, do you know her plan for you?” He exclaimed.

I was confused because I couldn’t wrap my head round what he just explained.

He continued.

“You don’t have to believe me, that lady is crazy, she is a devil, I have said mine.” He said and left.

I was bemused and confused.

What is really going on, I didn’t plan having this kind of headache towards the end of the camp. I lost interest in everything even in Britney, I just wanna pass out of camp and leave people with their miseries.

I didn’t see Yetunde throughout that day.

The following morning during morning drill she came to me and the first thing I asked what why did she leave the camp and she shouldn’t even try to lie.

She was shocked.

“Ade, give me a break, is this how you’ll welcome a friend you haven’t seen for a while?” She said.

“You mean a friend that is nothing to you? A friend you just want to use to satisfy your sexu@l urge and dump after camp uhn? Tell me, I know your games and I know you are just looking at me as a s*x toy, I am no body to you, not even your friend” I exclaimed.

She gave a sarcastic smile.

“Oh wow! I can see you have gotten more closer to Britney when I left for her to have spilled out everything we discussed, I thought she has a stomach to keep words, I didn’t know she’s another leaking pipe, all these ajebo girls sha, well, now you know and I don’t think you need me around anymore since I have been painted as a black sheep, I’ll just walk away and never thought of knowing you” she said and walked away.

I followed her and held her back.

“Not until you tell me what I asked.” I said angrily.

She chuckled.

‘Never mind Ade, the good thing is I am back ” she said and left.

It was the end of the morning drill, Britney came and held my hand, I snapped off from her.

“Not now please” I said and walked away to my hostel.

After taking my bathe, I was about having a nap when Ben tapped me.

“Guy, I have respected you and also make sure I honour you despite the fact that I know that my babe is into you, please don’t treat her like you did this morning again, do you know how it feels to lose someone you love to someone else? If you can’t love her please leave her and stick to the drug addict that was sent to rehab and later brought back, don’t ever make Britney cry again the way you made her cry today, I won’t smile at you on that” he said angrily and walked briskly to his space.

What is this one saying?


Yetunde was taken to rehab?

Oh, she was not caught having sexx?

She was caught taking drugs.?

Oh my God!

To be continued…

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