Bittered episode 11


Episode 11

In as much as I want her to be free with me and trust me now I don’t want to break the little bonding we have, I can’t say if she has forgiven me. I messaged her on WhatsApp to let us please see so we can iron things out properly, it has been a sad thing for me to had been sleeping alone in our matrimonial bed for more than a year and my wife sleeping in another room, for the first time my wife did not argue with me, she came to my room and we had discussion, she said she could still not get over how I brutalized her and was avoiding sexu@l intercourse with me, I assure her I am a changed person and begged her again to forgive me, I also thank her for helping me out, now I am a free man but I can tell she is still not happy with me as she hardly laugh, I tried cracking jokes she only giggled and even teases her to move back to our room she only smiled, then I moved closer to her and whisper to her ears that I will always love her till death do us part, my whispering performed magic to her ears and she was aroused I could feel the goosebumps on her body and I had to take my chance to be romantic, you cannot blame me, how many of you can stay for more than a year without sexx especially with a woman you love, I slowly kissed her earlobes and roam my hands around her skin, now I don’t look for scars on her body anymore, I have really improved, then in no time we ended up having passionate kisses, staring into our eyes as we kissed, I murmured to her that I miss her, her smiles and our conversation,

“I miss you too” she said to me and I was more than happy, in so many months we get to really made out like couples and without brutality but she won’t let me have s*x with her, I am not complaining though at least we are improving together

As time goes on, I keep taking my drugs and with how gentle I could romance my wife I had thought I am healed.Gradually my wife and I are already coming together and we tried have tried having sexx but after making out, when it is about to get to penetr@tion, My body will want to hurt my wife, we thought with time, I will heal and we will start living happily after, she had proposed I go back to my therapist but I assure her I am healed.

Then on a Fateful evening I had arranged dinner date in our compound with my wife to appreciate her staying with me all through my tribulations and also to beg her once more to forgive me completely, she was…


Episode 12

She was really happy with the setting and she wasn’t expecting it, I had hired the service of chefs and of course I had the best arrangement, I made my wife dressed so well same as me and we went back to the dinner arrangement outside,push the chair further for her to sit, had my seat , the chefs came to give us our meal and we talked and I made sure I made her laughed And lastly I apologized for whatever I have done and thank her for helping me out and she replied

“you know I shouldn’t have stayed with you after everything but I have promised myself that I will not marry two husbands and if I leave you what did I know another will do to me,well it is all gone now and I believe you are now a new leaf” I was happy with her last statement, after the dinner, we went to the bedroom and started with kisses, I really miss my wife so much, after the kisses I realized how soft her body was, she is really soft I felt guilty for maltreating her, I started kissing her and one thing led to the other we are fully undressed, then again I crave slightly for brutality and I immediately want to stand up but she whisper to my ear

“baby please don’t stand up, I miss you so bad and I told her I don’t know how I am feeling but she still told me to go on that I will be fine, then after much kisses I was able to p*netrate inside her and then engrossed in the sexual activities it was indeed enjoyable and the more i got engrossed the more i want to do something bad to her but I keep putting it in check, due to how engrossed she was, she put our pillow to cover her mouth as not to m*@ned heavily, and then unknown, I was pressing hard the pillow on her and all of a sudden, Helen wasn’t breathing anymore.

I didn’t notice it earlier until her body wasn’t moving anymore and I had to stop, the pillow fell from her mouth and her eyes were closed, I tried waking her up but she is not answering, called her name many times but never answered, then I put my ear closer to her chest, Helen is not breathing anymore.

“Helen! Helen!! Helen!!!” this is only what could come out from my shaky mouth. I sat at the edge of the bed with my two hands supporting my forehead as I bent my head. I gazed at the body of Helen my wife who laid still on the bed not moving and not shaking, I looked at her cold eyes and tears flows freely now from my eyes. I checked the wall clock on the other side of the room and it’s exactly 3:00am I looked back at Helen’s dead body, and I kept staring at her and reminiscing on our sexual intimacy just 3 hours ago before the misfortune happened.

“How did this happen”? ” some hours ago we were together, why did you do this to me Helen, what should I explain to the world”? this is me speaking to to the body laying still on the bed and looking curious expecting an answer from the body.

Now I have also killed my wife, the most special woman who had helped me out and stayed with me in times of Tribulations, The only woman who accepted me for who I am, what did I gain in all evil I have done, truly there is a saying that a sinner will never go unpunished but God is this the way you want to punish me? taking the most sweetest woman away from me and she also died through me.

I picked up my phone and called the police to come to our location and told them I just killed my wife, meanwhile as I am waiting for the police to come and arrest me, they will be carrying two dead bodies instead, I enter our toilet, and take the hypo bleach, then drank it
Or what else I am waiting for? why should I really exist? I regret ever Knowing Tunji and ever being his roommate, I regret ever joining the fraternity, I regretted ever dragging Helen to my mess, I hope when my sister, Helen and I all meet in heaven they will forgive me.

The End


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