Open secret


Okegbemi Ebenezer

In an open room that was well decorated with a soft song playing in the background, two ladies who appeared to be best friends could be seen talking with one another but in a pensive mood.

“Anita, are you saying I should keep this pregnancy as a secret from John” Blessing who sat opposite her friend ask with so much fear and uncertainty in her voice.

“Ahh, that is the best thing to do because if you decide to tell him now that your wedding is in four days time, I bet it with you, it will not end well” Anita crossed her legs and clap her hands together to prove her seriousness.

“In am also thinking the same but my fear is that, what if God decided to reveal it to John while praying, you know he is someone that hears from God and I not been truthful will show that I have things to hide. I suggest maybe I should abort it since it is still in the early stage” Blessing stares into her friends eyes to know if she will be of support.

“Abortion, never, I am not in support of that o, what if you lose your life. That’s one, what if you lose your womb with all these quack doctors that are outside now, my friend, I am not in support of it o”
“Ehn, why are you afraid of John knowing about it while praying, was he not the one that told you that God instructed him that you are his wife. You also claimed it even though we both know that you married John because of his money. Is it not you Anita, the queen of the night? It still baffles me how bad girls would be getting good, responsible and a well established man as their husband while good girls like us will be having some kind of God help me young men chasing us around. Ehn, anyways, God works in diverse dimension but the thing still dey pain me o” Anita said as she eyed blessing at the same time.

“No be my fault o. This pregnancy would not have happened o if that idiot has accepted to the use of condom” Blessing soliloquies.

“Ahh, I thought, you said, he told you that the thing got loose in the process of you having s3x” Anita queried.

“It was a lie. I said that to avoid your backlash then, I thought it would be something I can control since he promised that it would be the last time we would be having s3x since my marriage is near so I felt maybe I should let him have his way and we did it flesh to flesh without protection” Blessing looked at the other side of the room.

“Ahh, this girl but you said you were no longer seeing Kelvin but why did you allow yourself to be fooled, now look at it which means you had things with him while you were busy preparing for your wedding. Ahh, you are not good” Anita screamed and claps her hand.

“It wasn’t my fault. He invited me over after myself and John just finished a two days fasting and prayer concerning our wedding. I felt reluctant at first but he told me that he was calling to give me a parting gift”

“I fell for his tricks; you know that Kelvin is the only man that understands my G. Spot and my weakness. That day, I forgot that I just finished fasting; it was until when we were done that I started regretting but it was late. I just have to let it slid promising myself that it would be the last. I never knew it would turn to pregnancy o” Blessing place her hand on her head.

“You are talking like a two year old child, look at yourself. Anyways, the deeds has been done, it is the solution to the present problem that matters now” Anita draws her chair towards her to maintain closeness

“We will put the child on John, he would not be aware since the pregnancy is just two weeks now. Thank God that you did the church pregnancy test earlier so there is no big deal about it anymore” Anita whispers to her.

“Ahh, what are you saying now, you mean I should give another man’s child to my husband. Haba! That’s wickedness. I thought I was more wicked when I suggested that I will abort the child, I didn’t know that you people that carry bible all around with long skirt and scarf as if you don’t know anything are more deadly.” Blessings screamed.

Standing up “Don’t insult me o, I am only giving you a way out. See pot calling kettle black, if you know that you are not going by my advice just let me know, there is no need for all the fruitless insult you are throwing at me” Anita fired at her.

“Am sorry my friend. I didn’t mean it that way; it is just that I am scared. What if he later knows that he is not the father of the child, what would happen to me? I am thinking of the future.” Blessing motioned to Anita to sit down.

“See, there is nothing new under heavens, if he eventually finds out about it, am sure he will have the mind to forgive. Have you forgotten that in a Christian marriage there is no room for divorce once they join you guys at the altar and if he tries to do that, it will not speak well of him because he is a public figure and by the look of things he might take up the role of a pastor very soon and that is another advantage to your part” Anita said to her smiling

“Hmm, thank God I have a friend like you.” Blessing smiles back

“No, you are the one that is trying to corrupt me o, it is time for bible study but before I leave, have you finally settle the issue with your mother-in-law” She asked looking straight into Blessings eyes.

“Ahh, that witch, only God can save me from her o, she does not like and accept me o. she is still on her stand that John would not get married to me even if it remains few minutes to join us together” Blessing explained amidst sobbing.

“What did she say is the problem” Anita asked.

“She said her spirit is not flowing with me and she even went ahead to swear that if I eventually marry her son, she would make life unbearable for me or better still make me to run mad on that day of our wedding and you know all these old mothers, hmm, no one can predict them o. You can say it is just only threatening but they mean all they are saying o” Blessing explained.

“That is another problem, but you are too slow for my liking. You know how hard we tried to make John fall in love with you even when Cynthia and Clara painted you bad in his presence but he said the love of Christ covers all your past in so much you are born again.”
“It was then you started going to church but you were still going back to your old vomit and that is why you are having issues now. You see as for that child, that one is sealed. We will make it a secret but as for that old witch of a woman, we will do something about her very quickly” Anita said to her looking at her wristwatch.

“What are we going to do?” Blessing asked.

“We will fight her spiritually now, is it not the person that can walk or in perfect health that would attend a wedding, lets deal with her and she will know we serve a living God” She replied.

“Ahh, Anita your words these days na fire o, do God kill people” Blessing asked.

“I said you are daft, am I talking about praying. We are going diabolical, you know before I came to Christ, I have some powerful herbalist that help me in getting my ways easily so I will because of you go there again for the last time and I will ask for the forgiveness of God which I am sure he will forgive me” She stood up in confidence.

“But my wedding is in four days time, so when?”

“Tomorrow is not bad; I am late for Bible study. Bye for now” Anita carried her bible and walked out of the house very fast.

Blessings shakes her head in surprise “Hmm, this people are the ones spoiling Christianity. Anyways, it is not my business, how I can find solution to this problem is my priority now” She sighs and walk back inside.

To be continued…
Do you think it is good for Blessing to open up to John? Will their plan work out well. What about the mother-in-law, is it good to fight her spiritually and will they survive it…..Stay tuned as we journeyed to unravel these mysteries in this new story “OPEN SECRET”

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