My father’s wife season 2 episode 11


episode 11

A tear escaped my eyes as i watched Papa open his arms and Chioma slumped into it, Papa’s hands clasping around her warmly with a priceless smiled on both their faces.

“Welcome to my family, my daughter” He said.

I had brought Chioma to introduce her to papa officially as my fiancee.

I have resumed work as a partner of Roban business conglomerate, moved most of my stuffs to my new apartment in G.R.A.

It was a simple 5room and a sitting room miniature duplex with a relatively small but elegant compound.
A touch of blossoming red hibiscus gave it a nice touch, a mini half court basketball court.

It was not as much as Papa’s huge mansion but it was efficient and beautiful and can be called a home.

I still spend most of the week days with papa and stayed in my house only during the weekends, owing to the fact that papa still was strangely weak and was loosing weight rapidly. He could only manage to walk with the aid of a walking stick.

Having invited Chioma to the small house warming party i was throwing at my house, She was choked up with office work but promised she would fly in from Abuja on the day of the party.

With the help of Jessy, the house warming party preparation was smooth and easy. Jessy took charge of all the preparations and also invited some of her young female friends to heat up the party.

I had reached out to some old close friends, new business partners for the party. Everything was set.

The day of the party, the house oozed of many delicious indistinguishable aroma, ranging from fried rice to fried chicken, variety of soups.

Jessy and her friends were in the kitchen, not knowing if their giggles and laughs did the cooking for them.

The party started a little after 6pm, the number of girls that were present scared me, Jessy’s friends tripled by another double digit.

Chioma flew in from Abuja 7pm and arrived when the party was already lively.

The look on her face was priceless when she entered and was welcomed by a vision of host of girls many of them in skimpy shorts and revealing clothes.

Her long light pink dinner gown she wore buttered in gold shimmering sparkling strings.

Her hair which she left natural was long and dark, parked to one pony tail at the back.
Her beauty was unmatched, her womanliness, graceful.

9pm; The party was at its peak, roaring music from the stereo, cracking laughter, soft and loud discussions. Popping sounds of champagne and clanging sounds of spoons meeting Chinese ceramic plates.

Girls were already on the dance floor twerking like their lives depended on it, and i can notice some guys trying hard to hide the hard on the sensual assault the twerkings induced on them.

“Attention everyone, its time for our host Johnysky to give a speech”. Olumide’s voice thundered through the sitting room drawing everyone’s attention and bringing down the volume of the stereo.

Olumide was a friend i met in U.K, he was in the same university with me and we bonded well and easily. He went back to Nigeria many weeks before me and we have kept in touch.

Cheers and ovations gave the floor to me, olumide inciting off three “hip hip hip hurray” as i stepped up with a blushing smile. He stood a foot away with a clownish smile on his face, beads of sweat falling from his very dark complexioned face coupled with his ever funny short slim body.

I cleared my throat and stylishly took another look at myself as everyone’s eyes were fixed on me; The black body fitted white shirt and black pencil jean i wore seeming to smile and say “We’ve got your back”

“I thank everyone, who have honoured my humble invitation and wasted their time to honour my invitation” I started. Calling many of the names i knew and acknowledging the ones i didn’t.

Turning round, i faced Chioma who clutched a champagne flute in her hand looking on with satisfying smile.

I went down on my knees, Chioma’s eyes popped and mouth went stiff, Jessy’s perky mouth dropped open and the air tensed up as a huge silence engulfed everywhere.

Olumide handed me over the ring, a slim white-gold ring with a tiny pink diamond tear.

Chioma’s face was a mixture of surprise and utmost oblivion.
“Miss Chioma Ugwu” My voice was tense and shaky, my right hand holding out the ring in an unsure posture.

“Will you do me the honour of becoming my Life partner” I sang out.
The silence intensified, Chioma’s gaze were fixed on me her eyes throwing out tearful sparks.

The guys just looked on with blanks eyes, the girls with smiles and wishful eyes. Jessy was almost nodding out her hands clamped together like she was saying a prayer.

“Yes, yes i will” Chioma blurted out inciting a round of roar, clapping and howling. I slipped the ring into her hands and our lips locked into an out of the world kiss. I don’t know why but this felt like it was the first time i was kissing her.

Hand shakes, hugs and congratulatory remarks took over with Jessy’s fiance; A fair complexioned tall young man with an innocent face and a calm voice, gave me a gentle nudge wrapped in a smile.

Chioma and I went on to see her parents. she was the only child of a business tycoon and an evangelist mother.

“Welcome my daughter” Papa’s voice rang out as i looked on and Chioma was in papa’s arms. Amanda sat on a lone cushion beside papa seemed more interested in Ryan, her son who was eating some cornflakes.

Chioma came back to my seat after her hug with papa, the smile on papa’s face glued on it and i feeling proud of myself for giving papa something to smile about.

“Welcome into our family my dear” Amanda threw at chioma, a wide grin on her face.
“Thank you Aunty” Chioma sang back forcing out a smile.

“Congratulations sky” She threw at me casting a cold look at me that i was sure even chioma noticed too.

..To be Continued..

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