Open secret episode 16

Okegbemi Ebenezer
The police arrested the hunter and other gang members that were in the bush. They took the rest to the van as they head to the hospital for medical checkup. The SSG was given a preferential treatment because of his status in the state.

The police mounted security around the hospital so as to ensure that there is protection for the victims. It took about a week before they were discharged…The news of their release from the kidnappers den went like wild fire in the state as there was celebration in the church attended by John. Some came visiting but they were not allowed into the hospital except those who related to them but within a very limited time.

After the treatment and speedy recovery, they were all taken into the police custody for questioning as the hunter who was maltreated alongside the other gang members continued to deny the accusation that he was among the kidnappers.

“By the time, I finish dealing with you, you will be begging for mercy…Are you part of them or not” The sergeant landed a heavy stick on his back.

”I am speaking the truth or do you want me to lie again..The SSG was the one that was conducting the kidnapping in the state, he is the ring leader” He confessed to them but that got them more furious..

“You say what!!!, see this idiot calling the SSG a kidnapper, someone that was running up and down when the case of the seven pregnant women surfaced. Do you know how much he placed down as ransom for the release of the victims. You don’t know what you are saying and if care is not taken, I will make sure that we add another offence of r@pe and manslaughter into the case, what am I even saying, are you not one?” The sergeant said to him and landed another stick on the hunter’s back…

“Please don’t kill me, I am saying the truth” He screamed as a result of the pain.
“Okay, what were you doing inside the bush at that time with gun in your hands” They questioned him.

“I am a hunter and I hunt for games in that bush for a long time now” He answered.

“You see, you are using hunting as disguise, meanwhile you are masterminding kidnapping at another side…that is how you will all be exposed and who gave you the permission to hunt in that bush, don’t you know it is government property and no entry whatsoever” The policeman asked the hunter but instead of talking, he burst into tears…

“You are yet to start crying, you better save your tears till the day you will be executed” The police man said, hits his head with the big stick in his hand and left.

“Sergeant, has he admit to the offence?” The DPO asked him.

“Not at all” He replied.

“You must make sure you punish him very well, you know that the SSG is now involve in this case and I believe that you all are aware that if the SSG gets indicted and implicated in this case, then we are done because, most of you knew that your being in this place was because of him.” The D.P.O asked..

“Yes sir”

“Therefore, make sure that you punish him well and make him admit that he is the one conducting the kidnap and ensure that you clean every traces of the SSG in this case but the issue at hand now is those victims, how do you think we can get pass them?”

“Very simple sir, we will win them over but it will be difficult I know” He replied.

“Win them over with what?” The D.P.O asked staring at the other policemen

“Talking is cheap but with huge amount of money I think but it is not that easy also”

“I leave that to you as an assignment, go to your various houses and think on what you can do to ensure that we silence and bury the case that it will not see the light of the day.

John and Blessing recovered quickly and were discharged to go to their house but under strict monitoring by the police. The number of visitors they were to receive was limited. Anita together with Kelvin and SSG were also discharged but Kelvin was held in their custody to silence him and ensure that he change the narratives of the story if eventually they were taken to court for hearing.

“You will ensure that the SSG is not among those you will mention as those conducting the kidnapping but indict that hunter.” The police told him.

“But why, he is the brain behind all these and if I am to spill all that is in my mind, I am sure that the whole state would march to the government house and demand for his head” He replied boldly.

“Wow, bravo, I love your courage and boldness but let me tell you that, it can’t take you this far, those that did it back then are regretting now…you better say that he is not among and then we will work out your own freedom “They tried to cajole him and after much sweet words and promises he agreed to consent to it.

Anita on her part gave them a straight answer because she wants to be free from the case and did not want to go to prison…all was agreed upon and everyone with their own script to play.

One morning after John and Blessing were discharged from the hospital, Blessing having thought over and over on what she can do because, it was no longer a secret that she was pregnant for another man thought of how to approach John and apologise to him and if he is not ready to accept her back as his wife, she would leave because of the burden that has been on her neck.

John was sitting in the living room reading his bible and meditating on it what he noticed Blessing around him. Since they had been discharged, they don’t talk much but just to greet and go separate ways in the house even though, John ensured that he was not keeping malice with her but he just don’t know how to initiate the conversation as they now looked like a stranger to each other.

Blessing knelt down in front of him weeping heavily that one would know that she was deeply sorry. John was confused as he did not know what to do, he kept on looking until Blessing started to talk.

“I thought I could keep the child and make it a secret of which I planned of pinning on your after our wedding which was one of the reasons I avoided the second pregnancy test and pretended to be sick. Actually, what I thought would be a secret was open to the world. I together with the help of Anita planned it but unknown to me that I was equally dining with the devil”

“I felt I could hide from the world but I was n***d to the world, Anita used it against me and that led me to where I found myself and also dragged you along with me into the pit. I am sorry, please have a place in your heart to forgive me” She began to cry…

John could not talk as he was weeping like a baby, he lifted her up but she refused to stand up, he tried his best to life her…he wanted to talk but instead of words pouring out, he was crying like a baby.

It continued like that till John left for the room to rest his head, he had forgiven her but the fact that he was not the owner of the child and Blessing keeping the secret made him more troubled…He could not sleep in the night, but after some times he slept off…

He dreamt and saw an old man leading him through some parts telling him that if he continues to harbor unforgiveness towards his wife, it will be difficult for him to be fulfilled.

“You were also granted mercy to come to life, why can’t you grant her now. I know why I made you marry her” The voice said to him and he woke up in the morning only to find out that, Blessing was no where to be found…he searched the house calling her name but no one responds.

He was looking disturbed when he stumbled upon a letter beside their bed with the wedding ring upon it.

With tears in my eyes and pain in my heart, I write to you this letter. I know I have wronged and offended. Please forgive me. I am not worthy to be called your wife because of my past that will still chase after me. But I am grateful that been with you and all that happened had renewed my love for God. I would have love to stay with you and be your wife but my conscience is disturbing me. I pray that you heal fast and get over all these…Concerning the court case, I know the truth will prevail…Don’t look for me because I might have been gone by the time you will be reading this…where I am going, I don’t know….I love you very much…God be with you.
Your love…blessing…

As John was reading the letter, he was shaking and screamed


To be continued OPEN SECRET

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