Open secret episode 14

Okegbemi Ebenezer

The hunter hid himself behind a thick bush where he was able to watch everything that was going on. He positioned his gun to shoot in case there is an opportunity to aim at any one of them. Blessing was groaning on the floor because of the pain.

“So here is the lady, hmm, her stomach has become bigger, no wonder Kelvin was trying to bid me very high” The SSG said to the second in command.

“Kelvin is such a greedy person, anyways, it is we-we now so what is the next move” He replied.

“Hmm, nothing much, like I said I will transfer the money into your account but I will need your help on something.” He requested.

“What is that?”

“After we have collected the baby from her womb, please ensure that her dead body is disposed very far and to a place where it could be seen by the police but without any traces so that the issue of searching can die down and myself would be save from the press because they do come to my office and question me about what we are doing to get them released” The SSG explained to them

“If it is that one, there is no problem, I will personally supervise the disposal of the body and of those that are there and there would be no traces” The second in command assured putting his hand on his chest.

“I trust you on that”
“So what are still waiting for let’s move inside and bring her out” The SSG commanded while the boys marched in to get Blessing outside.

The hunter could hear their discussion, he counted their numbers and noticed that they were like ten where as the bullet in his gun was not up to…he began to think on what to do.

As the gang entered followed by their leader, they noticed footsteps indicating that someone had entered the hut and from the shift in position of Blessing made them to be suspicious.

“Hold on, everybody” The gang leader commanded while he bent close to Blessing to see if she was awake.

“Someone came here right” He asked but there was no response

“Hope there is no problem” The SSG asked looking confused

“There is and there is none” He replied looking around to see if there was someone nearby.

“What happened is that, I could sense that someone came into this hut” He said to them

“How is that possible?” The SSG asked.

“That’s why I am trying to figure out what that could be, we have to be sensitive so that we would not play into the hands of a third party” The gang leader replied.

He went round the hut and looked if there was someone there. He ordered his boys to search and comb the bush but they came saying the same thing that, there was no one there.
“But this is suspicious because, I placed her in this position with her hands tied but now, her hands are loosed and there is a shift in the position. I would have doubted my thought but for these footprints that are all over the ground, I can say there are an intruder and someone her is trying to play on my intelligence.”

As he was talking, the cell phone of one of the gang member rang and he went to a corner to picked it but unknown to him, he was followed by their leader who snatched the phone from him to hear the conversation.

“Is he dead?” The voice on the phone asked

“Who, ehn, no one can kill me and who are you by the way?” The second in command questioned

“Oh, it is ….” He cut the call before the caller could respond.

He came back dragging the gang member by his collar “I said it, there is a mole here, so you want to kill me” He screamed on top of his voice.

John had regained his consciousness but was still tied, he knew there is nothing he could do but to just utter a word of prayer but he did not know what to say or which prayer point to utter…he kept on asking the holy spirit to help when a particular biblical event came into his head and he uttered the prayer using the same event…

“God, as you disgrace the prophet of baal on mount camel, disgrace those seeking after my life and that of my life” He prayed the prayer silently as he was muttering the words but it got to a point he started praying aloud to the shock of Anita and Kelvin who was also tied down.

They began to look at themselves but John was deep in the prayers as his eyes were closed…After the prayer, he prayed another prayer point…

“Oh Lord, set confusion into the camp of my enemies” He screamed louder this time that his voice thundered like a trumpet…He began to blast in tongues that the environment changed to the shock of everyone there…the herbalist felt the flow of the power as he fell them from where he was standing with his hands raised up…He began to shed tears… Kelvin was sounding like a possessed person and began to roll on the floor even with his hands tied.

“I did not try to back stab you, this is a misunderstanding” The member held by the collar pleaded.

“I can explain, it was the SSG that …” He had not completed his words when the second in command shot him and he died immediately.

“That is how you will all die if you will not obey me” He shouted and pointed to another..

“I know that you are his friend, you must go with him” He fired at him and he went down immediately. The second in command began to act like he was under a force…the gang members noticed this and tried to run for their life but before they could move, he shot at three and they went down immediately groaning in pain and later gave up the ghost.

The SSG had urinated in his trousers when he pointed the gun at him…”So you are trying to play all of us here right…”
“Don’t kill me please, I was not trying that, I didn’t contact anyone…the only thing I did was that I sent some amount to him to monitor your movement” He explained.

“I knew you must be aware of all that was happening, so you plan to kill us all by our own hands while you go without anyone noticing but that is a lie, today is your end…”

He pointed the gun at him to shoot but the hunter who was ready by the bush fired his shot at the second in command which hit him below the stomach, he fell to the ground while the other members that remained ran away leaving Blessing behind…

The hunter came out of his hiding, immediately the SSG saw him, he went on his knee pleading not to be killed claiming that he was kidnapped unknown to him that the hunter heard their conversation.

“I will not kill you but you will carry this lady and lead me to where you kept the others or else, I will blow your head off” He threatened while the SSG carried Blessing on his shoulder followed closely by the hunter…

“Ahh, I am finally exposed…my secret is now open to the world” He lamented.

Pastor Lawrence and John’s mother were disturbed by the sudden disappearance of John, so they organized a prayer for God to locate him.

“Pastor, please pray that my son can be found” She cried…

“I have the feeling in my spirit that we shall see him” He responded

“Nevertheless, the spirit said you are the one to do the prayers I will give to you” The pastor said to her.

“Really, I don’t know how to pray o” She murmured.

“But that is the command, God will guide you but this is the prayer point” He said to her..

“O Lord, let the flying scroll locate where my son is and find him” The pastor said to her but she was not getting it..

“Flying scroll or what is that?” She asked.

“You see the flying scroll is used to search for something that is missing, if you read your bible, you will discover that in Zechariah 5:1-4, it is used to find something that was stolen or missing as it flies over the face of the earth…I pray God give you more understanding” He said to her..

Mama Nonsense went home and pleaded for mercy, asking for God’s forgiveness and prayed the prayer point very well with all seriousness..

“Lord, let the flying scroll locate my son, his wife and Anita in Jesus name” She prayed hard and went to sleep…

To be continued OPEN SECRET

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