My father’s wife season 2 episode 22


Episode 22

I slumped hard on the sofa on getting home sighing heavily with a weak composure, chioma wore a gloomy look as she sat next to me, the way things ended had been worse than we both anticipated.

“Sky what happened between you and my aunty Nancy ” she asked peering into my face with question ladened eyes and her face still smeared with that gloomy look she had.

My mouth fell open and words tried coming out but always failed, all i did was look just like i did in Chioma’s house not to long ago.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when i watched as Amanda matched majestically side by side with Chioma’s mother who had a shouty snear on.

I had to blink several times to make sure it wasn’t an optical illusion or maybe i was going crazy.
Chioma couldn’t hold back her surprise and confusion.
“what is she doing here?” her eyes moving from her father to her mother with an impossible look.

“You remember your Aunty Nancy?” Chioma’s mother intoned.

Amanda winked slightly at me at the mention of the name Nancy.
My escapade with Nancy Amanda’s friend 5years ago flashed through my memory which has been one of the numerous actions i regret in my life. I can give anything not to remember.

If i ever was to make a list of the things i regret in life, Nancy would be second to Amanda’s in the list for sure.

“this lady here, Amanda was your aunty’s bossom friend, i have known her for more than 5years now and as you already know happens to be the mother of your fiance’s son”

My mouth felt dry like i have been on a desert far too long, the house closed in all around me threatening to crush me in.

“But mum she was the one that seduced him, this woman is a devil!!! ” chioma shrieked pointing at Amanda who did nothing but smile, her gaze fixed on me showing little interest to what transpired between chioma and her parents.

“Sweety, i am a senior pastor/evangelist in church, a nationwide renowned christian leader and preacher. I wouldn’t go down the pot of scandal by having my daughter marry a man who already have a child by another, what would the world think, what would God think, what would the church think of me- that i am a leader that doesn’t lead by example? -Chioma i won’t allow that”

I fidgeted where i stood while chioma’s mother recounted her reasons for objecting. Church, God and the people.

“And am sure he didn’t tell you he was the one that broke your aunty Nancy’s marriage” Chioma’s mum cursed on loudly, her husband doing occasional adjustment of both his bold medicated crystal eye glass to his whole frame resting on the sofa looking on at his wife, but never failed to nod as she spoke on.

“What happened to Nancy’s marriage?
And what has it got to do with me? ”
My mind snapped but i wouldn’t dare ask, seems everything i say or do made matters worse than they were in the first place.

Like the police always asserts; “whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law.
That was exactly the position i found my self in.

I could notice chioma’s gazed shifted from her mum to me, it wasn’t the look of anger and frustration she had anymore but an innate curiosity and confused eyes ladened in swirling questions.

Little did she know that even i was even more confused than her as things stood.

“Excuse me ma, but i have no idea what you are talking about here” i tried mustering up some defence, its obvious Amanda have fed them some glaring lies they find too hard to deny.

“I said shut up and don’t bring that lying tongue up here again” she countered almost immediately inducing another wicked sneer from Amanda.

“I am tired of all this” Chioma yelled out stamping her feet many times of the ground, her face turned almost as red as the rose designs on her top.

“common lets get out of here sky” she intoned dragging me by the hand making for the door.

“And where do you think you are going young lady” her father said standing up taking a couple of steps towards us.

“Don’t you dare step out of this house with him” her mum chipped in pointing furiously at Chioma.

“I am going with him and nothing you say can stop me, i won’t stand here i watch you ruin my happiness”
She sang back to her mother, the teary mark on her face showing a pale track through her make-up but none dropped again.

“If you leave this house, don’t come back here again ” her mum chipped in throwing a stern look at me instead of her, could see chioma’s dad take a sharp look at his wife who seemed more interested in her threat than any other thing that went on around.

“For your information mum, since you haven’t noticed – i am carrying his child”

I watched as chioma’s mother’s face grew pale, her father’s mouth dropped open and Amanda’s eyes widened hard.

“what? – is that why you have been avoiding me all in this house all this while” she asked in surprise, her pointing fingers already dropped and was now open like the congregation saying ‘our lord’s prayer’ during mass.

Chioma scoffed hard, rolled her eyes and turned towards me again.
“Common baby lets get out of here”
I followed her glancing back just in time to see her mum slumping her weight down into a sofa with her hands on her head.

Chioma’s breathe grazed my cheek, my face was buried deep in my palms and her hands across my shoulder.

“Sky please tell me, what happened with aunty nancy, what is mum talking about?

“Honestly i have no idea what they are talking about”
i sounded throaty and confused. “It’s true i had some runnings with a friend of Amanda’s named nancy but i was young and foolish then. Cant believe how much my past naive mistakes is destroying my life” I moaned to almost to myself.

“Don’t worry my love, i know God will see us through” she muttered coldly.

“Where are you going sky? ” she blurted out as sprang up from the seat picking my car keys immediately.
“sky, what is it?” she asked again jolting up herself to grab my arms.

“Going to do what i should have done a long time ago” i retorted before she even finished. “i will be right back”

I strode out of the house with speedy long thumping strides, literally jumping into my car driving off immediately heading to papa’s house.

Papa sat outside seating on a lone back chair, a plate of groundnuts and holandia yoghurt was on a little side stool beside him as he flipped through the pages of a news paper, his glasses hanging loosely on his nose making him look something near a 1940 professor.

He was gaining more weight by the day and his pale skin looking more better than before.

“Nnam how are you” he called after me as i greeted him and made my way into the house.
“My am fine” i sang back not stopping a bit.

“what is wrong” he called after me dropping the newspaper to follow me with his gaze.
“Nothing papa i just need to get something from my room” i yelled behind me disappearing into the house.

Making my way through the stairs, a picture of mama and papa hung on a far side of the wall, the sharp smile on mama’s face cut through me..
“This wouldn’t have been happening if you were here” i cursed under my breath sustained a lone drop of a teary crystal.

The house was empty, just like i have presumed. Heading towards Amanda’s room, a pale reddish wooden door stood clearly in front refusing to bulge open after i yanked the handle many times trying to get it open.

With a sharp t—-t of my body weight under a kicking foot, the door barged open with a huge bang bringing the room into view.

Clothes lay carelessly on the bed, mostly Ryan’s.. I flung the drawers on the bed open, tearing through piles of primary school Rhymes, little shoes.

The second drawer joined, it was a pile of magazine’s neatly arranged even the coolval magazine.
I singled out every magazine in the drawer, what i was looking for i had no idea but am sure they must be something, anything, anything at all.

The third drawer house a large collection of toys in it, i moved to the other side which only had one drawer on it. Yanked it open it had a huge pile of medicines most of them with pictures of women and children on them. I hissed heavily but what is this?

My hand delve into the pile of medicines and retrieved a small round container, identical with the one jessy took from papa’s medications. Those yellowish little tablets lay still inside.

I looked at it for some minutes, smelt it a bit but am sure i really have no idea which smell i should be expecting.

I slid the small container at the back of my trouser, closed the drawer again and resumed search now more intently.

The ward rope was just a pile of clothes, and so was the space above it. Only a few shoes could be seen under the bed. I was not sure anything was there anymore, she was cleaner than i anticipated or always had her tracks covered.

Their was one more place i need to search, yes yes i think their is. I lifted the mattress up in one full swing taking it clearly out from the bed.

It was blank and empty except for one little brown envelop, neat and crisp lay lazily.
I picked it, could swear it was the second copy of the DNA test the doctor gave to Amanda.

Opening it amidst scrambling groans made by the envelop as i retrieved the neatly folded white sheet in it.

The name Ryan Williams was all i could make out from the jibberish that passed as the doctor’s handwriting. I have never understood any doctor’s writing before, i dont know if they are given special classes in school on how to have bad handwritings, only jessy’s.

I don’t understand what was written on it but i could swear it is not the same thing written on the one the doctor gave us in the hospital.

“This was supposed to be the same result.. ” I muttered to myself, my heart pounding faster than usual.

I slipped the paper into my pocket, dropped the envelope to its previous position and placed the mattress back to it’s place.

Jessy really need to see these result and pills to check what they really are
I left the room closing the door behind me, locked or not, its not my problem..

..To be continued..

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