Open secret episode 21

Okegbemi Ebenezer

As Kelvin was thinking on what to do as he was confused as to whether he should take Blessing to the hospital or not, Blessing gave a very sharp cry and in some minutes gave birth in the room to the shock of Kelvin.

“Ahh, what!!! “ He exclaimed as he didn’t expect her to give birth in the room. Blessing called unto him with her hand stretched that he should help in carrying the child. He immediately responded and assisted her. But they had little knowledge about delivery. Kelvin tries calling one of the nurse he knew so that she could come but the number was not going through.

“Oh no, not this time, She should pick her calls, ohh No, why…not this time” He screamed and hit his feet against the wall while he was carrying the baby who was crying.

All of a sudden, Blessing started bleeding and with time it became serious, she was losing her strength. Kelvin began to blame himself and was pinching himself just to see if all was a dream but he was in the reality.

“Ahh, why this is serious, who will I call now, what should I do blessing, you are bleeding”. He said to Blessing who was already tired and lost a lot of blood and her eyes were going dim.

“I didn’t bring you here to die, I wanted your safety so that you can free the innocent man from prison” He said and started calling on God to help. It was in that situation he knew that only God can help him.

“Chai, God please, I know that I have committed a lot of atrocities and sins, please I am not worthy to be called your own but this last chance, even if you will not answer my prayers again, just this last one, God, please don’t allow Blessing to die, let her live and her child. I don’t know what to do, please God because, eh eh, eh, (exclaim and sighs) because if she dies, there is no where I would run to, I don’t want be killed, have mercy”

“Just this last one God” He prayed and sat on the floor staring at Blessing who was already weak with the child in his hands closing his eyes.

All of a sudden his phone started ringing, he used one hand to carry the baby with the blood staining him and the other one to pick the call. It was the nurse he was trying to reach.

“Hello, I just switched on my phone and I saw a beep from you, hope all is well or are you in trouble again?” She queried.

“All is well and not well at the same time” He replied shaking.

“What is wrong” She queried.

“It is one of my sisters here, she delivered at home and now she is bleeding seriously that she is weak now” He explained.

“But why did you not take her to the hospital when she noticed it” She shouted.

“Please, there are some things that I can’t explain now, please come to that same location and help me treat her, come with your equipments” He begged while she agreed to come.

The nurse thought it over and over again then she concluded that she would go in the company of some policemen as she did not believe Kelvin because of the nature of his job even though she has always warned him to desist from the job.

Kelvin was pacing to and fro after he had carefully lay the baby beside blessing. He was moving about when he heard a knock on the door. He was surprised thinking that it was the Nurse but it was Anita and the SSG with some of their thugs who accompanied them.

“What!!, how did you know this place, he asked looking frightened.

“Are you surprised, we got to know your location” Anita asked.

“You are so funny, right from time, we knew that you were up to something, so we put a tracker on you. we were monitoring all your moves, your calls and the one you just finished calling, we tracked it. Do you think, you can run away from us” Anita asked.

As they were discussing, Blessing who could still see them a bit reached out to the phone of Kelvin that dropped beside her and started to make a record of all that was going on.

“You think you can escape from us, never I am the SSG of this state and I have all the security structure at my finger tips. You know all the rituals and killings happening in this state were masterminded by me, you thought you can just disgrace me like that, it is a lie” He smiled and looked at the direction of Blessing who had closed her eyes and about to pass out.

Anita walked close to the baby and carried him.

“He looks cute, awwwn, just like his father, he resembles Kelvin, this child is full of glory and that is why he is going to be used as the sacrifice” She said and immediately, Blessing opened her eyes with force to the shock of Anita..

“Oh, I thought you are dead, so why are you opening your eyes”

Blessing stretched her hands as if she wanted to collect her baby but there was nothing she could do.

Anita smiled as she brought out a knife to cut the child when there was another knock on the door, it was the Nurse who stepped in first…Anita laughed when she saw her and ordered her to kneel down while the SSG pointed a gun at her and the thugs trying to tie her up. they were in the middle of tying her up when there police barged inside to the shock of the SSG, he threw his gun away immediately and lied that Kelvin kidnapped his wife who happens to be Blessing but as he was talking, John walked in to the room and it was like a film to him. He began to stammer.

The police handcuffed all the thugs as they rushed Blessing and her son to the hospital. Anita was handcuffed together with Kelvin while they let the SSG moved in his own car. They arrived at their station and the SSG wanted to change the story through bribing but John stated that he would fight the case with his life, if they attempt to sweep it under the carpet.

With his connection, John wrote to the police headquarters so that the case can be transferred there and it was granted after several petitions was signed.
The court resumed the case and the thugs were brought forward but they still maintained that the SSG was free and that Kelvin was the one who organized them to kidnap the SSG, the nurse, Anita and Blessing. There was uproar in the court.

The hunter was brought out and after several testimonies against him and the judge sentenced him to 25 years imprisonment with hard labor. He fell on his knee crying. The same sentence was given to the other persons including Kelvin. The SSG had bribed the judge and was smiling to himself when there was a siren blowing outside, it was John with some Senior Advocate of Nigeria numbering up to fifteen of them. They came into the court and asked for the re hearing of the court as they challenged the judgment to the amazement of the judge and SSG who wanted to leave the court but was blocked by those in the court.

The court judgment was appealed and they took it to the other court where the same testimonies was said but as they were arguing, Blessing walked in with the support of some policemen who asked that the sound recorder be played which was surprising to every one as the SSG and Anita voice could be heard. The SSG wanted to run out of fear but he was caught and handcuffed, he began to cry blaming the devil

“I was not the one, it was the devil” He started weeping but a man cautioned him and told him that it was not the devil when he was killing them for rituals and making money but now that he was caught, it is now devil” He asked him to shut up.

The SSG was sacked from his duty by the Governor, while he was sentenced to death by hanging, Anita could not control her tears as she was sentence to death by hanging with Kelvin and the other thugs. The hunter was release on bail and later acquitted.

Blessing wept uncontrollably in the court as John consoled her. She knelt in front of him and begged for his forgiveness. John lifted her up and kissed her forehead, he embrace her and told her that he now know why God said he should marry her.

“You are a truly a blessing to me and to the world, thanks for fighting for our marriage but I want you to know something that you are just the same lady I had loved earlier…I still love you , thanks a lot” He hugged and kissed her.

She wanted to talk but he stopped her from talking. The mother of John embraced the two of them and advised them to be patient with one another and not keep secrets again.

My children, I want you to understand that, there is no secret anywhere, all is opened in as much you tell a person, it is an Open secret, the secret you thought you are hiding is opened unto the creator. So have an open mind to each other as family. Don’t hide things from yourselves, don’t just die in silence”

“Also, it is not every one that claimed to be your friend is worthy of knowing your secret, be careful of what you tell people, don’t have a running mouth and be very disciplined.”
“Life is so complicated for you not to be wise, you don’t have a secret anywhere, it is an OPEN SECRET…That is my advice my son and daughter.

After that day, John went home with Blessing and the new child that they named Emmanuel, meaning ‘God with us’. They renewed their vows in marriage as they remained committed to one another. Their love grew stronger and stronger day by day.

Before Anita was killed, Blessing went to see her in prison and preached to her but she was hard heartened that she doesn’t want to see Blessing but she prayed with her and left. It was later reported that Anita died from complications while in prison although sources said she was poisoned to death. Kelvin was hanged alongside the SSG and the other thugs.

The SSG before his death shook his head and said “Hmm, WHAT IS LIFE that man would STRIVE to GAIN this world and LOSE his own SOUL”.
He didn’t wait to know the answer to his question when he was hanged in the presence of the people…


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