My father’s wife season 2 episode 12


Episode 12

Their is always a point in ones life when everything looks up and you can see everything finally falling into place.

My life was finally falling into place; I have a good job and a smiling bank account, My marriage plans are on the way and i feel she is the right one, and most of all Amanda haven’t being active since my marriage plans was revealed.

It seems marriage was really the solution to all this lustful shenanigans.

My marriage plans with Chioma are finally taking shape, the preparations were flawless and expectations were very high.

The date for the wine carrying has already being set.
Jessy as usual was on the fore-front of everything.

This was one of those times i wish Mama was here to see the man i have grown into, though i can still make out a little reflection of mama in Jessy and somehow it bridged the chasm.

Twilight approached slowly, a dim orange sun dazzled the sky with an orange coloured sky spectacle.

I sat on plastic beach chair having returned from the office an hour ago. the weather was just perfect and the whole scenario was serene.

I was reading through the pages of Coolval Magazine, which had a page about my impending wedding.

I have read that particular page countless times yet i still don’t seem to have enough of it already. The picture of I and Chioma used on it was really superb.

A glass of blood shot red wine stood lazily on a little side stool beside me with the bottle towering over it. It was a very peaceful evening made better by the reality of my marriage coming up in a couple of days.

My phone rang out with a shuddering shriek, from the ringtone playing “From this moment by shania twain” it was certainly my fiancee calling.

Picking up my phone, i sweeping smile rushed across my face looking at her a picture of her on the screen; those sparkling eyes, perky foreign-like nose and pouted mouth. Truly she was a blessing.

“Hello my love” I sang into the mouth piece working my lips into a grin.

“You bastard!” A voice yelled from the other side of the phone.

My head fell blank, who was this and what is going on.
“Devil, you deceived me” The voice came again now it was becoming clear and louder.

Chioma was crying and at the same time hurling insults at me and for what exactly i have no idea.

“Baby what is…….” The line went dead before i could roll out my sentence throwing me into a state of universal confusion, panic and shock.

“What exactly was happening” I cursed under my breathe, my whole body trembled even my breathe was shaky.

I dialed Chioma’s number many times and she kept rejecting the calls and finally switched off her phone, which tripled my fear and confusion.

A beep on my phone flew my heart a mile away and back. A message icon clearly showed on my notification feed but my heart trembled too much to touch it, my heart already melted into my stomach.

Mustering up some emergency courage, i opened the notification feed and the name ‘Amanda’ registered into my brain.

I opened the message hastily, this was the a first since i came back from U.K.

A sudden rush of warm sweat rushed down my face, washing down down by bare chest. Only 9 words were visible on the message body and just a look of those words sent a wave-like rush of fear surged through my body as the words sipped in.

“I told you i had a surprise for you” My fingers cramped as my gaze fixed on the message that displayed on my phone.

My phone gave out another resounding ring, this time it was Chioma’s mum calling. Even the ring of my phone spell trouble.

I mopped at my phone, watching the rings play out.
The confusion i felt was unlike anything i have ever felt in this world.

“Hello Ma! Good evening!” I uttered weakly on picking the call. A mixture of curiosity to know what exactly is going on and fear at the thought of what it might be.

“Hey hey hey, Hold your greetings!” Chioma’s mother yelled from the other side of the phone, am sure as an evangelist she must use such tones a lot to cast out demons.

“What is going on ma?” I intoned, the fear in my shaky tone have gave away what my mind read.

“I said hold you smelly trap there” she yelled again, this time more aggressive.

“So you have a son and you have kept it secret from my daughter all this while?!!” I didnt know if she meant this to be question or just a remark.

“What?” I blurted out, not so sure how it escaped my mouth.

“Shut up, the lady you had a child with came herself to this house and she and chioma even knows each other, and to say the child is already up to 5years old is worse, Johny you are a monster”

“What?, I dont understand you ma. What are you talking about?” My fear and confusion now was out of the world, little beads of tears already surged at the back of my head.

“You deceived my daughter but you had another son all this while, and the lady is even living in your house as….”

“Ok dear its ok give me the phone” A strong baritone voice interrupted her still from the other part of the phone, i am sure it was Chioma’s father.

“Hello” His voice rang out from the ear piece of my phone, my thumping heart skipped 2 beats. Could still make out faint yelling voice of Chioma’s mum in the background.

“Good evening sir” I said weakly stressing the sir.

The line went silent for a little more than 10 seconds, i looked at my screen and the call was still on, i knew he just kept silent purposely and each passing second the silence lasted pieced through my heart like a sharp blade.

“Young Man, I’m highly disappointed in you”

The line went dead.

..To be Continued..

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