The Brilliant Wife episode 3

The Brilliant Wife 3

© Ndukwe Ularinma

Early in the morning the next day, Jenny had packed up. She was set to go. Patty came out to see who has been crying. Seeing her sister with her bags packed and her face holding no emotion, she knew nothing will convince her to stay.

“Please stay,” he cried out begging her, tugging tight at the hem of her dress, “please bae, I can’t survive without you,” he cried more. He had meant to stay awake the whole night but he didn’t know what made him sleep off that he couldn’t wake up throughout the night.

“Of course you can, Henry,” she said with little emotion, “I know you can, I have a feeling you will strive more when I leave,” she added.

He hadn’t cried for a lady before even those that hurt him never brought tears to his but rather regret. She was the first woman he ever shed tears for.

He tugged tightly at the hem of her dress when she made again for the door, “hold yourself Henry, nobody would like to see the CEO of a large company crying for a woman,” she said showing no sympathy, “what you did is unforgettable and even if I forgive you the memory will keep on playing over and over again. I can’t suffer just like this, I don’t want to suffer because of your sins,” she said and broke into tears, “well for 2 years I haven’t bore any child for you, she might bear for you and that’s why I don’t want your properties, keep them for your unborn child,” she said and Henry let go.

What’s the use convincing her he did nothing. He had tried to talk to her last night but she didn’t want to listen. He knew how much he loved her but this just shows that she has no love for him. She found an opportunity to get out of the marriage and she was making use of it.

“Fine Jenny, if this will make you happy then do it. I will sign the divorce papers as soon as they arrive but only on one condition,” he said.

“Wait, a divorce, my sister really takes things serious,” said Patty to herself.
“What condition?” She asked checking her wristwatch. She was going over to her mother’s and leaving Patty behind.

“I leave you with lots of money,” he said and he saw her blink her eyes, “I can’t bear to see you suffer Jenny, I can’t,” he added.

“Fine condition accepted,” she said and strode out with her bag in one hand while Patty helped with others.

“Sis, are you really sure you want a divorce?” Asked Patty.

“Yes, it will make him come to his senses but please stay here and take good care of him and yourself,” she told her, “oh and I remember, I sent money into your account earlier this morning, check it out.”

“Yeah sure but I’m going to miss you,” she said almost close to tears.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll be at mom’s,” she said while pressing the remote control of her car for the boot to open. She kept all her bags in it and hugged Patty bye and with the corner of her eye, she saw Henry down on his knees crying. “Poor Henry,” she said silently.


It took two hours to arrive at her mom’s place. Entering the compound she saw how beautiful and clean the place looked. Her mom sure takes cleanliness important.

She parked her car well and stepped down, from afar she saw her mom running towards her. She smiled and widened her arms as she was engulfed in her mother’s arms. She sure missed her mom, the old Mrs. McCarthy.

“Oh my daughter welcome home,” she said hugging her tight.

“Thanks Mama,” she said to her as tears dropped from her eyes, “you sure we’re doing the right thing?” She asked.

Immediately, she came back home, her mother had called and they had spoken about what happened and she came up with a plan and to help her daughter fight her enemies. The divorce papers which Henry was going to receive was fake. They had to play the game well and emerge as winners.

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