Open secret episode 18

Okegbemi Ebenezer
Blessing was rushed to the hospital to the hospital where she was later revived after blood and water was transfused into her body. There was one to call because, people did not know John with her nor did she drop anyone’s number as her relative.

The police were at the hospital and they were in charge of her security but instead it was another ploy to ensure that the secret was not leaked.

“I thought you said you have clear every traces of that mad woman” The SSG said to Anita was who was moving to and from.

“Yes, I did but I don’t know how she survived it. The boys told me they went after her but how she survive still baffles me” She replies as she put her arms across her chest and looking at the roof as if the answer to her question was there.

“We are joking with fire if we don’t act fast…can you seen that it was God that helped us in the court if not, she would have revealed everything and all our closed secrets would have been let opened.” The SSG replied with fear in her voice.

“It means that the boys you gave the contract to are not competent enough to discharge their duty because if they had killed her as they had said, she should not be there” He added.

Anita took her phone and placed a call to the guys she sent an errand to kill Blessing.

“Hello, why it that you guys decided to make mockery of me, if you know that you were not competent, you should have let me know and not collecting money and delivering an unfinished work.” Anita ranted on the phone.
“Madam, I don’t understand and where is this coming from, is it that you gave us a work that we refuse to do” The leader of the gang asked her.
“That lady named Blessing whom I sent her picture to you is this still alive after you claimed that you killed her” She screamed.
“Oh!!, you mean that lady with pregnancy, she is a dead meat…even ten pastors can’t bring her back to life because I made sure life left her body before leaving the place” He bragged.
“But she is still alive for your information and showed at the court to make a testimony against me if not that she collapsed, I bet it, I and the SSG would have been exposed.”

“Ahh that means she is having some kind of magical power or what kind of person can survive that kind of harsh death” The gang leader said

“I don’t know what you guys can do now, she is a pain in my leg and I think we should find something to do about that because she is going to implicate me” She said to them and hanged up.

“This is not the time to be angry at anyone but to find a solution to this problem on ground” The SSG said to her.

“I am thinking but nothing seems to be coming, we have to put a pause on that woman’s life, things are about to get messy” She replied.

The two remained silent in the room with some top officials in the police department who were thinking frantically to know what they can do until one of the police men suddenly raise up his hands in excitement.

“Yes, I have gotten an idea and I am sure it is going to work” He jumped up while those in the room looked at him to share what was in his mind.

He looked round to make sure that all attention was directed toward him while he cleared his throat before he started.

“The person we are all thinking to capture is within our reach. What I mean by this is that, she is one of the hospital that we have connection to, we can easily contact the doctor and manipulate him in doing our biddings by asking him to inject her to death and no one will know about it” He said with laughter while others looked at him in amazement.

“What a brilliant idea, but what if they asked for autopsy, what are we going to do about that?” The SSG asked

“It is simple, the doctor can simply say, she went into shock after several seizure which later claim her life or she was hypertensive that they didn’t discover early enough and the injection given to her worked in the wrong way” The police man added smiling.

“Chai! I don’t know that I have brilliant persons here, that’s a brilliant suggestion but something just dropped in my heart” He said to them
“What if we try to make her paralyses that she can’t even move her body…is not someone that can move body that would come to court and testify” He said and smiled to himself while those in the room gave a loud round of applause to the SSG’s suggestion.

“But the question now is, who is the doctor that is capable of doing the job” He asked.

“Dr. Tunde is the best for that job, this is not the first time I have made a deal with him, he had assisted me once in killing my mother-in-law who was always on my neck” One of the police mean said in the meeting.

“Hmm, then we will give you the job to link up and make a final seal of the deal. Whatever, the bill is, just inform me and I will wire it to you” The SSG said to the police man who was excited about it.
John went into fasting and prayer on behalf of blessing as he wanted God to reveal where she was to him. He sought the face of God in prayers.

“O Lord, by your mercy, protect Blessing any where she is” He prayed and at the end of the fasting, God intervened by revealing some things to him.
He found her tied down in a wilderness with some people trying to take her life. He wanted to help but the light showing him direction went off.

“What is the meaning of this?” He asked himself as he arose from his sleep and started to speak in tongues.
At the hospital, the doctor was contacted to carry out the evil act, he agreed to it as a result of the money that was involved.

“5 million is not small money” He said to the policeman.

“Yes, I will ask them to transfer half to you now or do you want it in cash” He asked.

“Yes, that cash would be better because of the way they are tracking accounts these days” The doctor replied.

They concluded their plans and how to carry it out…The doctor perfected on how to go about it. He left office that day and went home. He relaxed on his bed to sleep when he saw a transition for the first time.

A man walked in with a big nail and hammers and came close to him. The doctor was afraid seeing the length of the name.

“Who are you?” He asked but there was no response.

“I am here to issue you a warning, that lady in your hospital is my daughter, if you try to touch her, I will hit this nail on your head, the more you try the more the nail enters into your head and the destroyer will not leave your home” The man said to him and vanished.

Immediately he left, the doctor shouted as he noticed that he was not sleeping but all that happened were real…

“Ahh, nail on my head…ahh, I don’t want to die now” He screamed and rushed out of the room but he has collected the money, how will he go about it….

To be continued

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