Open secret episode 10

Okegbemi Ebenezer

“You have a running mouth which was not guided…Anita was your friend, there is no false about that but do you think it is everything you have to share with her” A inner voice said to her.

“Ahh, it is a mistake, I never thought of her been the brain behind this problem that I am passing through, she even plan the wedding. She did all the necessary things that needed to be done.” She added

“My people perish for lack of knowledge and same goes to your husband, he is stubborn to the things of the spirit as he is not spiritually sensitive to the things happening around him. He is keeping the devil close to himself and he who dines with the devil is of doom” The inner voice said to her.

“But Anita is a Christian that goes to church and even preach the gospel to people. I felt she is matured that she should be able to handle things without jealousy in her but I am shocked that she is the one behind all these” Blessing lamented.

“You are yet to see anything, it is the mercy of God that you are enjoying which is why you are still alive, It is through, I instructed John to approach you for marriage with many reason but your insensitivity and love for money blinded your eyes that you didn’t even as what is my mind concerning did not seek my face” The voice whispers to her.

“It is not every one that calls me Lord, Lord that shall inherit the kingdom of God…Have you forgotten that in 2 Corinthians 11 : 14 which says that “And no marvel, for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light and verse 15. Says, ‘So it shouldn’t surprise us when his servants masquerade as servants of God”…You allowed her going to preach and church activities to deceive you”
“Have you forgotten that even in the house of prayer, the children of devil are found?” The voice said with a loud voice this time and remained silent.

“Ahh, my ignorance has put me into trouble…I was playing with the devil unknown to me…


“I think there is need for us to act fast, Anita is playing on my intelligence” Kelvin said to his boy as he rally them together for the urgent outing.

“How come, is she not the one giving us the information” One of the boys asked.

“Yes, she is but I don’t know why she is back stabbing this time, I saw her with John, hand in hands yesterday and of recent I discovered that there was some kind of device monitoring my phone calls that has never happened before, so there is a need for suspicion” He added.

“You know that she had requested for the killing of Blessing so as to have John to herself and part of her plans is to leak out the whereabouts to the police so that they can arrest us all together…can’t you see that this lady is a great master planner” Kelvin exclaimed while other members stared at themselves.

“So what should we do now” One of the members asked.

“We will kidnap John …this will lure Anita from her place to this den and with that we will finish up every business we have them. After all none of them is useful for us…we are only after the money” Kelvin affirmed while his boys went into action.

The boys packed themselves into a bus and drove out of the den into the town…
“Anita, what is it that you are trying to do. I hope you are in your right senses” He said as he held her from resting on him.

“Sure, I am in my right senses…what is the problem, with all the green light I gave to you that I was interested in you but you looked else where…” She said to him still trying to force herself on him.

“This is insane, you know I am married and apart from that, how will it be heard that someone of my status is sleeping with my friends wife all because she is nowhere to be found” He screamed and threw her to the other side of the bed.

“Excuse me, what is new under heaven that no one had done, who is looking at us…it will be a secret between the two of us and I promise you no one will hear about this” She said to him.

“See yourself, is there anything like secret, there is no secret anywhere, the only thing that can be called secret is what you did not do at all but whatever you do or that involve another party is no longer a secret but something open” He tried to educate her but Anita insisted.

“I know you are just trying to be strong, you are already deprived and denied of s.e.x for so long now, I am ready to be anything for you and who knows if Blessing is still alive or dead” She said to him and wanted to pull him but John slapped her hands, grabbed his car key and stormed out of the room.

“How dare you, you will regret your actions” She shouted at him as he storms out of the room.

John entered into his car and drove out of the gate…immediately, he steps out…the boys already positioned by Kelvin started following him.

John became suspicious of them after driving for like thirty minutes as he noticed that they turned the same corner that he passed. He stopped to check if they will pass but noticed that they only slowed down.

“Lord, what is happening?” He asked but no response..

He started driving but this time at an increase pace in order to get to the police check point, the bus increased its own and gave John a close chase…

“Ahhh, blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus” He began to shout as he was almost loosing the control of the vehicle…still they pursued him.

“Oga didn’t say we should kill him o, try and reduce your chase on him or else he might have accident and die” One of the gang member said to the driver.

“Let him die, whether we catch him alive or not, he will still have to die” He shouted back at the member.

John was loosing control, he tried stepping on the break but it was not working, all of a sudden the car somersaulted and John flew out of the car.

The gang stopped came near the car, searched for him, found and take him into their car with blood coming out from his body.

“Whether you die or live, your body is following us to the den” The leader of the gang said as they threw him into the bus.

They drove pass the check point but as they offered some cash to the policemen on duty and exchange pleasantries with them, they allowed them to pass without checking the bus.
The new of a car accident and John disappearance got to Anita who was shocked..

“How is that possible She asked moving up and down when her phone rang..

“Hello, your man is here with us lying in his pool of blood and another shocker to this is that, Blessing is missing…she is no where to be found in the den” Kelvin screamed…

“What!!!” Anita shouted as she prepare to go to the den by herself…

To be continued.

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