Open secret episode 4

Okegbemi Ebenezer

Blessing got home feeling sick. She couldn’t think straight as she landed on the bed. “Oh No!!, tomorrow is my wedding but see what has happened now, I hope I am not cursed” She murmured.

Her phone began to ring continuously. It was Pastor Lawrence that was calling. At first she ignored but when she realize that he is the one conducting their wedding the next day, she quickly grab the phone to know if he has anything as regarding the ceremony.

“Thank God you picked the call Sis. Blessing, the spirit of the Lord is telling me now that something is not right somewhere and you have to fix things up before it’s late even before your wedding because if care is not taken..hmm, I pray God gives you the grace to do things right” The pastor said and waited for her response.

In between fear “Sir, there is nothing, I I ammm jusrrrtt (She began to stammer) weak a bit” She replied putting her left hand on her head.

“Ehyah, so sorry about that, it might be as a result of the stress that you are going through and how is your health now, don’t be weak you know tomorrow is your day and you have to dance very well. I would know if your husband will dance more than you tomorrow or the contrary” The pastor added and laughed. Pastor Lawrence was known for his laughter anytime he is preaching and jokes a lot as he believes that for a preaching not to be boring, the pastor should be lively so to capture the mind of the congregation.

“Ehn, Yes sir, I will do my best” She replied squeezing her face.

“However, please think over what I have I just told you. I can see a dark cloud over you and there was something huge blocking your way. You wanted to escape but could not and at the end fell into a pit”

“You see, it is very dangerous because even while inside the pit, you were not making any effort to come out, in the process of being in the pit, your husband came looking for you and you dragged him inside also but there stood someone whom I was not made to see the face laughing at you two and trying hard to cover you up in the pit”

“I have been praying for you but I want you do the needful because it was delivered to me by the Holy one and I am giving you as it is…Don’t give the devil a chance over you, that revelation is dangerous…God bless you” He prayed for her and ended the call.

“Yeee…Jesus. I and John inside the pit and someone covered us up but who could that person be, ahh, why me…It is not when tomorrow is my wedding that all these useless and baseless revelation should be revealed, I would go on with this wedding. I can’t be disgraced. Ehhhh” She threw the phone on the floor and sat on the floor while she remove her dress because of the heat and itching that was happening to her.

She picked her phone to call Anita but it was not going through. Her line was switched off.
“Only God knows why this is happening. The pastor asked me to go and make restitution, ahh, what would I say made me kill him. Won’t the world ask me why I went there in the first place. Someone who was getting married that was still seeing her ex-boyfriend. How can I go and surrender myself to the police that I was the one who killed Kelvin. How will I tell John that the child I am carrying is not for him but a bastard child”

“How will I tell my mother-in-law and her children that I wanted to kill her, How?” She screamed and roughen her hair.

She was in this position when there was a knock on the door. She jumped up immediately with the thought of running through the back door when she heard the voice of Anita.

“It is Anita, please do well to open the door, I need to have my bath” She banged the door.

“I am coming, please wait let me get the key” She rushed to the table, took the key and rushed to the door to open it.

“Ahh, come inside, how did you do it” she was asking Anita who was stained with blood.

“Hmm, please save me the stress of talking, all I care for now is that I need to have a bath, I am smelling of blood” She replied sharply.

“There is water in the bathroom but you need to gist me how you did it or else my heart will not be at ease” She held her hands.
“Be calm girl, all I know is that I have dispose him and if you want to know the place, I will show you where I buried him”:Anita released her hands from her and walked into the bathroom as she had her shower.

“Ehhh, this girl is just a life saver but how was she able to get him out of the hotel with such blood and still bury him in broad day light, Chai, I give it up to her” Blessing said to herself as she sat on the chair, a bit relieved and on the other hand afraid.

Anita showered, changed her dress as she walked to the sitting room.

“So, how about the wedding plans, hope all is set, I can’t wait to dance tomorrow” She smiled at Blessing who was just staring at her in surprise.

“Anita, please don’t smile at me. I am not getting myself at all. Tell me how you got rid of Kelvin to the extent of burying him with no one getting to see you”. She queried.

“I said don’t worry but since you insist. I called some guys that I had know before I got to know Christ and I explained to them that he slip while he wanted to r@pe me and they understood but I had to pay them off.” She narrated.

“I don’t still buy that” Blessing stares at her.

“Okay, They came with a big bag and we placed him inside so that was how we moved him out of the hotel with no one noticing us, so when I say calm down… you should calm down…I am with you” Anita boasted and smiled.

“Eewoo, I can’t believe that you can do this with the way you carry bible around as if…” Anita silence her.

“We are in this together” She replied.

“Anyways, I have only paid half of the money, it remain the balance and I don’t have much again” She said.

“How much, tell me so that I can pay you also, please”

“Just #1.5 million only” Anita replied.

“What, that’s too much now”

“Ahh, don’t be annoyed o…I should have leave it there right or I am to be blamed for helping you out” Anita replied.

“Not like that but the money is much. You know John is yet to send my weekly allowance but once he forward it I will pay…thanks friend” She stood up and urged her while Anita smiled back.
“Everything was set and well arranged. The wedding was strictly by invitation as a result of the celebrity status of John being a known preacher of the word. It was a colorful wedding. Everywhere was stew on its own and the dressing of most personalities was another thing to talk about. Anita was up and doing but only Mama No nonsense was wearing a moody face all through but that didn’t bother Blessing and Anita who were dancing very excited.

John was not a good dancer but he tried his best to dance with his bride even though, Anita was trying to teach him, he ignored her and stick with Blessing who was all smiles. The wedding went on smooth and well.

“I now pronounce you as “Husband and wife” Pastor Lawrence declared while Blessing screamed in joy…

They finished the church process and moved to the reception. Blessing started feeling somehow in her spirit but she shrugged it off. She asked Anita to be on guard and to prevent any unfortunate scenes hefty men were used as bouncers to control the crowd that had gathered at the reception. Blessing and John were led to their seat but as they were going, her phone began to ring. Anita checked it and discovers that it is a private number so she bends to inform Blessing who asked her to ignore but the call came again still she ignored until few messages dropped in.

“Congrat ma, you may not know me but I want to tell you to be watchful because the c0rpse you thought you buried, the leg is outside( proverbs). Whay you did at the hotel is not a secret…we have evidences..There is no secret anywhere and for the child inside of you, raise it well because we are coming for the child…it is the rituals because he is a member of our confraternity. There is no secret…it is an Open secret…Enjoy your marriage. Congratulations…remember, no hiding for the wicked…our eyes are everywhere….you dont need to know me..bye lastest bride in town”

Anita shivers when she read the message, she wanted to hide the phone but Blessing took the phone from her and read the message…

“Ahhhhh….JESUS….ANITA………AHHHHHHHHH” She screamed while John looked on in shock…as Anita took the phone that had dropped and delete the message before John could get hold of the phone..

Blessing went into shock as she collapse on the red carpet while there was pandemonium everywhere…

To be continued..

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