The Brilliant Wife episode 4

The Brilliant Wife 4

© Ndukwe Ularinma

After Jenny left, Patty went indoors to meet Henry. She saw him sitting down on the floor with a drink in his hands. She felt pity for him but still angry that he cheated on her sister with a prostitute. She promised to take care of him and she was going to do so. She decided to walk away when she heard his voice. “I never cheated on her, I admit that I found myself with that lady but we did nothing. I took only soft drinks and I became drowsy. It’s shocking how soft drinks makes one drowsy but I made an investigation into it and they found it drugged. I was drugged and dragged into this mess. I feel sorry for myself and my wife. I hurt her, she basically can’t trust me anymore and she can’t live with it. She can’t look into my face and hold me tight like we normally do, she won’t do it anymore,” he said and shedded tears. It was hurting him and he had to let it out. He had spoken with his private investigator to look into the matter and he reported it to him what happened but by then she had left the house. “I begged for forgiveness but she didn’t even budge, she doesn’t know she is my biggest inspiration and my life,” he said more while Patty took a sit, “I knew how many years it took me to court Jenny and allow her accept me. I have never loved any woman as I do Jenny but she, she left me just like that. Pat, please beg your sister on my behalf to forgive me or else I might not survive,” he said drinking more.

Patty couldn’t bear looking at him like that and snatched away the drink from his hands, “brother in law, drinking won’t solve any problem rather it would lead to more. I will try discussing it with my sister but I can’t assure you that she will change her mind and come back, I can’t,” she said dropping back the bottle in the shelves, “but for now, hold yourself and go about your normal work, so nobody finds out about what happened and come for interviews,” she added.

“Thanks for staying, Patty,” he said and stood up with the support of the chair, went indoors and slept off with that same unusual calmness and peace of mind.


Three weeks later, after signing the divorce papers, Henry started work as usual. He went about his usual business and refused to host meeting with business holders in an hotel. He has learned his lesson.

Patty was happy that Henry stood on his feet again to face the world but she was angry with her sister. She had explained all that happened to them but she was determined never to return. She was happy where she is and she will be happy. Patty should just take care of him for her that’s all she’s asking of.

For three weeks, she had shown him love and support and always prepared his meals. She found herself falling slowly for him and was willing to keep him for herself. All thanks to her foolish sister, she has found the man of her dreams. She reminisced over how they had both behave like couples. How she joined him in business meetings and how he praises her after the deal is done. How he can’t miss her cooking for anything in the world. Now, they are divorced, he is free to marry anyone even if it is her. He has to marry her, only her.


Juanita sat on the other side of her bed, weeks ago she had lost. She still couldn’t place her finger on what drove her to sleep that day after everything has been arranged. She had only asked God to help her, she loved this guy and he had no child. She was willing to give it to him, a child since his wife couldn’t conceive for the past 2 years. She had everything planned but then she fell asleep. She couldn’t fight it as she slept and his wife caught them, well, the position they were in was enough to destroy their marriage. All she has to do is, prepare to meet him and make him hers. Only hers.

Henry’s Point of View (POV)

I am no longer angry with my wife. I understand everything now, it is not safe for her to be around me for now, she has a battle to fight and she has to emerge the winner. She was my wife but it changes nothing. It’s been three weeks she left and I miss her so much. All the joys we had, how we made fun of each other and how we scold each other and end up making up. All those things made our marriage strong but then someone wants to destroy it, well, they have already destroyed it. Thank you. But for now, I have to know where that calmness of mind usually comes from when I am about to sleep and what it is. And the dreams about, me and Jenny together. She has to win. I love only her.


Jenny’s POV

Mother has taken good care of me for the past few weeks I stayed here. I am pregnant and I am so happy. I was about calling Henry to tell him when I remembered the reason why I left in the first place. I know he will be worried about the reason why he has that calmness why sleeping, God above forgive me, I love my husband with all my heart. Mother always does it. She always makes him sleep peacefully and she fights any harm that comes his way. She told me everything that transpired that day and I, I will fight this battle to the last, even if I don’t emerge the winner, my sister would. I have confidence in her.

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