My father’s wife season 2 episode 5


episode 5

It has been 2weeks since i returned from the U.K, since after Amanda’s visit to my room she has been acting normal and the visit never repeated again.

She goes about her daily activities normally without initiating eye contact with me or winks though she always wears a dirty smirk when ever am around.

“I have a surprise waiting for you” Those words rang in my mind over and over again. what ever she might possibly mean by that, i had no idea but it still scares the be-jesus out of me just remembering those words. Her calm yet serious tone she addressed me with sent goose bumbs surging through my body.

After several begging and bribes Jessy finally obliged to give me Chioma’s number and i have managed to get her to agree to visit, as a matter of fact she is flying in from Abuja this weekend.

The Saturday was rainy and boring, having poured cat and dog all night long. The morning maintained a very lazy humid atmosphere with bone penetrating colds.

Papa have gone to his party meeting having been elevated to the post of Party Chairman in the state.
Jessy have rushed off to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital where she now works, and from the news she kept announcing to my ears about Wilson coming to pick her up for a lunch date, I knew she wasn’t coming home anytime soon.

I on my own part was dying of anxiety, Chioma’s flight will be arriving anytime soon. I did a quick scan of the whole house mopping up dirt here and there, arranging seats in order.

Shifting this and shifting that, all that Amanda sat in the sitting room, legs crossed with an amused look on her face and most part of her thighs exposed in a very short knicker with a slim flimsy pink top to match.

I hurried over a cold shower, trimming my beards and a long spree of teeth brushing running my hand in front of my mouth to make sure i had the freshest breathe possible.

11:45am my phone buzzed and hummed and the name Chioma buzzing out from the installed call announcer making my heart skip a beat.
“What if Chioma have lost that enchanted teenage emotion” my mind mulled over as i hurriedly literally jumped into a blue jean and white T-shirt.

Rushing off after checking myself for the one thousand and one time on the mirror.
Chioma’s call was now becoming frequent and she was sounding impatient.

I got to the airport 12:30 hitting the airport lounge with full speed. I stood there tilting my face left and right with my phone in my hand displaying Chioma’s number in the dial screen.

Felt a slight touch on my back startling me a bit making me turn swiftly in an involuntary fluid movement.
Chioma was standing in front of me, my mouth dropped open and i can swear my eyes widened a bit.

She was clad in a white gown that stopped just before her knees, running all the way to her shoulders hugging it tight in a graceful short sleeve.

Beautifully long braided hair flowing to the back, her hips and boobs were somewhat fuller than i recall. All in all a full grown angel was in front of me, Chioma was a full description of what you can call beautiful woman.

“Hey chioma” I blurted out opening my arms and closing it again in a moronic manner not knowing whether i am supposed to hug or handshake..

Like she read my mind, she chuckled a bit and retired her body into mine crushing heavily into mine sending slight tingles into junior sky.

“I missed you sky” I heard the words flow into my ears like music causing my heart to race faster than usual.
“I missed you too chi” i uttered rubbing her head.

We drove home on papa’s lexus jeep i came with, it was like the chemistry between i and chioma was automatic.
Who can imagine we have been apart for more 5years now but the affection and love i detect in this girl was still as strong as it was during our teenage age.

We got home after some minutes, i still can’t help always laughing anytime i see how effiong’s smallish body made it seem like the gate pushed him instead of him pushing the gate.

Amanda was still seated in the sitting room when i walked in with Chioma.
The look on Amanda’s face was priceless, that exact look she wore the day Joy visited me.

“Good afternoon Ma” Chioma greeted with a smile.
“Good afternoon dear. welcome” she uttered back flashing a smile at chioma.
**That type that only shows teeth**

I took chioma’s luggage to my room with her trailing behind.
leaving her to freshen up and change her clothes i strolled downstairs to check what we have in the fridge

“Sky!!” that definitely was Amanda’s voice my mind announced and my body making a U-turn.
Amanda stood with both her hands on her waist and her face looking like a tilled ground.

“I promised you a surprise, and you will get that surprise soon” She retorted letting out a mild scoff as she pushed pass me.

This time her words sounded more like a threat than a mild promise like she initially used the first time.
My confusion was intensified greatly, but whatever this is, wherever Amanda is going with this; I will be right here to see.

..To be continued..

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