The Brilliant Wife episode 10

The Brilliant Wife 10

© Ndukwe Ularinma

Brandon Jr. Wears was rising on and was becoming well known. Her wrist watches were what brought awe to people. It was very pretty, it could tell time and it was very useful. It says the time and it could be used for face times. It had Bluetooth and it could connect to data/Wi-Fi but it was limited and only the rich could afford to buy it.
The company was moving well. Jenny smiled at her precious little son who was currently a year and 3 months. She had employed quality engineers and technologists. This company was what she needed to support herself and Henry if he might fail because he was drawing close to Patty at the moment and it hurts her whenever she heard their thoughts. She wondered why reading minds was the strength allocated to her. She liked it but she also disliked it as she ends up hearing things she wished not to hear.

Henry pushed away Patty. Patty was shocked. “Brother in-law,” she called surprised.
“So you still know I am your brother in-law but you are trying to seduce me,” he told her.
Patty was dressed in a topaz blue transparent night gown. She had a good relationship with her brother in-law as time moved on. She thought he was falling for her and she couldn’t wait to take the initiative this night but Henry’s behaviour put her off. Patty was ashamed. All this time, Henry had chosen to be celibate because of her sister of whom they hadn’t heard from in 2 years.
“Patty, you can never replace your sister,” he added, “I haven’t shown you I have interest in you but look at what you are doing. I guess, you need to leave. I don’t have any romantic interest in you,” he said and Patty stood glued to the spot as tears washed down her face. She was ashamed of herself, “I turned you into a socialite as per your sister’s wish but you are paying her back by trying to lure me to sleep with you. Are you not ashamed of yourself? Have you thought about what people will say? Why do you even want to sleep with me?” He asked series of questions but Patty couldn’t reply, “ I have been noticing you but I chose to keep quiet. It seems you have been waiting for Jenny to leave,” he said and then a thought entered his head,” are you involved in that hotel incident? “
Patty eyes went wide,” no brother in-law, why would you think of something like this?” She asked in a low voice,” I have been liking you since my sister left. You are the only man I have been close to and I began taking your care as part of love and I was happy thinking you also loved me. Brother in-law,” she called and knelt down, “please don’t chase me away. I have nowhere to go,” she pleaded.

Henry felt that danger was near but he couldn’t ignore Patty and send her away as Jenny begged him to let Patty stay and help him in the business area because Patty went to business school but Patty is seducing him and he prayed not to lose his patience with her. He kept mute and pointed the way out from his room. Patty left and went to her room disappointed in herself.

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