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“Thank you” Jessica said quickening her steps away. “This shouldn’t be the last time we met. Can you please give me your number” Bello asked sneakily behind Jessica’s shoulder. She almost screamed out of surprise, she never saw him coming after her. She spelt out the digits for him and joined Jumoke with happiness all over her face. Jessica had never met a man as charming as Bello.

He was an accurate definition of a handsome man, his sense of humor could only be found in mars. Bello could be an alien and Jessica wouldn’t mind giving an alien a chance.

Fumilayo and her husband with the children went to the gown shop Toluwani had booked an appointment about a week ago to make sure it was ready and waiting. The cake, the food and every necessary things were ready. Yinka couldn’t withheld his happiness, happiness that he was going to be a father, a husband and of course become the legal spouse to Toluwani. He was happy that she survived and the babies also survived.

With the permission from the hospital management, Toluwani’s ward was nicely decorated. They were wedding flowers hanged at every available spaces in the ward. The atmosphere was serene and filled with air of joyfulness, happiness, fulfilment and sincere love. The makeup artist had just finished her skills leaving an angel of a woman seated on the wheelchair. Toluwani sat gorgeously on the wheelchair with beautiful wedding gown draped over her head. She was shining brightly like the rays of the morning sun. Her smile was as beautiful as the blooming of the flowers, that moment, that hour, nothing but happiness only filled her heart.

“Today’s our day, i don’t want you to think of anything else except being happy and grateful that we’re having a memorable day as this coming to reality” Yinka had told her earlier. Toluwani flashed back to the past, the ugly words she had heard. The unspeakable degradation and remarks people had directed at her simply because she wasn’t married. She smiled happily and was grateful that she didn’t hurriedly got married because she couldn’t have married someone as sincere as Yinka.

Everyone moved to and fro the hospital making sure everything were in place. It was few minutes past the hour of eleven o’clock and the wedding processions was kicked alive. Yinka was handsomely dressed in his black tuxedo suite with a nicely polished shoe that sparkled at the reflection of the sun rays. “You look handsome man” Jumoke’s husband remarked and Yinka flashed him a lovely smile.
The children at the hospital well happy and were jubilantly jumping about as wedding rice and minerals were shared to everyone at the hospital that day. “Your marriage will be fruitful and long lasting” the people blessed from time to time.

The pastor opened his bible and read few verses and Toluwani and Yinka hold each other’s hands. Yinka squat down to Toluwani’s level since she couldn’t stand uprightly. She smiled happily, she couldn’t find the right enough words to explain how grateful she felt. She gently brushed her hands against Yinka’s head as he squat down, she placed her lips against his forehead and kissed him. Joyful tears streamed down Toluwani’s eye onto Yinka head as she embraced Yinka’s head in her chest. He felt the warmness of Toluwani’s tears on his head, he lifted his eyes and gently rub his fingers over her cheeks cleaning the tears away.

“Sweetheart, don’t cry, look, you’re spoiling your makeup ” Yinka told her affectionately but this made Toluwani more emotional. She hugged him more tightly, pushing his face against her chest, this time Toluwani couldn’t withheld her tears from flowing out. She cried and everyone in the room couldn’t help but wipe away tears from their eyes.

Jessica quickly cleaned her tears.

“I promise you wouldn’t want to look ugly more than this dear” Yinka joked and this brightened up her mood. She gently wiped her face with the tissue Jessica had squeezed in her hand and smiled happily raising Yinka’s head. She kissed him on the lips and said “i love you”. Everyone went woww gushing with blushing saying the pastor hadn’t say to kiss yet but that moment Toluwani had forgotten the procedures.

George though wasn’t unhappy but found it hard to witness all those lovey dovey things two adults were doing in front of more than fifty people. He took his eyes away, no be him them go kill with love.

“Having completed the vows, i pastor Cletus hereby declare you two a lawfully wedded couple. Now you may kiss your bride” the pastor declared and the boom boom of applauds reverberated the room.

Yinka held Toluwani’s cheek romantically. He tilted his head sideways and slowly, his mouth opened, his lips parted like the red sea. Toluwani was drooling with love, happiness and total surrender, she closed her eyes as Yinka lips and hers meet. Without caring about what anyone says or think, without minding if the world was ending or not, they lovingly kissed each other then stayed in each other’s arms professing love to themselves. From that moment, Toluwani had promised herself to respect and always stay faithful to Yinka.

“Congratulations on your successful marriage” the people felicitated with them.

After two months in the hospital, Toluwani was discharged, she was almost recovered as she could walk with the help of a clutch now. Her pregnancy of six months had protruded her stomach already. Yinka had been the most amazing husband anyone could have. He never complained, he was up and doing ensuring she recovered quickly.

Toluwani held Yinka’s hand at the parlour, she praised him, prayed for him and blessed him for all he had done for him. Since they got married, they never had intercourse, not many men could be that understanding yet Yinka never worried. He understood her condition and it wasn’t going to be permanent.

Jessica had given Bello a chance, their relationship was going well as Bello was serious and had even gone to Jessica’s parents for an informal introduction.

Two weeks after Toluwani was discharged, that night around one o’clock. She woke up and started kissing Yinka, she wanted him. “Will you be okay?” Yinka asked and Toluwani told him she would be okay. In that dim lit night when the weather was calm and still. Yinka and Toluwani made love and it felt good.

“Congratulations, your wife just delivered of a boy and a girl. No complications” the doctor said. Yinka joy knew no bounds. Toluwani had completely recovered, she gave birth to twins without complications. It was such a happy time for them.

About a month ago, that was five months after the accidentt, Toluwani and Yinka had gone in searched of the Saviour who had saved Toluwani and the twins lives but unfortunately, he had gone to the village. His name was EBIOWEI. Toluwani gathered every details she could get for later search.

Yinka and Toluwani had named the boy EBIOWEI in reciprocation to the young hawker. The girl was named Oluwatosin. Three months later, the young hawker was located by the private investigator Toluwani had hired. His good deed was greatly appreciated in a way he would never forget throughout his existence in this life. Soon, he d’ become a graduate and hopefully would create a niche for himself in the society.

Two years later at the recreation center. Toluwani and Yinka were dressed in matching light blue jeans and white polo tops while the two were beautifully dressed in a pink clothing. They strolled hands in hands in the silverbirds cinema garden, Victoria island Lagos. The kids giggled happily as they ran after their parents on the game of who runs faster.

Like the vibration of the thunderstorm in the silent night that touches even houses, Yinka and his family’s laughter filled the air with pure happiness.

“I’m not close to perfection
But where your love is concerned
I will go to end of the world
To make you smile.
For me, you’re the air i breath
The water that i eat
And forever, i will craves for your
Touch”. Yinka said as he watched his wife and children played on the grass happily.

I’m Victor Achegbulu Oinu your local writer.

©Oinu 2023

True love is not a perfection, it’s just our determination to respect, care and compromise for the one we say we likes. True love is enduring, forgiving and punishing appropriately.

Like bad habit had its consequences, good habits has its benefits too. Be a human with humanity in you.

Don’t make marriage your only aim as a woman. While waiting and hoping for marriage, build yourself with something you can depend on..

Learn to derives satisfaction from the little sexx your man can give you. Don’t compare his sexual strength with your ex’s or friend’s own. Nobody has it all.

Don’t worry too much, it’s just an ugly night, a beautiful day will arrive soon for you.


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