My father’s wife season 2 episode 15


Episode 15

“Good evening sky” Chioma greeted getting up from the seat, her face was wearing anything but a smile.

“Good evening baby, i never expected to see you here” i intoned taking a couple of steps towards her, Ryan still clutched in my arms.

Her eyes were glued to the little mould of flesh and lips in my arms as i walked towards her.
“Aunty see, i have ice-cream!!!” Ryan blurted out to her raising his king sized cup of ice-cream, Chioma forced out a fake smile then fixed her gaze on me.

“I can see you are having fun with your son” She addressed, the ‘son’ much louder than the rest of the words.

My eyes was blank, i looked on at chioma then to Ryan who was happily scooping some ice-cream into his mouth still hanging on my arms very oblivious of the stale atmosphere around.

I dropped him nudging him to go seat down and finish his treat.

“Sky why didn’t you tell me, i cant believe you wanted to hide this from me all my life” the tempo of her voice intensified with every word.

“No, baby you won’t understand. I never kne……”

“Oh cut that crap sky, don’t even baby me or concoct another lie and add salt to the injury” she retorted cutting my words short, her face squeezing into a hard gesture.

“Chioma please listen to me” I intoned trying to sound as pleading as possible.
“Please try and listen to me before judging me”

“What is there to listen sky, you hid your son from me until the mother of your child revealed it to both i and my parents. can you imagine the heartbreak, the embarrassment i felt in front of my parents that my fiancee already had a son with another woman and i didn’t know. the betrayal getting to know from someone else”. The tears were dropping freely from her face.

“Chioma please it’s not what you think, i never knew he was my son until…..”

“Just shut up sky don’t even utter another lie, you never knew and i just saw you now bringing him here and telling him this is his house? what do you take me for sky.. you think am a fool?”

Every word from her mouth slapped my heart hard. to say i was confused would be an understatement. their were many explanations to do and i didn’t even know where to start, Chioma is not even giving me the chance to.

“Baby please listen to…”

“Sky i said don’t call me that again” she cut in again. “I only came here to give you these” She slipped the engagement ring out from her fingers and dropped it on the floor, the spare keys to my house followed with a resounding jingling sound.

“Please don’t do this” a drop of tears escaped my eye. Hers were already running freely as she slowly walked pass me, dragging each step like she was tied to a wall.

The door closed behind her with a hard bang, thumping hard on my heart inducing a piercing pain.

More tears now ran freely down my cheek defying my attempt to hold them back.

“Uncle are you alright?” Ryan’s voice sipped into my ears dragging me back to consciousness after i had being standing there like a statue for minutes.

I took my gaze down, he was looking up at me ice-cream smeared all over the corners of his mouth.

“Am ok Ryan” I hid my throaty voice in whispers wiping the tears with the back of my hands forcing out a smile for Ryan.

The rest of the night i tried to be appear fine because of Ryan, gave him a bath and a change of clothes. luckily he slept very early and it was deep, i watched him sleep cus i on my own part found it was more possible for an elephant to climb than for me to achieve sleep.

The morning was very slow in coming and annoyingly very cold when it finally came.

Ryan’s innocent funny remarks always managed to hold me on, his high spiritedness and jovial personality. it was impossible not to love this innocent little boy.

A little before noon i heard a knock on my door. it was a familiar soft knock and i couldn’t imagine my guess to be true.

“Yes who is that” I yelled at the door still not getting up from my sofa where i sat with Ryan who was munching in a plate of chips and chicken i ordered from a restaurant.

“Sky open the door, its me”

“Mummy!!!” Ryan yelled on hearing the voice exposing his immaculate white milk teeth.

“What is she doing here, how did she even know where i live” i cursed under my breathe heading towards the door.

“Mummy!!!” Ryan sang up again rushing to hug Amanda immediately her figure registered into the room.
“what is my baby eating” She teased him playfully nibbling her teeth on his stomach inducing some wild laugh from him.

Ryan ran back to his plate of food immediately Amanda dropped him, laughing as he ran.

“Wooow he’s really happy here with you” She commented smiling at me, the black eye was barely visible now.

“What are you doing here Amanda and how did you get to know my house?” i threw at her getting a chuckle as a reply.

“Never mind how i got to know, anyway i need to take Ryan to the hospital for some immunization shots”. She moved more into my house, tilting her head right and left nodding while she assessed my interior decoration.

“Hmmm your place is beautiful” she threw at me working out a smile.

“Ok thank you let me go and get his things” i offered moving towards the stairs.

“Oh relax sky, don’t be in a hurry we are not leaving right away” she replied heading more into the sitting room.

“You have to because i need to go somewhere, i was even about to bring him home before you came” i intoned with all seriousness.

“Oh my God!!!. . . what is this” Amanda blurted out bending down and picked up two jingling trinkets lying on the floor.

“Sky what’s are these?” she asked showing me the engagement and my spare key which Chioma dropped last night. i have not even touched or tried to pick them up.

“Nothing, just give me that” I collected the key and ring from her. i could see a one sided smirk on her face.

“Sky are you ok?” she asked getting hold of my arms.

I could feel her breathe on my cheek as i her face gain inch by inch into mine.

“Sky look at me” her hands now ran up to the crack of my back..

I felt her lips take hold mine and her breathing intensifying. A shocking wave hit my brains hard.

I could feel myself slipping, i tried but i was slipping hard. her hands now rubbed almost on top of my pubic bones nudging junior sky.

“Ok ok its ok Amanda” i blurted out untangling myself.
“Sky please stop this” she sang bringing herself up to me again.

“Amanda leave my house”

“what did you say sky” She said peering into my face.

“I said leave my house now” i went up stairs grabbed Ryan’s back pack and handed it over to her.

“Ok sky anything you say” she was strangely calm and bright.

She left with Ryan minutes later. i crashed into the sofa letting out a huge heavy sigh.

My life was like a broken plate now with all it’s pieces missing.

..To be Continued..

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