Unmarried at thirty episode 26


EP 26

From the other lane, a DVDs hawker had witnessed how the entire accidentt played out. He watched as people trooped to the scenes but unfortunately they were chasing the crazze of the world instead of helping humanity. He ran from the other lane with speed and and determination to help the woman in the acciddent. He was almost ran over by an incoming car. “no be crazze una dey crazze? ” He blared at the people. He immediately yanked the jammed door of Toluwani’s car but it was stuck. He kicked the door with his legs and bloodd spilled out of his last toes, he didn’t care about such little bloodd. He finally force the door opened, he immediately dipped his hand inside the bloodd of Toluwani. Through the door he had broke, slowly pulled Tolu out. This time, he was already bathed in bloodd. He tried to feel her pulse but Toluwani wasn’t breathing anymore, by now people had started helping by taking the several pieces of broken car parts away.

The young hawker of about 25 years old was frustrated about what to do. His mind was empty as he held the wrist of breathless Toluwani trying to find a pulse. “Please someone should bring a car let’s take her to the hospital” he shouted. He knew that Toluwani wouldn’t be able to make it if she didn’t regain some consciousness before reaching the hospital.

“Your friends are not buying the Asoebi. Why” Toluwani’s mother asked her husband. “I didn’t tell them, they was no need. We agreed on no uniforms so i didn’t tell them in time. Mr Akimbode said. He was feeling a certain ghostly aura around himself, his spirit was telling him something was wrong but he couldn’t fathom what it was. “Call Toluwani let me talk with her” He ordered his wife, she called but the phone was busy.

“T-baby” Yinka said immediately the phone was answered but the replied he got almost sent him to his grave. “The owner of the phone was in an accident , please come to—” the receiver didn’t finished Yinka cut the call and zoomed of to the place. He knew the area very well.

The young hawker tore open the necktie office clothes Toluwani wore. He placed his palm oh her upper chest, one palm on top of the other. Toluwani had big breasst and they sprang over her chest obstructing him. He gently pushed her breassts sideways giving him good space. One after another he gave Toluwani CPR.

The people watched marvelously praying she woke up. “Is he a doctor”?. The onlookers questioned. “no he’s the one selling that DVDs” an onlookers answered those asking. After about five minutes of CPR, he knelt down before her and brought his mouth down to hers. With the help of his hand, he pressed against her two cheeks making her mouth to have an opening. He breathed deeper into her mouth and sucked air out. He continued the mouth to mouth resuscitation and luckily Toluwani started breathing faintly.

“Someone, help me put her in the car” he screamed. That time, the police van had already arrived with some medical personnels. They gently put her into the van and zoomed off.

Yinka was speeding erratically, his heart was almost out of his chest. He hummed prayers every passing seconds. “God , don’t let her diee” he kept saying.

“Oga Dem just rushed her to the hospital” the young hawker who refused to followed the police to the hospital told Yinka. He was bathed in bloodd, his legs hurt and he winced in pain. One of his fellow Hawkers who had a jean on top of a short knickers gave him the jean to changed into. He washed himself with the tap beside the next house after the security granted him the access.

Toluwani was between the borderline of life and deathh. She was rushed to the emergency ward, she was immediately given the necessary treatments and was stable enough to say she was alive though barely living.

“Where is my wife, where’s my wife” Yinka was screaming at the corridor of the hospital. He broke down when the doctor told him to wait at the door. “Please, don’t die” he cried pathetically.

“Call the gynaecologists immediately, she’s pregnant” the doctor who just came out of the emergency room ordered the nurse.

Earlier that day, Saviour, Jumoke’s son who clocked 4 years few days ago had made a shocking revelation to her mother but he was shut up with admonition followed by a sprinkled of holy oil on his mouth. “Jesus, don’t proclaimed evill with your mouth. I covered you with the bloodr of Jesus” Jumoke had said not paying serious heed to what the kid had said. Saviour had after waking up from his napping and told his mother he was seeing bloodd around Aunty Toluwani. “Mummy, i saw Aunty Tolu inside bloodd in her car. She was crying and bloodd was coming down from her eyes. Mummy tell Aunty not to drive her car today ” Savior had said while wiping sleep away from his eyes.

His mother had chastised him for mentioning such negative words from his mouth. She binded and casted the devill from her life and the life of Toluwani and every member of her family.

It was few minutes to the hour of eight o’clock when Jumoke phone rang incessantly at the parlour. “Mummy uncle Yinka is calling” Saviour handed the phone to his mother. The voice she heard told her immediately that something sinisterr had happened. “Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!! We’re coming immediately” Jumoke stumbled and fell on the kitchen cabinets out of panicking. She scampered left and right confused about what to do, she screamed calling her husband who just came back from work a few minutes ago tired and exhausted. “Honey, Toluwani had an accidentt, she was rushed to the hospital” she told her husband as she hurriedly turned off the gas cooker.

Her husband sprag to his feet and grabbed the car keys from the table and together they headed to the hospital after calling to inform their parents.
Toluwani’s mother upon hearing the sad news fainted, Mr Akimbode with his two of his friends who came visiting rushed her to the hospital. On their way she regained consciousness.

“Where’s my daughter” she screamed the moment she opened her eyes. Everyone paced the to-and-fro the corridor of the hospital muttering inaudible prayers. The doctors and nurses scampered about trying to save the babies. The two gynaecologists tried nonstop until they were sure the babies were fine.

“You’re a very lucky man, despite her huge bloodd loose and the shock from the accidentt, the two babies are breathing fine. We have successfully managed to repositioned them so, for now they’re very safe though the mother’s condition is very badd. The other doctors are doing their best inside, hopefully they would be a great news too” the Gynaecologist said.

Yinka was both relived and anxious as the same time, he collapsed to the ground wailing.

“Is Toluwani pregnant?” The father asked anxiously as the doctors left.


I’m Victor Achegbulu Oinu your local writer

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Inside the body of human being, they is no Hausa bloodd or Igbo or Idoma or Igala or Yoruba or any tribes or group of people. Inside human body, only human bloodd runs through our veins and when we need each other, where we comes from and the tonque we speak shouldn’t matter.

The young Ijaw DVDs hawker didn’t asked if Toluwani was an Ijaw woman. He only needed to know that she was human being in needs of his help.

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