My father’s wife season 2 episode 24


Episode 24

Like papa always say “be careful when your enemy suddenly starts smiling at you”.
He had a little fall out with mama in the morning and mama got angry, he had refused her some money that she demanded for.

In the afternoon he came back and mama had made a sumptuous meal; onugbo soup and pounded yam with a lot of fish which happened to be papa’s favourite.

Papa was busy eating and nodding while moulds of yam fufu coated greedily with large amount of soup and fish took turns to go down his throat.

I, barely 8, was seated beside him enjoying my own share of the delicacy mimicking papa by nodding my head when i swallow a miniature version of the moulds he ate.

We didn’t know mama had snuck in and took twice of the money she asked for and went on her way, papa only found out later in the night when she came back with a large shopping bag full of goodies not just for herself, both jessy and i including papa.

Papa knowing he was duped with a good delicious delicacy, turned to me with a teary eyes from the long minutes of laughing and said. “Nnam, be careful when your enemy starts smiling at you, it may yet be his greatest weapon”

This was my position with Amanda now, but in this case i was the enemy that suddenly started smiling and she already fell for it, turns out it was my greatest weapon.

The days following the on set of my game with Amanda was very eventful and interesting. My wedding date had already passed and i used it to assure her that getting married was no longer on my mind.

I had made out real time to always take both her and Ryan out, always ensuring i wore a silly smile while at it. Giving Jessy enough time and room to sort things out with the National Doctors Association (NDA) and our family doctor, Dr Odili.

It has been a week of constant turn of emotional build up and break down for her.
I had Jessy barge in on us on Tuesday she came to my house, Chioma hid as usual and while things were turning up Jessy barged in and all hell let loose.

At one time it was licia, the disappointing looks she wears each time she thinks things were already turning up only to get an unexpected visitor was priceless to me.

“Sky abeg come to state command police station” Jessy announced just immediately i picked her call. Picking my car keys, i drove towards the police station wondering what exactly took Jessy to the police station, hope she hasn’t gotten into trouble with the police.

I got to the police station and met jessy just on the police lounge flickering with her phone with full attention.
“Jessy whats wrong?” i blurted out jolting her out of the phonetical spell.

“ehee sky Thank God you are here” her face brightened up.

“so what happened” i enquired curiously peering into her face.
“Just follow me” she waved leading me deeper into the station which was remarkably neat and serene unlike an average police station except for occasional shouts of complaints from people in the cells, only to get the barking voice of a police man as a reply “heeei sharap dia, criminal!!”.

A neat smartly dressed police man sat inside the office Jessy took me to, he was too young and fine to be a police man and seems to be way up there in ranks, none the less his uniform of light blue shirt and black trouser fitted him perfectly.

“Mr sky right?” he uttered immediately jessy stepped in with me. I gave a light nod.
“i am Detective David” he said exposing a set of white teeth and extended hand for a handshake.

Turns out she was Jessy’s friend in the university and had joined the police force after school and his university degree took him way up there. Jessy had contacted him to help with the investigation alongside NDA.

He took us to another room, partially lit but mostly very dark and seemed soundproof from the outside. two hefty police men were flanking a figure seated weakly on small chair with dangling handcuffs.

The battered figure that served as doctor Odili was enough to show you that the slogan “Police is your friend” is just a metaphor.

“He was invited by NDA and confronted with the charges, he denied and we were charged to search his home and office. We found a large store of haimdal’s pills which is an illegal merchandise in the country except for authorized dealers” Detective David explained with Jessy nodding occasionally.

“We arrested him and after interrogating him our own way” he winced and smiled. “he confessed of manipulating the DNA test result and his involvement in an illegal deal of haimdal pills and helped your father’s wife get some”

I jerked as he spoke, disappointed and scared of what things would have been if we didn’t find out.
Can’t believe i trusted papa’s health with this man..

Getting home, i regaled the tales to Chioma who kept hooting and shouting as i talked with an endless flow of “Jesus!!!”. Told her our plan with the police about Amanda.

I set a date with Amanda for the evening after she had complained severally of people interrupting us each time.
“Dont worry, i promise this evening i will take you to the promise land, no interruptions” i had sang to her on the phone making her giggle.

I picked my phone and dialed licia’s number, have let her in on the latest game days earlier and she had concurred.

I employed her as my personal assistant/secretary in the office and a huge salary to go with, chioma gave her a 3bedroom flat apartment so she could move out of the canaan quarters, a part of the city known as a haven for runs girls. They may be up to 5 in one small room.

She was not just a best friend but a sister to i and chioma and lived up to it.
“Hello sky, good evening” her voice flickered out from the ear piece of my phone.

“lici, abeg where you deh?” i asked employing pidgin english, after all this was not the office.
“I deh house oo, wetin happen?” she chuckled in.

“abeg eeehn the maga deh show house today, i wan make you come watch show!!” my voice was a mixture of seriousness and laugh. A mischievous grin filled my face.

Her wild resounding laugh nearly blew my ear drum. “badt pikin so na like so u be ba- dont worry i deh show” it was a sandwich of laughs and words.

A faint car honk from the gate announced Amanda’s presence and chioma ran up stairs immediately to do her own part of the show.

I reshuffled my clothes and watched from the window as her 2013 camry taxied in letting out little shimmer due to the evening sun.

“Baby how are you” she sang out on entering the house. Am sure she spent long extra hours on that make-up.
Her eye lashes were long and smeared richly with mascara.

A flawlessly carved eye brow, pink lips stick and a white flimsy top with a lot of space for too many cleavages to peep out.

“Am very fine, just couldn’t wait to see you” i laughed out picking her from the ground in one swift swing making her chuckle and kiss me.

“Where is Ryan? ” i asked as we settled in my sitting room.
“He is with your father” she wink still beaming with a smile.

“Good very good, that means we have the whole time to ourselves” i took my lips deep into her getting an ever waiting reciprocal.

Her hands were straying fast as she was already yanking on my shirt to take it out. I took my lips down to her neck getting a soft soundtrack singing immediately from her.

Was allowing my hands stray down to her b***s giving them soft squeezes, her hands were grabbing the skin of my back and eyes shut tight.

“Everybody freeze, if you move i blow your brains out!!” a very loud barking voice thundered from no where. I jolted up immediately. Amanda followed, her eyes popped and mouth open. A chunk of surprised buttered into a larger amount of fear and confusion was all over her.

Detective David stood there, 5 hefty police men with skins as black as the black the uniform they wore, evidence of long hours in the sun communing with bus drivers.

They stood round the sitting room with the muzzles of the large rifles they were carrying pointing at us, i just hope none of them is drunk to avoid stories that touch.

Jessy was standing right next to David and licia was right on the other flank with her hands akimbo.
“Are you Mrs Amanda Ugwu?” David said calmly taking a couple of steps towards Amanda.

“Yes” she whimpered taking hold of my hands letting out shaky nods at the same time.

“Am detective David, from the state police command” he flashed his I.D card for what seemed like 3seconds then replaced it back on his b****t pocket.

“you are under arrest for attempted murder, tampering of medical report and usage of illegal drugs”

One of the huge black police men already yanking her off from my body, she was trembling as a rusty handcuff made clinging sounds as it hooks into her wrists.

“Sky!!” she cried out looking at me with a teary face. Chioma walked down slowly from the stairs, threw her hands around me and kissed me winking at Amanda.
She was the one that was in charge of alerting the police if Amanda arrives.

“sky you set me up!!” Amanda blurted out. Was that, tears were already freely flowing down as the cuffs were already in place on her wrists.

“You have the right to remain silent because everything you say will be used against you in the court of law” David chipped in.

“Oya move, idiot you deh yeye anyhow, you wan kill person papa ba!!!” the policeman who handcuffed her barked, Yanking her recklessly along with him.

Chioma threw her hands round my neck immediately the police dragged Amanda out and their car zooming off, Jessy joined the hug her arms going round my neck and Chioma’s.
“Licia come over here” jessy called out to licia who was standing looking at us. She came over and joined the hug.

“It’s over” I muttered to myself with a large sigh, my hands holding them tightly.

..To be continued,

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