My father’s wife season 2 episode 10


Episode 10

The afternoon was unbearably humid and cold. drizzling showers were dropping down, whistling winds sent bone chilling cold sipping in.

It’s has been one week after Chioma’s departure to abuja, have tipped off plans of moving to my own house but Papa’s health was not encouraging enough to do that.

“Sky are you there?” Amanda’s voice intoned from the other side of my door.
My eyes widened and i slowly yanked myself up from the bed and my gaze glued to the door.

A thumping knock on the door followed and then the door banged open.
“So sky you are in here and didn’t want to talk” Amanda sang bringing her whole self with her.

Her long Brazilian hair flowed down the back shimmering from the amber glow cast by the electric bulb.

My eyes ran through her whole physical nomenclature, visualizing all the hyped details..

The dark mascara that bordered her exaggerated eye lash that stood out.
A colourless lip gloss that am sure was applied more than normal.

A white flimsy top with sagging short sleeves, the right sleeve was resting almost on her elbow giving out a lot of unbralized boobs(New word from johnysky 🙂 **no bra**).
Her twin paradise stretching the innocent white fabrics to their limits and a lot of n—-e peeping out.

She was wearing a very short jean skirt that had most of her thighs out, glowing like polished bronze.

“Amanda what are you doing in my room” I let out, peering left and right as if to check if someone was somehow hiding in my room.

Amanda’s chuckle engulfed the room, each step she took as silent as it was due to her cat walk still thumped and banged in my mind.

“Sky i miss your touch, i miss you” her fingers were grazing my shoulders now travelling up to my face.

Her body closed in on mine, a good part of her weight resting heavily, her almost unclad boobs crushed hard against my chest sending goose bumbs all over me.

My whole frame turned stiff and head felt heavier than normal and eyes turned stale.

I could feel her breathe grazing the side of my ears inducing a warm strawberry-like sensation.

“I know you must have missed me baby” Her whispers filtered into my ears hands now rubbing the back of my hands.

My mind turned blank, My hands wanted to push her out but in reality they were just numb and immobile.

I felt Amanda’s lips make contact with the side of my neck, giving perky nibbling kisses on my neck her hands rubbing gently on my chest.

Her lips journeyed from my neck up wards to the corners of my mouth leaving a long trail of wet spots on the way.

An electrifying frictional shock surged through me as Amanda’s lips delve into mine, tucking my lower lip in between hers giving it a slight twirl and bite.

The kiss was deep and strangely outstanding. My brain shut down and my lips sub-consciously reacted to the kiss taking my lips hard into hers my hand r0ughly grabbing the back of her head neck pushing her deeper into me.

Could see Amanda’s lips form a smile in between the kisses, her hands now thrown behind me pushing me down into the bed while i gr@bbed her huge @ss giving them a severe squeeze that produced a slight m0an buttered into a chuckle from her.

I fell back on the bed with amanda crashing down on top of me making the bed let out a loud squeak.

Her lips delve into mine again her hands now grazing jnr-sky through my trouser which already formed a bulging tent from the assault junior sky gave it trying to break free.

Amanda kept taking her lips down from my neck to my collar bones, a tearing sound sips out making me raise my head a bit seeing Amanda tear my singlet off from my chest yanking it off like it was an intruding leech.

Could feel her teeth grazing through my chest trailing down to my stomach, still furiously applying a smooching assault on Junior sky.

I turned her roughly, now taking the position above while she lay below me wearing a very obvious flirty smile and deep glowing eyes.

I dove directly into her neck, twirling and nibbling at it. kissing and slurping as roughly as i could muster.

Taking those out of the world b00bs in my hands, i pinched the nips slightly giving the b00b a rough but yet gentle squeeze interchanging between the two boobs.

Tracks after tracks of meaningless yarns in moans and groans escaped her mouth filtering into my ears.

Faint baritone groan sounded like someone was clearing his throat dropped some sanity into my brains already shut down by jnr sky.

Papa was at home, my mind registered again making me jolt up from the bed dashing for a shirt.

“Please, i can’t do this anymore. I advice you move on Amanda, nothing can ever happen between us again” I announced trying hard to flatten junior sky who clearly didn’t get the memo.

“Hey sky, stop being so childish” Amanda weakly retorted dragging her self up from the bed, taking hold of me by the new shirt i was now wearing, smeared her body into mine again and introduced her lips back into mine..

“Oh stop it amanda” i almost said out loud pushing her a bit hard watching as she paced back and fell into the bed. Yanking the door open i went out of the room with a dizzy head.

“Nnam, whats wrong you are looking pale and wearing a long face” I heard papa ask on entering the sitting room.

Papa sat on the lone cushion which he normally sat, he was looking very frail and lean, his skin turning pale even though the doctor have said his injuries were healing but his whole body spoke a different language.

Am starting to doubt if only the injuries is responsible for papa’s strange diminishing physique.

“Nothing papa, am ok” i intoned trying to sound convincing and at the same time wear a fake smile.

“Papa, i want to tell you something” i took my seat on a long cushion just beside papa’s.

“What is it Nnam” His words sounded weak, like he forced it out from his vocal cords.

“I have decided to Marry” More like the words saying me than the reverse.
Papa’s face lit up with a smile, all of a sudden he looked livelier.

“I have established a business partnership with Roban business conglomerate here in Enugu, i will move to my own apartment soon in G.R.A and am sure you already met the girl i want to marry” It felt like i was more in charge this time.

“Ooh wonderful, Nnam now you come” Papa sang offering his hand for a handshake which i took with both of my hands.

An air of pride swayed around, papa was proud of me and for once i felt my decision was the right one.

Amanda walked by the sitting room casting a blank look at me, its certain she heard my discussion with my papa. she looked disappointed, angry and at the same time strangely depressed from my own judgement.

I am moving on..

..To be Continued..

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