Open secret episode 11

Okegbemi Ebenezer
John was lying on the floor soaked in his blood, almost lifeless. The gang did not care for his injury as they threw him down like a goat in a sack. They went into the den to meet with Kelvin who was panting up and down…

“What happened sir?” They queried him

“Something terrible happened today” He said to them as he placed his left hand to cover his ear.

“Boss, what is the problem and can you tell us what is going on” The gang asked in shock to see blood coming out of his ear.

“Did someone attack you?” Another queried looking around to check if the environment is safe.

“Call me the chief priest, that lady is on the loose” He shouted as the pain in the ear increased.

They had not seen him in such a situation before, he was trying to figure out the creature or human that slapped him.

“What!!! The lady escaped. I thought you were planning to use her lure Anita into this place and finish the both of them but how come things are turning out this way” one of the gang member that acts as second in command lamented while Kelvin was thinking on what he can do.

“Where is that useless pig?” He asked referring to John.

“He is as good as dead” They replied.

“What!!! Did you kill him?” He questioned.

“It was an accident and since his being alive is of no importance to you, why are you so worried?” Another asked looking down to indicate respect.

Kelvin could see the tone of rebellion among his gang but that was not the time to react because if it were to be when things were right, he would have shot him dead immediately.

“Ahh, this is problem, the chief priest said we must get him we are going to lose on both sides because of your carelessness.” He muttered and stormed into his room.

All the other gang members were looking at him as they were suspecting him.

“I hope it is not that this man is playing on our intelligence, we left that lady here with her hands fully chained, and how come she escaped and now see blood coming out from his left ear like he was attacked with something so sharp. I pray this is not a set up o because, kidnappers can kidnap each other or what do you think about this my people” the second in command asked the boys loyal to him.

“You see, I have been suspecting Kelvin since he told us to spare that lady, maybe he wants to get more money from the Secretary to the state Government and now coming here to lie that she ran away, to me everything seemed planned” One of the boys replied.

“Don’t worry, let us be watching but I will let him know that where his own knowledge ends that is where my own starts from. I have been in his business for over ten years now, so I know the tactics and the in and out of kidnapping” He boasted.
John was groaning in pain as he was wringing his legs, after sometime he lost his breath and gave up the ghost. The chief priest came along immediately to check him if he was still breathing so as to use his blood also but they met him lifeless.

“What is the meaning of this? Why would you call me when you know that he is a dead meat” The man shouted while Kelvin knelt beside him to check if he was breathing but discovered that he was not breathing.

“Jess……….us ….ahh, I am finished” He screamed.

“If you mention that name again in this place, I will kill you myself, idiot” the chief priest barked at Kelvin.

“How come, Kelvin and where is that Lady, since her husband is dead, you will now sleep with her as we will collect the blood from her to make the rituals” The herbalist said to him.

“Wahala” Kelvin screamed.

“What happened” The herbalist asked looking at the kidnappers from one person to another.

“She has escaped” He shouted with his hand on his head which reveal that his left ear was no longer there, it was as if something cut it.

“Why is your left ear missing” The Chief Priest asked him.

“Baba, it is mysterious and a long story but not now, we need to find that lady, Blessing must not go, I am sure she can’t find her way around here and for the fact that she is four month pregnant now, she can’t do much, we can catch up with her sir” Kelvin pleaded as he looked at his second in command who looked elsewhere not minding what he was saying.

“Are you guys deaf, I said you should help me find the lady” He screamed at them.

“Please with due respect sir, find her yourself” One of the members said to him to the shock of Kelvin who opened his mouth in horror.

“The mystery you are hiding, I hope it will not kill you” The chief priest said to him…

“Where am I?” John questioned no one in particular.

“Why is this place so dark, I can’t even see any light and my journey to my destination…Is there anyone who can help me?” John was looking around in the dark but could not see anyone around to guide him in the direction he was going.

“John, you are in the land of the dead” A voice said to him

“Land of the dead but I am not dead”

“You are. Look at yourself” The voice instructed while John saw himself lying down on the floor.

“Ahh, how is this possible, it is not yet my time to die and not in this terrible manner. God did not promise me to die in this condition. He promised me long life, so why should I be in this place” He queried

“You are right, God had promised you long life but you caused your death with the stubbornness of your heart, insensitivity in your spirit man and when I sent my messenger who was your junior pastor, you underrated him as a result of the pride of your heart, you felt you can communicate as you wish while you don’t listen to my voice then I stopped from speaking to you.” The voice roared while John held his ear and was shaking.

“But Lord, I served you and moved nations by your name when I was not married until you instructed me to marry Blessing, whom I believe was the cause of this problem” He tried to shift blame..

“Blessing was not the cause, I instructed you that she is your wife but I have not given you the order to go and tell her, where did you put the place of seeking for my face…you went after the desire of your flesh”
“Lord, you promised that she would complement me but it was all trouble”
“The assignment I assigned her to do was not yet ripe but you decide to make things fast by your human nature because you think I was slow but have you forgotten that I am the one who gave you the knowledge you are using” The voice thundered while John held his ear which was rumbling so loud…

“Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned against you” He pleaded.

“I divinely positioned you into Blessing’s life to serve as help in times like this but you didn’t listen and you made things go worst for the two of you… I revealed to your Lawrence my son about the cloud but you didn’t care to ask about it…see where you land your wife…

Blessing was breathing heavily after running for a very long time in the thick bush, she fell and stood up with the last strength in her. She decided to rest under a shade…
“Thank you Lord for saving me from the hand of the b@stard” She muttered cursing Kelvin

“Ahh, father, please if you can save me from this place, I will serve you will all my heart, I will ensure that I make things right …I will confess to my husband all the secrets I have been keeping because I now believe that there is no secret anywhere except the deeds that has not been done…You see everything we do even in the dark…Just this last help lord” She said and sat down when she heard the sound of a car engine that pulled over in the bush…the driver came down to urinate but with the way the owner of the car was staring around with so much fear and in hurry at the same time made Blessing to hide herself thinking it was one of the boys looking for her.

Blessing moved to a place that no one could see her as she hid under interwoven leaves, she remained there to know who was the owner of the RAV 4 only to see the State Secretary to the Government and Anita stepping out of the car to urinate and her face was a bold and wild like aa lion in haste going to devour a prey…immediately, fear gripped her and was about to shout in shock and surprise when a hand closed her mouth from behind and pinned her to the ground…

“Hunnnnhnnnn” She could not shout…

What really happened, how did Blessing escaped, who pinned her down…there is a mystery…find out

To be continued…. OPEN SECRET

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