Open secret episode 19

Okegbemi Ebenezer

The doctor was confused as he did not know what to do, he was in between…if he refuses to yield to the demand of the SSG, it would be disastrous and now that a higher threat is involved, he began to think on what to do.

“Nail on my head and death sentence by the SSG. What should I do?”

He was pacing to and fro in his office thinking on what he can do when his phone rang, it was the SSG on the line…he became to shake as phone was ringing. After few moment of hesitation in picking up, he picked the call but his voice was shaking on the phone.

“Herlllo…hello sir” He said while he tries to clear his throat.

“Yes, I know you have my number and you know the reason I am calling” He said to him while the doctor coughed twice before he replied.

“Yess sir, but sir, I don’t think we should…’ The SSG cuts him short.

“Don’t try to stop me from doing what I have made up my mind on. You know that we are the ones in power for now and your life is in my hands. I can order that your hospital be demolished tomorrow that the government wants to make a road through that path and apart from that, I have the instrument of violence with me that I can come after you life and to implicate you is very easy and that would lead to the seizing of your certificate. Coolvalstories How will that look to you. Are you comfortable with it?” The SSG asked on phone while sweats were already gathering at his forehead. He was feeling heat even when the Air conditional was was as if his spirit wanted to leave him.

“Ahh sir… don’t do that to me, it is just as if you take my life from me, please sir…I am not that…” He began to stammer.

“I don’t care about what you are saying, all that I am after is you doing my biddings or else choose one of the things I have planned for you” He said to him and cut the call.

“Hello sir, I am…” He stared at the phone only to find out that the call has been ended.

“What is happening” He said looking tired and confused then in a flash, he saw the same man coming with the long nail and hammer towards him. He tried to stand up to run but he could not as it was like he was glued to the seat.

“Whose bidding would you do, is it my own or his own. By the time this nail fall on your head, I hope you know that pain you are going to pass through…It is because you have decided to sell your conscience for money that is why you are now in this mess. You forgot to know that they can only kill your body and not your spirit. “
“If you want to be saved, you have to find the way and seek for the light or else you are toiling with death” The man said and left.

He rushed out of his office but almost collided with one of the nurses on duty that was coming to ask him for some details about a patient.

“Hope there is no problem sir?” The Nurse questioned but he tried to dismiss it so as not reveal what is going on but the nurse was persistent as she demand of him.

“Sir, you are shivering and sweat is coming out of your body this afternoon even with the Air condition in your office and with the way you are talking, with due respect sir, it seems you have seen a ghost”

“Just let me be, there is nothing of such, I have been doing the work of a doctor for 15 years now so why should I be shivering because of something that I saw, after all, I did not even see any ghost, so please just let me be” His hands were shaking that the biro in his hands fell down he wanted to reach out and take it but the nurse was faster.

As the doctor bent down, a pain relieving drug fell down from his pocket, it was also meant for someone that cannot sleep well.

“Sir and you are saying all is well, I am sure something is wrong, open up to me now sir, who knows maybe your help is in my hand or is it connected to that lady that was admitted at this hospital because I noticed that you are always giving attention to her very much”
“Anyways, maybe because she is close to an important personality” She added.

The doctor could not keep it any longer that he burst into tears

“Please save me, I am in the midst of woes, one is after my physical body, the other one is after my soul. How can you help me because I don’t want to die? You are right, it is about the lady named Blessing, you know what, she has wronged some high profiles in the state and they are ready to deal with her but now the fight is not hers to fight anymore, there is an higher authority fighting for her” he said crying while the nurse

“Don’t weep sir, there is too hard for God to do”

“Are you sure because of no one can fight with God and win” The doctor replied.

“So you know that sir and why are you battling with God” The nurse asked him.

“It was my selfishness that caused it and the man told me that if anything happens to Blessing, it means death” He said.

“Please sir, can you explain all that happened because I can barely grasp all that you are saying now” She said to him.

“Hmm, I was …” He was abour to explain when he was interrupted by another female nurse who was rushing down to call him.

“What is the problem” He asked in shock…

“It is the pregnant lady, she is nowhere to be find” She said to him breathing heavily

“What!!!, what about the police in charge” He asked.

“I found him tied down, he was given a sleeping pills” She shouted

“Ahh, I am doomed” He screamed as he sat on the floor…

As he was crying his phone rang and the SSG with Anita chorused on the phone…

“I hope the lady is in your care, we learnt that some people are coming for her, please be vigilant” The SSG said in panic…
“Sire, ahh, I am finished” The doctor screamed and fainted.

To be continued…
Where is Blessing?

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