Open secret episode 5

Okegbemi Ebenezer

Efforts were made to revive Blessing, some people started to pour water on her face while others were fanning her. John was curious as he stares at Anita who was looking sideways and calling on the name of Blessing.

“I think we should take her to the hospital” Blessings younger sister suggested while John carried her immediately. He placed her inside the vehicle followed by two other close friends but as Anita wanted to enter, he stopped her.

“I think you should stay here and help in calming things down” He said to her and smiled even though he didn’t want her to follow them.

“But why, she is my friend and I have to be with her” She protested but all fell on deaf ears as had decided not to take her along.

“Hmm, I should follow you guys’ o” She murmured while John starts the engine and zoom off.

Immediately they left, Anita shouted “ Eh, wahala, secrets would be revealed today, God punish this person that send this message o, ahh”.

Mama Nonsense who was John’s mother did not move an inch as she was just hissing and clapping her hands “ Wonders shall never end but I told her she must not do this wedding but she ignore me”

John was on the last lap to the hospital in high speed when Blessing started to sniffs and coughed.
“Sir, it seems she is awake, ahh! Thank God” One of the men that followed John in his car shouted.

“That’s great but we are still going to the hospital, I can risk it this time, she has been complaining of stomach ache and weakness for some days, I don’t think I should let this slide” He insisted and focus on his driving.

“John, don’t bother about the hospital, I am fine now, I was just a little bit dizzy” Blessing explained in a low voice

“Please, just take your time to rest, I can’t allow you to go to the house in this manner” He replied and pulls over at the hospital.

“I told him to pray about this wedding he is embarking on but John would not listen ehn” Pastor Lawrence said to one of the pastors with him in his office.

“That someone is anointed does not mean that he should handle things carelessly but John believes all is settled. I said there are forces that did not want him to survive but he always reject my advice, ehnn, why is he so stubborn”

“Exactly sir, it is this stubbornness of heart that led him into marrying that lady. I think he was captured by the beauty of the eyes” The second pastor, pastor Luke replied.

“Hmm, that’s another angle o, but do you know he told me that he saw and hear it clearly from God that she was his wife and that there is a reason for him bringing them together” Pastor Lawrence added as he stares at the other pastor.

“Yes sir, but do you know that even Satan can transform into an angel of light to deceive children of God” Pastor Luke replied and smiled.
Pastor Luke and John were colleagues under the bible school of Pastor Lawrence but they had barely spend three years when doors opened for John and he became popular and well respected among the other pastors and members and this had created jealously amongst the other pastor.

“Sir, he always handles things his way but who am I to talk since you don’t even treat him strictly like you treat us”

“I heard that you didn’t do the second pregnancy for her but pardon them. Am sorry for saying this but sir” He apologized.

“It is nothing but it is that most of you seems not to understand something but let just continue to support the family in prayers and I know that the wrong would be corrected” Pastor Lawrence said to him.

“I have to act very fast or else things would go out of hand at the hospital” Anita murmured to herself.

After little hesitation she decided to visit the hospital but as she was about to go another message dropped in the phone.
“You can’t hide from the eagle eyes monitoring you” The text reads.

“ I just received an update that a woman was rushed into the hospital not quite long and from my informant he told me that the lady is pregnant and still in its early stage and since that is what we need for the ritual of fortification, I think we should act quickly on the information without delay” A young man holding cutlass said to a man sitting on the chair.

“Who gave you the information” He asked staring at the other man.

“Don’t worry baba, I don’t get wrong information, he has never disappoint me before and for long we have not been having something like this so, we need to move in quickly.

“So what are you waiting for, get the boys arranged and find a means of getting her here” He shouted at the boys who responded quickly as they carry their cutlasses and moved toward the car

John was not having peace in his mind, an inner voice was telling him to move Blessing out of the hospital but he kept shunning the voice.

“But why are you so stubborn in heart, I speak once, twice but you refuse” The spirit said to him but he rebuke it.

“How can I take her from here, I have to see the doctors report..” He shunned the spirit talking to him.

“But what was in the phone that made my wife collapse like that, I believe there is something wrong somewhere” He said to him and claps his hands.

“Doctor please, I don’t want you to tell my husband that I am three weeks pregnant now, you know we just got married today, he has not even..” The doctors reaction made her to stop.

“What kind of wicked pleads is that, I should not tell your husband about this but how do you have the mind to give another’s man child to your husband despite his status in the society. Chai!!, things are really happening in this life o.

“Sir, It was a mistake on my part with my ex boyfriend who is deceased now but I can’t terminate the pregnancy because of the aftermath” she pleaded crying at the same time.

“Madam, I don’t think I can do that and if I do what if he learn about it later, how do you want me to defend my profession” the doctor said to her.

“I will pay any amount sir, just name it…please make this a secret between us and if you still need more I will give sir” She pleaded shedding tears.

“But how will you hide the fact from him even after giving birth” He queried.

“Don’t worry sir, he can’t divorce me by that time. He is a pastor and a Christian, he will..” There was a knock on the door.

“Come in” The doctor said.

“Doctor, I hope she is better now” John asked.

“Yes but I need to see you in my office, we have a lot to discuss” The doctor said without looking at Blessing who was winking at him.

“I hope all is well with your eyes ma” The doctor asked.

“Hmmm,…but I need my neck to be examined too” She said and winked to beg the doctor again not to talk.

“The nurse will do that” He replied.
“So, Mr. John, the issue here is …” There was gun shot in the hospital as everyone ran for safety…

John tried to cover Blessing by telling her to lie down on the ground while he tries to cover him but the door opened widely as a man wearing mask entered with an Ak-47 rifle and pointed at Blessing to stand up.

“Please leave her, she is my wife, please” John begged but they dragged Blessing. As they were going the doctor tried to hold the kidnappers but one of them out of anger shot at him and he died immediately. The death of the doctor sent a cold shiver to John that he remained still on the ground and weeping as they dragged Blessing out of the hospital into the car and zoomed off.

As they were going, Anita arrived inside the hospital.

“Ahh, Kidnappers, ahhh” She screamed while others ran out of the hospital.

They covered her eyes and throw her inside a dark room which has no light. Blessing was shouting on the top of her voice to be freed but the Kidnappers ordered her to shut up or else they would slice her throat.

She maintained a perfect silence immediately until she heard the voice of the leader.

“You boys had done a great job, please prepare the concoction we need the blood of the woman and the baby as we use it to fortify Kelvin…” The leader said and that sends a signal to Blessing.

“Kelvin, is he not dead” She asked herself…

“I am not dead but you are going to die” The voice said.

“Kelvin……” She screamed…and fell on the floor.

To be continued

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