Open secret episode 15

Okegbemi Ebenezer

“Carry her properly or else you will find yourself to blame” The hunter commanded the SSG who was struggling to carry Blessing as his hands were weak as a result of the gunshot that was still inside his shoulder.

“Please sir, let’s settle this, I promise to pay a huge amount of money into your account. I must not be disgrace, it is the work of the devil” the SSG began to pleaded with tears in his eyes.
“It is better you move forward now or your head will roll on the floor, it is the work of the devil right but when you were using other people’s children for rituals, you didn’t know that it was bad…if no one had caught you, you keep doing the evil works and causing people to cry” He pushed him forward while Blessing was resting on his large arm.

In the night, John’s mother had a dream where she found herself in the bush with John and Blessing been tied together
“What are you two doing here? she questioned them but they were too weak to respond to her questions.
“Can’t you two talk” She moved closer to them and examined their body only to see them tied together.
She tried to untie them when she suddenly wake up from her sleep…
“Jesus!!! What kind of dream is this…? John and his wife are still alive and in the bush…Jesus please save them” She prayed.
The following morning, she went to visit the pastor and narrate all that happened in her sleep.
“We should give God the glory for revealing to us what seems to be hidden…may his name be praise but we must not relent on our prayer, keep on praying and I believe that God in his mercies will find them and make a way.” Pastor Lawrence assured her so that her mind could be at rest.

John’s mother became a bible addict because of the situation and a prayer warrior, it was then she now believe the words of her son that always say “ You will think you can’t pray until when trouble comes…pray before trouble comes so that you will not go with the problem” John would always say. Pastor Lawrence also assisted in the prayers asking God to perfect the work he had started.

The absence of the SSG in the state for two days started to generate an uproar, at first the government decided to make it a secret so that the opposition party would not use it against their government but when they noticed that it was getting out of hand as every means to contact him had proved abortive. The state government had invited the wife to have a secret discussion with her.
“Madame, we would like if you can just make this a secret so that the search for your husband would continue” The representative of the governor said to her.

“But sir, it is almost three days now, my children are asking after their father while his relative are questioning me…for how long will I continue to lie” She burst into tears.

“You see, this is why we called you, I know it is sadden not to see ones husband but we are trying our best to ensure that we find him. You know that kidnapping is on the high this days but we don’t want the media or the opposition party to get hold of this information because they would use it against us and you know that the governor is going for the second term and election is around the corner in two months time…if this leaks out now, you know that we are already defeated even before the election”

“There are some news that we do sweep under the carpet so that it would not generate uproar from the public…and hmm (coughs) the governor had said that if you can be mute on this matter till we find him which I am sure we shall see him, 100 million will be sent to your account or whichever way you want it but just be silent about it” The representative tried to buy her into believing what he said.

“Ahh, politician and money…do you think money can buy the love I have for my husband” She questioned him.
“Don’t quote me wrong, all I am saying is that you should try and reason with us…the governor should have been here with us but he is having a political meeting with some high profile party members in the state to help him win the election.”

“But I would love you to accept the offer because, one must not loose on both sides and if they ask you about him, you should them he travelled for a vacation as he went to rest or to treat himself of an undisclosed illness…you should say that to the press and leave the rest to me to handle…as the media publicity to the governor, God has been helping me, I know how to manipulate the whole situation that it would be to our favor and against the opposition party” He said and smiled as he stares at the SSG wife to tell him she had accepted but instead she burst into tears…

“Madam, this crying of your will not give me an answer, we invited you to get an answer and cooperation from you…we are deeply sorry for what is happening but what else can we do…” He said staring at her.
The hunter and the SSG together with Blessing who could now walk on her own got to where others were tied…immediately they got there, Blessing ran to meet John and hugged him with tears in her face…

“Forgive me….she began to cry while John who was weak was staring at her and could not say anything…

Anita uncomfortable as she was shifting her body and shaking at the same time because she knew that since she is alive, her secret were already opened and the disgrace would be much… The hunter walked round into the other huts to check if there are still other kidnappers hiding in there… he saw the herbalist and he tied him with other two gang members.

He brought them out of the hut and tied them; Blessing was shedding tears as she didn’t know what to do… The hunter was about tying the SSG down and later seek help when he heard the alarm of the police with a voice on the speaker saying.. They had tracked down the cell phone of the SSG which indicate where he made his last call before he was missing…

“Surrender your arms, this place have been surrounded by armed police men, so do well to lay down your weapon” The voice said on the speaker.

Fear grip the hunter and he immediately drop his gun and raised up his hands…immediately the SSG saw the police men, he began to cry as if he was a victim of kidnap while the police untied them and moved all into their van…

To be continued…

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