Open secret episode 20

Okegbemi Ebenezer
There was pandemonium in the hospital as the nurses were running trying to save his life. He was carried to a bed where drip and drugs was administered to him. Few moments later, he woke asking if the SSG and his people had not come to the hospital but the answer was negative. He rested his head back on the bed.

“Hmm, what is money that can be compared with peace of mind. Hmmm…what is life that it can be secured without God’s protection.” He soliloquies while the nurse that was trying to him came to his bed side

“Doc, there is something fishy about all these stunts you are pulling because to me, you did not faint at all, you just try to get a means of resting and calming yourself” She said to him.

“Hmm, thanks that you knew my trick but what can I do for you” He asked

“Nothing but I want to share some words with you” She replied.

“About Jesus right?” He asked staring at her.

“Yes sir”
“If it is about him, I know because, I do go to church, I am believer also but you know that man must ensure that there is food on the table” He said to her.

“That is where you got it wrong sir, the bible says man must not live by bread alone but by the word of God but it does not mean that you should not work, it is just telling you how to place your priority, not allowing greed to take over your heart.”
“Sire, you have allowed greed take a large chuck of you and it is killing you now” She said to him.

“Are you here to condemn me or find solution to the problem I am in now” He asked in annoyance.

“I am not here to mock you nor condemn, it is not given to me to do that but I want you to understand that contentment is a great gain and only God can provide solution to our problem only if we seek his face.
“Please, please and please, who told you I was not calling on this God, did he help me then” He asked as he eyed her.

“Am sorry but you might be calling him on the wrong motive, I am not here to drag words with you sir but to help you out of the so called mess you are in but only if you are ready” She said to him and was about leaving when he called her back.

“I don’t have choice now but to hear you out but one thing that I am afraid of is that those that I am dealing with are more stronger than myself.” He cried.

“God is greater than them” She replied and smiled to ease the tension.

She was about sharing with him the words of God and asking him to tell her all that was happening when there was a knock on the door.

“Who is there” The Nurse asked.

“We are looking for the doctor” The voice replied.

The doctor sensed that they were sent to him since they learnt that Blessing was missing in his hospital.

“Can you give us some minutes, we are quite busy now” She said to them but they made use of force this time as they threatened to break the door open if they refuse to open the door.

The doctor heart began to beat faster when he had the threat of killing him but the nurse tried her best to be bold even though some part of her was shivering.

“No harm shall come near our abode” She declared while there was heavy knock on the door.

“God please save your own in this situation” The nurse prayed while the doctor was shivering as he was saying Amen. By this time, he was already sitting upright on the bed. He wanted to rest before but now could not.


Blessing was brought into a room, there was light there as she could see the face of her abductor clearly.

“I told you that we shall see again, don’t I” Kelvin said to her.

“But why did you think that you kidnapping me was the only way for you to see me” She asked.

“Oh, I did not kidnap you, I want to help you…you see when we were arrested till the court case, the SSG and your best friend Anita were on your case, they planned to get rid of you just like they almost did to me back then but here I am now, alive.”

“You see they made us lied against that hunter to free the SSG and ourselves until when you showed up that day to everyone’s surprise and that changed the narratives.

“Ahh, so God was leading me, I just followed instruction actually”
“That is not a problem, you see, I need you to be alive in order to unravel some mystery…you see the baby in your womb that we all needed was just to prolong our lives so that we can live longer on earth but I have come to realize that no one can live beyond the time God had given unto him or her.

“we were deceived by the SSG and let me tell you, this is not my first time of working for the SSG, most of the kidnaps that had taken place in the state was masterminded by him all because of his quest for power and longevity” He said to her.

“So why are you now helping me” she inquired.

“Actually, I overhead him and Anita saying that they would eliminate me and other gang members once they are done with the court case. This angered me and I vowed to have my revenge on them” he raised his hand up and bite it.

“So I am the one that you plan to use in getting your revenge right” She asked

“But what if I say, I am not interested” She replied.

“Ahh, that means you want an innocent man to die” He replied…

“I am suspecting you also because you hijacking this way doesn’t change the fact that a leopard does not change to color”

As they were talking, Blessing felt a sharp pain in her waist as it was her labor time.

“I didn’t see this coming, I am about to give birth, take me back to the hospital now” She shouted.

“What!!! Labor, hospital that is surrounded by thugs, ahhh”

“This is real definition of trouble” He said as he pace up and down ..

“Why did I take her from the hospital” He sighs as he bite his fingers…

To be continued. OPEN SECRET

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