My father’s wife season 2 episode 9


episode 9

“Sky!. Sky!! sky!!!” I heard my name being thundered on the hall way, the sound of Jessy’s voice getting closer and bolder.

“Am here Jessy” I threw rather weakly hoping she heard me.
In a jiffy my door barged open and Jessy walked in briskly, unannounced anger written all over her face.

It was Chioma’s supposed last day of her visit to Enugu, she had called her office to request for leave so she could be able to stay through the duration of papa’s stay in the hospital, she will be leaving for Abuja today.

The night that gave birth to this day was a wondrous unforgettable night in the historical antiquity of Johnysky.

Junior sky was subjected to a beautiful treat. Her energy and passion, the deep sense of attraction and affectionate emotion made it a remarkable night of erotic bliss.

It all felt very perfect with her. My world and everything in it.

“Sky you have to do something about this” Jessy blurted out slumping her weight heavily into the bed which gave out a protesting creak.

“What is wrong Jessy” I couldn’t figure out exactly what to think, Jessy’s words got me lost.

“Sky i don’t know what is wrong with Aunty” Jessy intoned more in a desperate hush peering into my face.

“What about her” I said more coldly this time, seems it was about Amanda and i don’t care what ever is wrong with her.

“Chioma was packing her clothes she washed in the backyard in readiness for her trip, Amanda confronted her and told her to stay clear from you that the relationship will lead her no where, that she wouldn’t guess whats coming for her”
This time Jessy’s tune was more of a narration.

“What?!!!” I thundered, washing myself off the bed and zoomed pass Jessy as i galloped down the stairs. My anger could cut a rope yet a slight iota of fear surged through that anger.

I don’t know why Amanda’s personality and guts gives me ghost scare, like an adage papa always used back then when mama was still alive and he wants to pick on her “A desperate woman is more dangerous than a snake” and right now i fear Amanda’s desperation.

Chioma sat in the sitting room, hands on face placed on her thighs.

I swooped pass her making my way out into the vast yard riddled with graceful interlocks.

Amanda was seating at one of the outdoor drinking tables, sipping a from a bold glass cup and a bottle of brandy beside it.

“How dare you confront an innocent girl” i barked on getting to the spot.
I could make out effiong fingering the tip of his silly-looking uniform cap as he sprang up from his chair and directed his gaze at my direction, looking on with keen interest.

“I asked a question” I yelled banging my hand furiously on the table. A part of me wanted that to be on her face.

The calm chuckle she gave out intensified my anger boiling down like a red hot volcanic magma. she took a slight sip from the cup, the golden brown liquid throwing off unsure sparks.
She dropped it coolvalstories and look up at me for the first time.

“Sky, stop yapping like a kid, i told the girl the truth stop being paranoid” she sang dragging the left side of her lips up in a smirk and then another sip from the cup.

“I honestly do not know the game you are playing, but mind you Amanda you will not like the sky you will see when this thing starts. for crying out loud you are my father’s wife” my finger pointing furiously at her trying to sound more threatening.

Amanda let out a cracking laughter which caught me off guard and surprised. “Have i said anything funny?”.

“Your father’s wife?.. Oh please!!!” She scoffed rolling her eyes.

“You think your father is married to me? That’s a big joke sky. I am only living in this house, and marrying him in words of mouth because your father literally don’t marry me in anyway” Her eyes widens and she downs a serious gulp of whiskey.

“I am just like a living ghost to him, i am just a ghost in this house and this will not be so for very long because i cannot loose”.

My threatening finger went numb and frail. suddenly it was not anger i felt but pity.

I turned to leave still working my face hard to maintain the angered look.

Effiong still watched on from his office **the gate** now had his hands resting on his head and eyes wearing a peeled look.

“Sky, things are just warming up, remember i still have a surprise for you” she threw after my resigning figure retreating back into the house.

Maybe i should consider moving to abuja for the meantime, but my papa’s health was dragging a slow improvement, leaving him in that condition poses a problem to me.

I sipped into the sitting room, cheered chioma up, assuring her Amanda’s words meant nothing.
Jessy was already cursing and bashing, raising her fist up swearing. Her anger was unhidden.

Time slipped by, the day turned stale with contempt, tensing up the environment.

Chioma went back to abuja an hour later..

..To be Continued..

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