Open secret episode 3

Okegbemi Ebenezer

“I am not feeling fine. Since you left yesterday, I have been having this pain in my lower region” Blessing pretends to be sick as she lies on the bed while John was sitting beside her on the bed.

“Ehyah, sorry about that, hope you are not getting relieved” John touched her cheek to feel her temperature.

“Hmm, something like that but I am not sure it will relieve anytime soon” She affirmed.

“Why, stop saying negative things also it is not today that has been schedule for the pregnancy test that this ought to come up. I don’t know what to tell pastor now” John said and looked sideways

“Just try and be romantic for once, I know that all that is in your mind now is getting me out of this bed and for your information, I don’t think I can…” She shouted with pain as she held her stomach to the shock of John who rushes to carry her.

“No, leave me, don’t worry I will be fine. It might be cramps but I will be fine” She tries to deceive him.

“Ahh, haa cramps at the beginning of the month, hmm. Anyways, I am not a woman but don’t you think we should see the doctor. We can’t be risking things like this o, you know money is not the problem so that we will not administer drugs ourselves and at the end cause a major damage and a day after tomorrow is our wedding” John said to her.

“I know John and I am trying my best. Like I said, it will leave but I just need some time to rest and for the wedding, that is why I hired the event planner and they are briefing me on everything they are doing. I am just to check my gown and that’s all. Don’t be troubled. I am the one that should be worried because it my day of joy” Blessing said forcing smiles in between her teeth.

“Hmm, I hear you before you start to say I am not caring again but all the same we can’t risk things. It is your health that is at stake but since you insist I would leave that to you but for the pregnancy test we will…” Blessing screamed again so as to ensure that John did not raise the issue again.

“Ohh sorry, just try and rest… we are not going again, I will call the pastor and explain things to him.” He said underneath his breath even though he was not happy with what happened.

“Thanks darling, I promise to get better quickly” She replied and closed her eyes to pretend as if she was sleeping.

“I can’t because of you bend the church rules, it is not done” Pastor Lawrence affirmed to John who was looking down and pleading.

“It was nature sir, I am sure she wanted to come for the test but something came up” He explained to him and bends a little.

“Okay, no problem but I will let this slide because of the love and trust I have in you” He said to him and patted him on the back.

“Thank you sir” He heaved a huge sigh and left.

“How were you able to convince John that you didn’t follow him to see the doctor” Anita asked smiling.

“Girlfriend, it is a long story for another day because right now I am sick in his mind” She jumped up from the bed and was dancing around.

“Yes o, that’s my girl, by tomorrow you will be Mrs. and bye to single life” Anita danced along with her.

“But there is problem o” Blessing whispers and sat on the bed looking depressed.

“What is that girl, talk to your mama” Anita said laughing hard.

“Hmm, it is my mother-in-law o, that woman is a pain in the a*s, she gives me a lot of trouble. Do you know that she knew I went to an herbalist to collect a white cloth and did not open the door for me at all, that woman is possessed, I am sure” She points her finger to the sky after using the tip to touch her tongue to show that she meant what she was saying.

“Are you for real, how come, then you need to thread softly but why should you be worrying about her, tomorrow is the D-day and there is nothing anybody can do to spoil your joy” Anita beats her chest to prove confidence.

“Hmm, I’m afraid o because for someone to tell me something of such, I not sure if she is not looking at me now” Blessing looks around in fear.

“My dear, she is just babbling rubbish, I am sure that nothing would happen, just calm down” Anita replied her and smiled.

“So this is the gown, let your girl wear it and check you out”

“No problem, I am your personal person and the chief bridesmaid, so I am ready for you” Anita replied.

“Funny girl” she replied smiling

As Blessing was about to wear the gown, her phone rang. She ignored at first but the call came in persistently and Anita asked her to pick it up.

“Hello, congratulations, I heard your wedding is tomorrow” The caller said.

“Who gave you my number, I thought I have blocked you from my life” Blessing shouted

“You only block my line and not my heart, can we see we need to discuss something urgent” The caller said to her.

“Impossible, I can’t come to anywhere, I have nothing to do with you again” She cuts the call and dropped the phone on the table.

“Who is that?” Anita asked with her eyes staring up.

“It is who other than that useless man called Kelvin. He is trying to bring his ugly head into my life and that is not possible”

“Oh, but why did you cut the call, I heard that he said he wanted to discuss something important with you, why not hear him out first” Anita persuaded her.
“Okay if you say so but do you think, it is right to meet with him”

“Why not but be very careful though” Anita replied

The phone beeped and two text messages from Kelvin came through.

“Jesus” Blessing shouted as Anita grabbed the phone from her hands.

“You don’t mean it”

“Why would he think of this when he knows that your wedding is tomorrow, we need to act very fast on this or else” Anita added and was pacing around the room.

“But how did he get my new number, so he is trying to blackmail me” Blessing said and sighs.

“I will go and meet him for the last time but this time, he will smell his anus” she vowed and dashed out of the room while Anita chased after her.

They drove to the hotel in few minutes and storm the room where Kelvin had lodged.

“Welcome to my world beautiful princess, you look beautiful even though you are carrying my baby inside of you” He said smiling.

“I am not, you fool”

“That’s good, I love women with courage but this is it, if you don’t abide by my terms I will expose you and your shame will be all over the internet” He threatened.

“But you know I can’t have s3x with you, tomorrow is my wedding and I am carrying a child”
“And so, please answer me or I should” He stood up and wanted to drag her to the bed but she struggled with him and in the process her hand hit Kelvin on the head and he was off balance as he fell while he hit his head on the floor with blood gushing out.

“Ahh, Kelvin, what have I done” Blessing screamed and Anita rushed inside only to meet Kelvin on the floor in his own pool of blood.

“What have you done” She queried.

“He wanted to force himself and I ….ehh, ahh….please help me carry him…I am in trouble” Blessing started to sob..

Anita moved closer to him, smiled a bit as she touched Kelvins neck to feel his pulse only for her to shout…

“Ahh, he is dead, you have killed someone, ahhh”

“Please keep my secret, ahh, I am doomed …I should have stayed back o, I should have allowed him o…please help me wake him, is he dead?” Anita started crying.

“This is a big trouble, what shall we do…tomorrow is your wedding but you have committed a crime”

“Please, Anita only you can save me now, think of what we can do now so as to be free from this” She begged.

Anita paused and thought for a while for some ideas.

“I will handle it, you should start going now” She said to her

“Are you sure?” In between cries.

“I said you should go” She shouted.

“Ahh, what have I done” Blessing placed her hands on her head but when she got to the receptionist she pretended as if nothing has happened and left without anyone noticing while Anita remained in the hotel…

To be continued..

What do you think will happen next…the story has just began…

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