Unmarried at thirty episode 24


EP 24

George had closed from church with two of his friends Chucks and Lanre. He attended the same church as Jessica, she had just came out and was about entering the taxi she booked when she heard a hiss. It was Chucks who signalled her. “you and fine girls, nawaoo” Lanre joked when Chucks told him about the girl he saw at the church few minutes ago. He had had a glimpse of Jessica in the church during the offering procession and Chuck wanted her. The moment he saw Jessica, he knew he was going to pursue her until eternity maybe.

It was for that same reason he had asked Lanre to wait with him at the church entrance. George had gone to have a little talk with the pastor regarding a charity program he was trying to established at the church for children with deformities.

Jessica hesitantly waited for Chucks as he strolled down to her bearing a smile that disgusted Jessica. “Men with their hideous smiles” she snorted in her mind. “Good afternoon” he greeted stretching his hand for a shake but Jessica wasn’t in for any form of touch from the male species. “Hmm it’s fine, someday, you will shake me” he added as he put his hand back. “How may i help you Mr?” Jessica was in a foul mood, it wasn’t that Chucks did anything wrong but her recent sour experiences made her apprehensive of men.

“ah young lady, calm down. I’m not here to fight. I saw you inside the church and i must confess your beauty astonished me” he was sincere in his complement but what use is sincere complement before a woman with a venom of heartbreaks.

“Yes I’m beautiful and what you want is to get me undress, have sexx then say yes i have fucck a beauty and you will go away ” Jessica blasted like an exploding landmine.

“Wo wo wo!! Calm down beautiful girl, i can see you’re in a bad mood probably because of your bad experience with men but girl, everyone are not the same. Why don’t you give me a chance to mend your broken hea—-” Jessica entered the car and ordered the driver to move. Chucks stood there with his mouth wide open. He had never seen a girl so aggressive and foul mouthed.

Lanre stood few steps away laughing sarcastically at Chucks and this aggravated his anger and he lashed at him. The two men ran after each other jovially at the church entrance. “You have met your match ” Lanre joked.

Yinka had bought a chiled coke and sausage rolls for Toluwani, she ate and fed Yinka some. She wasn’t worried about how small the room was, she was contented so long as Yinka was with her. She scooped the coke in her mouth and was about gulping it when Yinka asked her to feed him through her mouth. She nodded her head in negation but Yinka clasps his mouth against hers, she slowly let out the coke in her mouth into Yinka’s. he swallowed it and they started kissing and smooching.

“Hmmm yes baby” Toluwani moaned. She ran her fingers against his back as they kissed aggressively. The environment doesn’t matter, the room nor the people sitting outside doesn’t matter anymore. She was on fire and she unleashed all her emotions without delays.
“Oh T-baby, you’re my treasure”
“Thank you Yinka, you’re the sweetest. Caresses me please” Yinka did as she asked. He unbuttoned her bra and found his way, he gently brushed against her breassts and Toluwani wrinkled on the little thin bed that had little difference from the ordinary ground.

She strokes her fingers over his hairs as his mouth, tonque and hands works on her different parts of the body. “Oh my gawd Yinka, oh !! Ah please!!” She cried as she bite gently into his ears whispering to him to go harder. Yinka slowly moved downward to her lower abdomen, he ran his tonque over her navel while using his finger against the tip of her breassts, she let out a loud short cry of pleasure holding him tightly against herself. “Make Love to me please baby” Toluwani pleaded as Yinka placed his mouth over her organ. Each time he thrust his tonque inside her, Toluwani was loosing herself. She was wrinkling and moaning and urging him on. It was the first time, anyone was using tonque on her, she loved it, the ticklish feeling was something she wouldn’t forget too quickly. Yinka brought his tonque over her clit’ris and tickled it, this time Toluwani couldn’t controlled herself anymore. She started moaning as loud as possible.

The neighbors outside couldn’t stand it, it was the first time Yinka had brought a woman home and the level of sound they heard made them marveled at how capable Yinka could be.

“That’s too much, young people of nowadays!!” Mama Yetunde murmured as she stood up to leave. Her sitting place was directly at the front of Yinka’s door, she couldn’t stay any more minutes hearing all those sounds.

Modupe had admired Yinka for a very long time, it started over a year ago when Yinka rushed her to the hospital in the middle of the night when she had a sudden breakdown. The attention Yinka gave her during the time moved her to a point she started nursing feelings for him, she kept in her mind though making so many subtle advances at him.

She just came home, it was few minutes after seven o’clock. She heard what was happening in Yinka’s room, she moved closer to the door and her curiosity pushed her to peeped.

Toluwani unhesitatingly threw her jean trousers away. She stood up and bend down as the bed was too thin for her. From the back Yinka came into her. Each stroke, each thrust produced a vibration in Toluwani’s brain. She yearned for more and Yinka wasn’t short of her expectations. She called his name everytime, her voice was loud and misty, it was filled with a tune capable of arousing anyone. The neighbors outside had either gone inside or left for a stroll.

“Ah ah baby, ohhhh yinkaaaaaa!!! Toluwani was reaching her climax point, she bite on her lips trying to stop herself from screaming too much but that didn’t help as she screamed between her teeth. The thrusting against her buttocks produced a rhythmical tune and as Modupe watched from the little crack on the side of the door, she wanted that thrusting. Modupe was burning already, her heart beat faster and skipped at every time Yinka thrust inside Toluwani. From that moment, she promised herself to have a taste of Yinka. It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t right or not but she wanted him even if it was just once. Modupe left dejected when they finally screamed their last moaning of pleasure.

Modupe couldn’t believed what she had done to herself, what if someone saw her pathetic misbehavior. She saw that she was already wet under, she quickly ran to her room and changed into another dress.

“Thank you Toluwani for letting me made love to you in a place as this” Yinka said as he fanned Toluwani with a piece of paper. She was sweating, the electricity company had taken the light at the middle of their actions. “No need to thank me, I’m also grateful that you’re my man” they talked unhurried to get dressed.

Luckily the light was back and the little standing fan that makes some funny creepy sounds each time it rotated kicked back to life. Toluwani felt very better, she was actually dying from the heat but she kept it to herself. “Maybe i should take you home” Yinka suggested, he was actually feeling worried for the discomfort she might be silently hiding.

“Are you pursuing me from your house after having sexx with me?” Toluwani joked. ” Don’t worry , I’m spending the night here ” she added. Yinka didn’t argue further, maybe when light go off in the middle of the night and mosquitoes welcomed her officially, she d’ learnt her lesson then.

“thanks babe i love you ” he told her placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.


I’m Victor Achegbulu Oinu your local writer

©Oinu 2023

Most times what makes sexx enjoyable for women isn’t whether the man made her reached climax or not. It is about how much she surrendered herself to that moment.

When the feelings is right
And the touch is felt
When the mood is bright
And the bed is set
Two lovers with no kites
Can fly upon the clouds riding on the wings of happiness and the spark their kisses produced.

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