Open secret episode 12

Okegbemi Ebenezer
“I pray they find this idiot of a lady, ahhrgh” Kelvin murmured as he covered the ear with a cloth to prevent the moment of flies around it because of the blood that had clotted on it.

He was visibly shaking as he knew that nemesis was about to catch up with him. He stole a glance at the side of the other gang only to discover that they had left their positions.

“But I don’t understand what is happening here anymore, there is a seed of rebellion sown into this place just as the man in form of fire had said but what is all these about?”

The chief priest entered into his inner chamber to consult the gods to know where Blessing had escaped to only to find Kelvin moving about in the room.

“You are here Kelvin, it is as if you don’t know the gravity of what you are doing. Instead of you to go out now and find replacement for that lady because if we don’t see a woman blood to use here, I bet it with you that you will not only lose your life but all that are related to you and before you die, you will trek from here to Magodo, I hope you know how short the distance is” The herbalist ranted.

“Baba, Magodo what!! When I am not mad” He exclaimed.

“It is good you know that only a mad person can embark on such journey and that is how it will be before you finally kill yourself”

“Ahh, ehh ehyhh, what will I do now. I hope I get this girl o, she will know that there is nothing that will save her this time not even the mysterious fire man that helped her in pinning me down” Kelvin ranted while the chief priest listened with rapt attention.

“What did I hear you just say now” He asked.

“Hmm, baba, it is nothing, I am fine”

The herbalist looked at him disdainfully as he tries to reach out to a charm in his bag. He brought out a ring and showed it to Kelvin.

“You see this, if I hit you with it, your blood will dry immediately…who is the mysterious man” He screamed as he moved nearer to Kelvin”
“Spare me please, I will confess. You see when I sent the boys out to get John, I was the only one in the den and been idle, I decided to check on the captive who was tied with chain. She was lying down in such a way that I became seduced”

“Hmm, what!!!”

“Yes baba, I was moved by my sight that I wanted to sleep with her but she woke up and struggled with me, I used my man power to pin her down only to make love with her when a mysterious hand came from no where to push me backward, I felt it was someone I could fight but I didn’t see anyone. I wanted to continue but a voice spoke and roar like a lion right inside of her, her body changed and before I know what was going on I saw a mighty hand push me and gave me a slap…I was deaf for some minutes, as the force held me down, the key to her chain fell down from my neck and she loosed herself but before she escaped, she told me that she will leave with a lesson that I would always use to remember my deeds, she bite off my ears, baba” Kelvin burst into tears…

“You wanted to sleep with her even in that condition, ahh, you better than God that the mysterious man did not kill you, that is “Agabaya” for you, he is the god against evil deeds” The herbalist said smiling and feeling confidence…

“But Baba, he said his name is Lion of Judah and that he is inside Blessing… when he speaks, it was like the roar of a lion” Kelvin explained to him while the herbalist became silence.

“You say his name is what again?” He asked..

“The Lion of Judah” He replied shakin…

“Stop nonsense, there is nothing like that in this place, I will battle with him if he ever challenge me to a duel, the gods of my father’s cannot leave me to be defeated, impossible” He raised his hands to elevate his gods but he found out that he could not bring them down again…
“What is happening, Kelvin are you playing trick on me” He asked as fear gripped Kelvin.

“Ahh, I am the cause of all these, ahh forgive me father” John begged for mercy.

“John there is no chance to ask for forgiveness here, you were given a chance to change your ways then but you did not , see where you have landed yourself…

“Father, there is nothing too hard for you to do, have and give me this last chance to change my ways” He pleaded crying.

“It is true, I will have mercy on whom I have mercy on and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion” The voice said to him.
“But your chance will be for you to correct your ways” The voice added.

“I will be glad my Lord” He shouted…

John was thrown in a nearby busy, a butterfly landed on his nose and he sneezed…he wanted to stand but he could not as he was weak by the injury he sustained, he was happy that he could be given the grace to come back alive as he considered it as a rare opportunity which not everyone can have…he was there lying down when drops of rain started to fall on him, he looked up as he was feeling refreshed…

“O Lord, how great thou art”

“Huhunhuhhn” Blessing shakes her body violently on the floor while the man pinned her down and whisper to her ears…

“You have to calm down or else you will go back to where you are coming from”

Anita and the SSG went back into the car to continue their journey inside the bush when they were rallied round by the boys of Kelvin..

“Can you see what I was telling you, you would have get caught again… Idiot lady” he murmured.

“How dare you surround my car, what an insult…” The SSG shouted at them.

“Mr…behave yourself or else, we would make you behave it well..” They replied as they forced them into the car…

They zoomed off in a full speed then, the man stood up from pinning Blessing to the ground…

She used her last strength to turn and see the person holding him only to discover that it was the second in command of the gang members..

“Ahh, you saved me…why”

“Don’t rejoice because I only save you to capture you again…it seems you have something special that is making them come after you, I have just negotiated a deal with the SSG and he will pay me big money…so I will hand you over to him..

He carried her in his hand and moved very fast to nearby hut where he hide her and tied her like a goat there…

“Please, don’t do this to me”

“It is your child that we need for the r!tuals” he replied ..


“You guys will smell your anus, let me just meet with your leader” Anita shouted on top of her voice.

“Will you keep queit and let me think straight” Kelvin screamed at her.

“Kelvin how dare you kill my man”

“You better be praying not to be killed also because the man standing next to you have paid for your life…since we can’t find the other woman, you are also useful for the rituals ” kelvin told him while.the herbalist hands were raised…the people did not suspect any foul play as Kelvin lied to them that he was consulting the gods but the tears coming out of his eyes as a result of the pain was making it suspicious.

“Are you saying…you sold me out” Anita asks the SSG…

“That politics, my dear…you can’t be chopping my money while the scape goat is not seen then there should be replacement which is you” he replied…

“Ahh, what a wicked world we are” she screamed…

They held her and tied her as they place her head on the tree that was used for cutting off head…

“But why me…ahh…so it is true whatever you so, one must reap…the secret I was trying to keep will one day be revealed”…. She lamented

The SSG took a large cutlass and was about cutting her head when gunshot was heard…

Every one ran for safety…

To be continued OPEN SECRET

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