My father’s wife season 2 episode 4

Season 2

Episode 4

To say i slept well through out the night would be a big lie, from my constant change of positions on the bed to scary meaningless dreams that rocked my sleep through out.

The morning was cold and humid it had rained heavily the night before.
A fresh scent of dust mixed with rain filled my nostrils, that smell you have when ever the rain comes for the first time in months after the dry season.

Chime-like sounds in slow succession filled my ears, little beads of dews forming a crystal rain tear dropping into buckets of water, the air was wet-cold and a chilly air swayed around.

I lazily rose from bed rubbing my fore-head furiously. My head was throbbing having stayed awake all night, even when i succeeded in getting some sleep it was from one stupid dream to another, the most scary of them was the last one i just had before jolting out from sleep. “What type of nonsense sleep is this na?” i cursed under my breathe.

It was a bright sunny Saturday,The house was filled to the brim and buzzing activities swayed everywhere.
People were excitedly chattering and doing one thing or the other.
I was clad in the in a black Italian suite, a white shirt and a black tie knotted round my neck. It was a wedding day.

In the church, the chimming songs that tolled out from the gigantic metal bell that hung on tower filtered in resounding sounds.

Jessy was seating beside Papa and Mama sat their too beaming with smiles and a look of pride on their eyes, Looking around the church i was happy for the crowd that came to this wedding which happened to be my wedding.

Standing right on the altar, the priest beaming down a holy smile on me with his flowing white chasuble dancing slightly from a little sway of air.

The whole congregation stood up and i could see all eyes fixed at the entrance of the church as a girl clad in white shimmering gown with large flowing flay riddled into precious stones that seemed to throw off unusual sparks. Her face was covered in a white semi- transparent veil that let out tiny shimmers under the bright golden rays of the church light.

“You many now Kiss the bride” i heard the slowly holy-like voice of the priest address to me.
With a smile and quick reflex i reached for the veil pulling it up to reveal a pair of eyes, perky nose and a smiling mouth in front of me.. “Amanda???” I yelled in surprise.

The whole scenario changed. The huge white painted interior of the church gave way to a small bluish room.. I opened my eyes surprised at the type of dream i just had.
An alien surge of scare engulfed me giving me wavy goose bumps, my head threatening to rip open.

A slight knock on my door gave way to the door sliding open slowly with a groan and Amanda sipped in to my room.
Her slow strides dragged her closer, her legs moving in very slow motion like a model showcasing her assets in slow motioned catwalks.

She was clad in a very tight flimsy turquoise spaghetti top, her boobs resting heavily on the top protruding the poor dress with n—-e tips fiercely showing through the flimsy material.

Her waist was adorning a white bum short with red dots stopping before half way to her thighs.

I sprang up fully from the bed kneeling straight on the mattress now facing her with a snare and surprised question riddled look.
“What dah f–k is she doing in my room”

“Good morning my sky” She slowly said her eyes blinking at fast paces and her iris working its way down to junior sky’s vicinity and up to my face again. I kept mute but the look in my eyes didn’t hide my raging contempt.

“My sky is now a full grown man, looking more handsome in those bushy beards and these your broad shoulders and thick muscles are killing” She sang on slowly running her hand from my beards taking it down to my shoulder and sliding down to my hands eyes still fixed on me.

“What do you want here” I found my voice fixing my face to look angered trying hard to sell my disgust mood to her, i don’t even know what that question mean exactly. Was it about what she is doing in my room or in this house in general?

A mild chuckle sipped out from her and her right hand travelled upwards to my chest region now.
“I know you must be surprised to see me here when you came back, it clearly showed on your face yesterday and is still showing” She continued seeming not to hear my question or maybe ignored it.

“But i want to let you know that i didn’t come to this house for your father anymore, i came back here for you because i knew you would surely come back one day and you will understand what i mean soon. I have a lot of surprises waiting for you my dear”

Her hands grazed my lips, then a wet snappy kiss on my numb lips followed by a sinister low chuckle and she turned round to leave, swaying her ass far more than normal.

I stood there transfixed on my position, not knowing or even have the ability to move. The cold morning suddenly turned stale and hot cus i could feel beads of sweat running down the crack of my back.

“What exactly i am into”

..To be Continued..

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