Open secret episode 8

Okegbemi Ebenezer

Kelvin with his gang members had taken Blessing away to the secret home by passing the police men when information reached the police that they should search their vehicle but it was late.

“Is it not the same man that gave us money that they are telling us to search” One of the police men questioned the so called boss on duty.

“It seems so because it shows prado Jeep and just exactly like it was described” He replied.

“How are we going to trace them now because it is over an hour that they left” He queried.

“Never mind, we will just report to the headquarters that we didn’t see any car of that nature and that ends the argument because if we tell them it pass through this check point then it means we did not do our job quite alright” The boss replied the other sergeant.

“Okay sir, we stick to the plan but what about the money” He asked.

They began to deliberate on how to share the money they made from the days outing and at the same time stopped another oncoming vehicle.

“Wait, anything for your boys” The asked.

Blessing was lying down on her stomach when she heard Kelvin laughing on a phone call.

“So you mean, once we get rid of her, your mind would be at peace” He asked

“Sure and I will be able to take my place in John’s life” Anita replied

“But she is not there with you, you should be able to take it from there” He replied looking somehow confused.

“It is not enough, until her death is pronounced, she is still an hindrance to me” She lamented.

“There is no problem, it is a deal. You rub my back, I rub yours” He said as he smiled.

“Anything for you” She replied thinking of what he can ask.

“I want John dead” He replied.

“Jesus!!! Why” She screamed.

“He is an hindrance to me also from getting close to the lady I so much love and until he is dead the vow and covenant of the altar would still be effective. So if you can do that for me then we are even and good to go, if not..forget about me killing Blessing except you want fire to burn everyone” He added smiling

“Never, it cannot happen, it is war you are declaring and I will give you war” Anita shouted while Kelvin held his cool before he cuts the call.

He enters into the room where Blessing was kept to check on her. She quickly lay on the floor as if she was sleeping. At least, she has the assurance that Kelvin would not kill her but the thought of John been killed made her weak that she couldn’t think properly.

“I know that you must be listening to my conversation with the person on phone and you heard it clear, I will get rid of your man in order to have you to myself” He reaffirmed his words.

“But why and who is the person after my life” she asked with curiosity.

“Someone close to you but am a professional so I don’t need to tell you my client” He replied and sat in front of her.

“If I tell you who is behind all this things, you will not believe” He added.

“Please do tell me, I will take it as fate” She eagerly replied.

“I will but until I have the head of John” He laughed and walked away.

Blessing was confused as she began to think of the person that might be sponsoring evil against her.

“Hmm, now I get, it is my mother-in-law that is after my life and marriage” She soliloquies to herself but what have I done to this woman to deserve all these. She has at least tell me about her plans but God why me” She murmured.

John was not in his right mind and doesn’t do anything in the church as he always goes about looking gloomy and moody, he had tried to communicate to God about the situation but he was not receiving any lead and direction from him. Another problem as that there was no calls from the kidnappers to demand for ransom neither was there any hint from the police men about their where about. He had spent a lot of money on tracking of Blessing mobile device but it seems the kidnappers are smarter than the police.

He was in the church one Sunday morning when one of the junior pastors came to his side and tapped him to have a word with him.

“Excuse me, how may I help you” He yelled at the man.

“Am so sorry sir, I never intended to scare you but I have something very important message to pass to you” He said to him with his head bow.

“Okay, I am all ears” He replied sharply.

“I don’t know how this words might sound but that’s how I am to tell you” He said.

“Don’t delay me, please speak up” He yelled.

“God said, I should tell you that you have forgotten your first love that you became full of yourself and didn’t listen to the voice of the spirit. He said you should humble yourself and he will look into your life” He said to him. The word cut through the heart of John like a dagger as he looked at the young pastor as if he should slap him.

“Likewise, he said, come unto me, o ye that are heavy laden and he will give you rest. You are to seek the face of God and leave your house to a junior pastors house so that you can do the prayers together because in front of you is a huge danger” He said to him and was about to leave when John in his pride and stubbornness of heart replied him.

“Who gave you the audacity to open your mouth and start telling me things that I didn’t hear myself. Did I tell you that God is not speaking to me, why can’t you guys just mind your business for once. I know that it is hatred and jealousy that has eaten deep into you guys heart which is one of the reason you are always looking for a way to bring me down…who knows whether you are the one that is behind all these” He screamed at the junior pastor who had to rush backward to avoid any physical contact from him.

:Busy body set of people” He said and moved away to avoid people from noticing the anger that has clouded in his heart and eyes.

He moved away from the church and coming in front of him was Anita who was smiling sheepishly and looking very radiant.

“How are you doing sir” She greeted as she bow her head.

“Am good and you” He replied.

“You look good today, are you going out” He questioned.

“Wow, so you can see my fashion sense sir, I thought the mood you are in has blinded your vision” She replied twisting her body.

“Not at all, there is no sin in praising something adorable but that aside any update about my wife where about” He asked.

“Nothing for now but I believe the police are on it.

“Okay, I know God will intervene…” He said staring at her.
Anita smiled to herself, she knew her effect had started to have effect on him and with time she would get him with ease.

Blessing could not sleep as she was asking for the intervention of God and begging for mercy.

“God I have sinned against you, please don’t let me end my life here while another woman take my home” She murmured and slept of fatigue.

“It is in this situation you will die” The voice said to her

“Ahhh, please….Free me” She screamed.

She struggled a force pushed her back into a hole as she was struggling to come out”

“please save me” She shouted but no one was there until Anita showed up laughing and pouring sand into the pit to cover her up.

“Jesus, ANITA!!!” Blessing screamed and woke up…

To be continued.

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