Open secret episode 7

Okegbemi Ebenezer

“Help me!! Help me” the chief priest screamed from within the c0ven where he was consulting to make some of the preparation for the r!tuals.

Everyone was scared as they ran into the coven to find out what was happening only to find him holding his stomach.

“What is wrong? They questioned.

“That lady is possessed, I saw fire trying to burn me when I tried to check on her if she was a sacrifice that was to be used” He explained.

“fire?” Kelvin emphasized

“It was so much that the heat came into my stomach, that is why I screamed for help and I am happy that you are yet to cut her head” He said to them.

“Ahh!!1 Baba, I have drank six pregnant women blood, what will happen now if I am not allowed to drink this one” The politician asked in fear.
“Ahh, it is terrible but we are not going to be at lost…I am still wondering why I saw the strange fire’ the chief priest murmured.

“We must find solution to this or else, I can’t risk coming down here and not completing the r!tuals, we all know that I need this power to contest against my opponent and also rule the state well, please find something to do about this” The politician screamed aloud.

Blessing shut her eyes thinking that her head had fallen from her neck, it was the sound of the screaming from the politician that brought her back to life.

“So, I am not dead yet. Thank you Lord. Ahh, So you can even hear the prayer of a sinner. I am grateful Lord” she whispers.

“Are you saying that we should free her after she has seen every ones face then we are not secure nor are we safe because she will point fingers most especially to me the Secretary to the State Governor “ The politician explained to them

“Hmm, you are right, it is risky to do that” One of the members added.

“Who told you that I am going to allow her to go, she is not leaving this place until she gives birth to that child inside of her, even if she is not useful for the sacrifice, she must give my child to me” Kelvin vowed.

“No one said, she is not going to be useful, we are only deliberating and since it seems your will is stronger than ours, we will go by your decision. I was thinking we should relocate her to another venue” The SSG said to Kelvin.

“Why do you say so” He questioned.

“it seems you don’t read the news in this place, your name and image has been flying over the internet and if care is not taken they might have track your location except you don’t make use of smart phones” The SSG explained further

“What!!, how do they know that I am the one in charge of this operation, someone has sold me out” Kelvin screamed looking at the boys from one face to another while they all step back.

“Who hint the police about this?” He screamed.

“Like we said the government are on top of the situation, we will make sure that we bring the culprits behind the k!dnapping to book” The SSG assured the masses through a press conference.

“We are all aware that the personality involve is the wife of a well known man of God and I believe that we cant just be looking while all these agents of darkness are taking over our land but I want to use this medium to assure and reassure every one that we need to be calm in all our doing as the security agents goes about their business and I will like to inform you that the police are on top of the game.”

“It is so sad that seven pregnant women were taken away like that, it is absurd and uncalled for but as I have always said and will still reiterate, we have to let the police do their work and all those involve in the questioning should please cooperate with them. We frown at indecency and k!dnapping in our land, No to it!!! He stated and left to meet with John who was already down casted.

“You need to find my friend, this is going to the third day now” She pretended to sob.

“Calm down madam, since we are able to find out about the guys details we would track the phone and storm their abode. The police did accordingly to what they said the information got leaked to Kelvin who told the boys to move immediately.

“Get her into the car, we are leaving this place as soon as possible” He shouted.

“But how can we just leave when your pictures is all over the internet, don’t you think it is risky” One of the gang member suggested.

“That’s thoughtful of you, nevertheless, we have to move, is it not the police of our country, we will pass through” He said with confidence as he stocked a huge amount of money in the car.

They pushed Blessing inside the car and moved at a very high speed, they were about getting close to their location when they sighted some policemen who were doing stop and search.

“Are they going to search this car also” One of the members said with fear in his voice.

“Just relax; we have nothing to be afraid of” Kelvin spoke calmly to them while he moved closer to the police. At first he touched his gun in case the police were aiming at him but he dropped it.

He switched position as he moved to the back for another member to take over the driving.

“Hello Officers, hope you are fine” He said to the police who came close to the car

“Park, Oga park” The police instructed.

“I am sorry sir, I can’t do that now before I am rushing to a meeting” He said without lowering the tinted glass down. At the back was Blessing who was already gagged in the mouth with a gun placed beside her to remain mute.

“You are telling me, you are above the law right, we are conducting a stop and search now looking for the pregnant woman who was k!dnapped some days ago” He explained to the driver.

“Oh!!! So sorry, I heard about the news also and I pray that God finds them quickly. You guys are really trying inside this hot sun; nevertheless, let me find something for you guys.

He dipped his hand inside the envelope and brought out 2000 for them to share.

“Tuale, Oga sir, you are doing well, Oya clear road for the odogwu number one’ The police shouted while his friends came to meet him and started singing and thinking of how they would share the money.

Kelvin smiled as he was watching them through the tinted glass, he wanted to fire at them but he maintained his cool as they drove off.

That was close abit” Kelvin said,

“Except if the police changes, we will not be having problem in transporting our victimss’ He said smiling.

Blessing was cursing the policemen under her breath as she expected them to check the car but instead they were shouting in a bike man to push his motorcycle.

They drove and moved into a house at the outskirt of the town.

“You will stay here till you give birth to the child you are carrying” He spat on her and slapped her very hard.

“Eh!!!, I am finished” she screamed…

“Pastor John, you can’t be staying like this for long without eating, this is the six day now. You have been taking only water. I can prepare any dish for you just name it and for the fact that you are becoming lean, you have to eat” Anita said to John as she sat beside him.

Since the incident, she has been coming around John and kept him company till evening when she would leave for her place.

“I am okay, I just have to get my head clear. Is my Blessing not coming back for me” He murmured and sighs .

“I am sure she will but you have to eat and be prepared for her” Anita said.

“Hmm, I don’t think anything can replace Blessing in my life because I know she is alive” He added while Anita was a bit unhappy.

“So he is not even appreciating my effort , hun” She soliloquies.

Then Blessing must died that the news would spread like wild fire while I take over the home. She is not the only one meant to be called Mummy G.O or and a pastors wife even popular one for that matter with all the affluence that follows, No…Blessings has to die” Anita thought…

To be continued…. OPEN SECRET

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