Open secret episode 9

Okegbemi Ebenezer
Anita became a regular visitor in the house of John as she spends lot of time talking with him. She ensured that his clothes are well washed with the help of the washing machine and ironed. She stored the house with food and ensured that she cooks before leaving the place.

“Anita, I really appreciate your kind gesture towards my son” John’s mother (mama nonsense) said to her smiling and revealing her set of brown teeth which was as a result of her old age. It was the same teeth that she always uses to scare blessing anything she talks back at her by saying if she curses her with her brown teeth and she reveals it to Blessing who becomes scared of her.

“All thanks to God ma, what will I have done? I just pray for the quick release of my friend from the kidnappers den” She said and looked emotional.

“That’s very thoughtful of you”
“Nevertheless of what use Is the person that we don’t even know her usefulness when she was around that all she knows how to do was to go and consult an herbalist so as to destroy my life” mama nonsense said and looked at John straight in the eyes to check his reaction.
“What do you mean mama, are you trying to frame up my wife that she was after your life as in someone should please tell me something that I don’t understand in this place” He said looking inquisitive which was the effect mama and Anita wanted on him.

“So you are saying, you are not aware, who knows maybe it is the two of you that even collided to take my life but let me tell you, my God is greater and stronger than any force” She added and smiled while Anita looked sideways to avoid eye contact with John.

“Anita tell me something I don’t know” He shouted at her as he stands up and look her straight in the eyes.

“Your wife, I mean Blessing” She stopped and looked at John who was staring at her and all of a sudden Anita broke down in tears.

“I told her that it was not biblical to visit an herbalist but she refuse to listen and went in search of one as she claims that mama had vowed that she would not see the wedding except she was not the one that gave birth to you” Anita explained in between sobbing.

“Oh, that’s nice. So the wife I wanted to marry was not only seeing a man but also going diabolical, there is no problem but God why all these. You showed me clearly and you spoke to me about Blessing, I don’t seem to understand all these drama about her. God speak to me, please” He lamented as he sat down and shakes his head and legs in sorrow.

“Please don’t be cross with her, it was the devil’s handwork” Anita pretended to be pleading as a good friend on her friends side.

“I warned you earlier, I said out of all the ladies on this earth, it is that useless lady you are marrying as your wife where there are other beautiful ladies that are ready to worship at your feet. Is it money that you don’t have…you are famous and good looking but you kept saying God told you that she is your wife”
“I warned you several times both in the physical and whatever means I know then but till the day you both took the oath as husband and wife, you were still saying she was the one for you. Anyways, that is not the issue on ground now. It has been three month now and there is no information about her. We even heard about the death of …” John motioned to her that she should stop.

“Mama, it is enough, I know you don’t like that girl but don’t ignore the fact that God spoke to me about her. Have ever tell you something before and it doesn’t come to pass” He said and looked the two women from one side to the other.

“Hmm, if you say so but what can a person that is not on his altar do, God had left Saul long time ago because of his stubbornness and ignorance in the things of the Lord but he was still the king and people respect him until he met a challenger who was Goliath, he challenged him and Saul was unable to do anything but for the grace of God upon a young lad named David who delivered the Israelite with just a shot from his sling. So what?” Mama No nonsense said to John who was shocked at his mother fluency in the usage of the bible.

“Are you surprised that I could relate the story well, let me tell you John you are not on your altar anymore and for you to go back there you need to allow this young lady into your life and that is Anita” She points at her while she smiles back.

“Excuse mama, what has Anita has to do with what you just said. Don’t you know the weight of the biblical example you made just now” He said to her.

“Forget about that, the same teeth that the dog uses in biting his puppies are the same teeth it uses in playing with them. You can’t run your ministry like before and that is because you are still grieving your lost but dead wife while there is another replacement here” She said to him.

“But I don’t remember telling you that I wanted a second wife or did we discuss anything like that someday that I don’t remember” He questioned his mother.

“Look at you, you need a woman, assuming she is communicating now, we would say, she is alive but not a word from her and you are giving yourself a lame hope. You better wake up and open your eyes because you might not see a lady like Anita again if another man takes her away. Grab the opportunity while it last now” John’s mother said to him and smiled at Anita who was smiling sheepishly and adjusting her gown properly.

“Mama, I think it is time for you to be going, I need some time to think but you can wait Anita” He instructed while mama gave a knowing look to Anita of which she nods to show that she understands what she was saying.

“Are you saying I should, no problem I will…pastor John that doesn’t have regard for his own mother, what nonsense” She hissed and moved out of the house.

As she steps out of the house, Anita moved closer to John with a loosed skirt and passed in front of him. Immediately, John saw that his he was shocked…he wanted to talk but she came closer to him and embrace him.

“What is this you are trying to do”

“Just watch and let me fit in the position of your wife” She said silently to his ears…
Blessing was confused as a result of the dream she had. She was scared at the same time.

“How can someone who is my best friend that knows all my secrets be the one covering the grave over me” She asked herself.
“God you are the one that can answer prayers irrespective of situation, I know I am a sinner but please answer me on this” She prayed.

“What is the cause of the hatred and wickedness from Anita towards me” She prayed.
“Anita, you will not believe this, John got me a new Gucci bag and you remember that he got me a Versace last week, you see ehn, this guy dey spoil me” Blessing said to her friend as she rocks her bags.

“Hmm, this is nice o, that’s it. You are happy now that he is getting you all these things but when I was telling you to accept his proposal then, you were saying, you are not ready but now you are ready right” She replied.

“Yes o and not only that, he even promised that immediately after our wedding, our honey moon will not be in Nigeria but in Canada…girl, I am so happy…Thank you for telling me to accept him o. I am so glad” She screamed while Anita was staring at her.

“You better don’t shout too much and lose your voice, we have things to sort out abeg” Anita cautioned her but with deep hatred and jealousy in her voice.

“Now, he got you all these and I know he will get you more, so which one are you letting go of the old ones” Anita requested.

“Ahn ahn!! Wait now, at least, let me use them for a week or so then I will give you, what about the ones I gave you” she replied.

“And more so, I am not the one that says you should not have rich and hardworking fiancé o. After all, you do say you can’t marry a pastor, so why requesting for goodies now” Blessing at her and the words got to Anita who was furious but controlled her anger.

“It is not my fault but I hope you remember that I was the one who introduce you to him, so why all these unnecessary talk” Anita fired back.
“That was then. Thank you for leading me to Christ and for letting me know him but hope you remember that he always say that it was God who spoke to him about me” She smiled.

“What if I have blocked the chance of him meeting you and take the advantage, will you be here spewing rubbish from your mouth…see I am not in for this talk this morning” Anita replied her and stormed out of the house.
“Jesus! So this is all that transpired, but Lord it was just a mere talking” Blessing said after waking up in shock.
“I said it out of happiness but Anita did not tell me all these” She soliloquies.

To be continued…. OPEN SECRET

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