Unmarried at thirty episode 23


EP 23

Yinka was happy Toluwani’s parents finally gave their blessings. The day for the wedding was fixed and his friends and relatives were invited to the ceremony. Yinka made sure to work overtime so as to be able to meet up the marriage demands. He wasn’t making a million but what he earned was good enough to see them through the basics family needs. Toluwani had asked him to move in with her several times but he insisted otherwise, he may consider it when they’re officially married but at the moment he wanted to keep his dignity as a man.

It was on Sunday afternoon after church service, Toluwani and Yinka had just closed. “Today, i want to see where you’re living” Toluwani said puting her arm on Yinka s shoulder. He was startled to hear Toluwani wanting to go to his place. Yinka place wasn’t decent considering the kind of house Tolu owned, it was just good enough place for a shelter. “Are you sure you can cope staying there for a minute!” Yinka asked feeling shy. He knew, they was no need hiding or pretending to be anything else, Toluwani already knew his level.

“Yes, I’m sure”

“No problem, let’s go then” he said as the car came to live and screeched away.

The road was free compared to other days, they enjoyed the luxury of a serene road conditions which was rarely enjoyed in Nigeria.

The wedding was just two weeks away. Yinka and Toluwani’s wedding acronym was TOYIN 2023. It was going to be a simple wedding with relatives and few friends in attendance. It was going to be held at the ULTIMATE INTERNATIONAL MINISTY. Wedding gown and suites were already paid for and fitted to their sizes. “you can assist with other things but let me buy the wedding gown” Yinka told Toluwani when she wanted to pay for the gown.

Toluwani loved Yinka with all sincerity and she saw nothing wrong assisting him with the financial demands of the marriage after all it wasn’t just Yinka s marriage. It was their marriage.

After about thirty minutes, the car came to a halt at the last motorable intersection leading to Yinka’s place. “We can park the car here and complete the journey with legs” Yinka said as they alighted and walked hand in hands. When they entered the compound, every eyes were on them.some curious neighbors who could neither bridle their mouth nor their tongues started their whispering.

“Neibor neibor!! Na your woman be dis?. She fine oo. You go market well o” it was Mama Yetunde. She was the compound chief human CCTV camera. Nothing happens in the compound without her awareness.

Last two months when Titus brought another girl home when his fiance travelled, she was the one that finally opened his nyash. He had sneaked the young girl through the window at around 11pm just to avoid the people in the compound but Mama Yetunde still somehow found out his deed. “Oh Titus, no need to dey smuggle them through the window, she had said when she coincidentally witnessed them the time she went to urinate.

“Mama Yetunde, shay you no dey sleep? Haba!!” Titus had said as he brought the girl down to go through the main door. They was no need to sneaked through the window anymore.

“Yes Mama Yetunde, she’s my girl and we are getting married soon” Yinka told her smiling as other neighbors said one thing or the other.

“Ehee!! i talkam say you go soon marry, they way you dey hustle this days eh no be small” Mama Yetunde continued. If nobody stopped Mama Yetunde, she was going to continue talking until she said something unsayable.

“Ah my pikin, chai you fine o. See your body heww e smooth like something wey i no know” Mama Yetunde praised Toluwani and Tolu likes it. She offered Toluwani a chair, Toluwani was caught unaware with her friendliness, she liked her already. “Ahh you’re very funny” Toluwani said as she wanted to sit and chat with her a little but decided otherwise when she looked at Yinka. He was giving her sign language implying her not to sit. “Mama Yetunde, we will talk later” Toluwani stylishly said to avoid suspicion that it was Yinka who winked at her.

“aaii better pikin, now now, you don sabi my name” she said laughing as Toluwani stepped away.

“Ah Yinka, you na man o. You no wait after the wedding before givam belly” Mama Yetunde said sarcastically. When she touched Toluwani’s hand, she suspected she was pregnant. She had unnoticeably studied her eyes, her energy already and Mama Yetunde was very sure she was pregnant. “Haba Mama Yetunde, she’s not pregnant yet” Yinka replied as Toluwani was astonished at her remark.

“Yinka forget say i be old woman wet no go school oo. I sabi woman body pass plenty dockitors today. This woman here get belle. As i hold im hand , come look im eyes,i dey sure ” she said with so much authority.

“My beautiful T-baby, you’re welcome to my humble house” Yinka said as he cleaned the side of the little bed for her to sit. It was Toluwani’s first time in her entire life to be in a room as such. Toluwani’s parents weren’t millionaires but they had a decent financial life.

Yinka’s one bedroom boast of a rubber chair, a small sized bed, a wall hanger which hold few jeans and about five tops. They was a mirror hanging on the wall, a small gas cooker sat idly at the corner of the room and two pots that hanged on the wall with some dust upon them. It shows it was ages ago since they had been used. A creaking standing fan brew air around. The room was neat enough for a man’s place of sleeping.

Toluwani was wide eyed, she couldn’t believed Yinka was living in a place as such, they was no privacy of any kind as the wall seem like thin paper foil. Even words of mouth from the other room next door could be audibly heard.

“Come baby” Toluwani said to Yinka. He moved closer to her and Toluwani heard him in her embrace taking in his warm breathing. She hugged him and stayed in that position for over five minutes without saying anything. “I love you Yinka, i promise i won’t hurt you” Toluwani whispered into his ears. “Thank you so much for loving me and thank you for accepting me this much, i wish i can boast of a better place but this is what i have got so far. Thanks for coming” Yinka was grateful for the sincerity Toluwani was showing him. He knew she loved him but he wasn’t aware that she would be okay visiting and staying in his place for that long.

They exchanged lovely words as they held each other.


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True love is accepting the person as a person before material things. If you’re struggling to accept his person outside materialism after some months of dating then the love is questionable and you should ask yourself and make a second decision.

Even if it’s only few seconds of a happy moment you have, cherish it to the fullest.

Even the most happiest person have his sad moment so, don’t replace your happiness with sadness

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