My Nysc Camp Experience episode 16

THE CAMP. Episode 16.

I looked at her and thought of what could be done to her, she didn’t mind, she drew me closer and kissed me, I withdrew from her immediately.

“Yetunde what is wrong with you, why are you doing this? Don’t you think? We were almost caught tonight, do you know what that means? And now you are still making advances at me as if nothing happened. Don’t you think? See, I won’t let you put me on the spot I was today, I won’t, if care is not taken I will stop being with you before you jeopardise my life” I exclaimed.

She drastically went cold.

She slept on the bed and backed me. She didn’t say a word, I felt bad immediately, she was a lady that nothing gets to her, seeing her in that mood makes it look weird.

“Uhmm…i’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone that far, it’s just that you are not seeing it the way I’m seeing it,you play with everything. ” I said.

“It’s fine, I’m sorry I made you go through all these, it won’t happen again, I’m sorry” she said in a low empathetic voice.

“Oh,don’t play that mind game with me Yetunde, you want me to be feeling bad for complaining right? Okay, you win, I’m sorry, I won’t leave you, I’m still your friend but please stop being naughty so that we won’t get into trouble.” I apologised.

“I’ll tell you something tomorrow after the morning drill, as for now, I’m not in the mood to talk to you, you can go back to the pavilion and join others, go and enjoy your self Ade, good night” she said and closed her eyes.

I didn’t bother getting her attention any further because her mood had totally changed. I left the clinic and headed to the pavilion. It was dark already. Orezi was performing and all corp member were dancing to one me of his hit track “Ribanna”

I looked up at where we were sitted before, I saw Ben and Britney getting along, they danced hand in hand. I didn’t want to Interrupt their beautiful moment. I left them and went to sit with one of my platoon mates.

It was boring without Yetunde, I missed her.

The beagle for light out blared when it was exactly 10pm meaning all corp members should resume to their hostels, I headed straight to my hostel to sleep.

Few minutes later Ben showed up beside my bed.

“I just wanna thank you for today man, you made me a hppy man today, after you left with Yetunde, i and Brit had a long conversation and she said that we should be friends for now which is fine by me, all because you gave me that chance, thank you” he appreiated me and also promized to take care of the following day’s meal at mammy market just to appreciate me.

The night went by with the thought of Yetunde in my mind , i couldn’t wait to hear what she wanted to tell me.

At the parade ground the following morning, I looked for her and stayed beside her, she didn’t say a word to me, she was concentrated in her drilling.

How come the playful, fun to be with and romantic Yethnde suddenly put on another coat and started snubbing me, Alot ran through my mind as I was trying to think if I had said something wrong the previous night.

I left her and concentrated on my drilling too. After the drilling, she came to meet me where I stood.

” I lost the man I’m supposed to get married to early this year and I ran mad that I was admitted into psychiatric hospital for 3 months because I couldn’t stop seeing him or hearing his voice, I see his face in anyone’s face so people thought I was going crazy, after I was discharged, the doctor said that for me to be out of depression and mental instability, I had to surround myself with people that could make me happy and I should also play more with people that’ll keel me lively”

She removed her hankerchief to clean the bubble of tear in her eyes.

She continued.

“When I got to the camp, I met a whole lot of guys that wanted us to be together but I wasn’t interested, the story changed when I met you

To be continued…

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