The Brilliant Wife episode 25&26

The Brilliant Wife 25 and 26

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Another revelation was revealed to the public. That scandal about Jenny McCarthy. Jenny told them the reason why she left her husband in an interview called the “morning show.”

“Nice and welcome to the seat, Mrs. Jenny McCarthy,” the host said.

“Jenny Brandon,” she corrected and smiled, “thank you.”

“You are glowing and looking very beautiful. Is it a result of your husband’s brand?” She asked.

Jenny smiled, “everyone knows the Just Brand makes the best skin care products.” She took that time to advertise her husband’s company.

“That’s true, Mrs. Brandon,” the host agreed with her.

“Some months ago, a scandal came out. A rumour that your husband was cheating on you with your sister and that you divorced him due to infidelity,” the host was saying, “then it was revealed that the scandal was a fake.” On a screen (news ticker) in the background was the two posts. The scandal and the other post, “what do you have to say about this.”

Jenny smiled before she began, “well, yes it’s true I left my husband but I never divorced him. My husband had encountered some difficulties along the way and I had to leave him to the care of my younger sister. That resulted to how my sister stayed behind while I left,” she told the host.

“So what they said about you divorcing your husband is false?” The host asked again.

“Uh huh, it’s false,” she agreed.

“So what about the news that your brother in-law, Jerry Brandon,” a picture of Jerry was shown on the news ticker, when he was arrested and being put in a police van, “he almost had your husband destroyed.”

“Well, that news isn’t funny. Jerry Brandon was my very good friend but when I found out about what happened, I hated him. He self planned the destruction of his grandma, father, mother and had almost ruined his brother. The scandal was also brought up by him. You can see how far he was willing to go by bribing the shareholders of my husband’s company and bringing the company down. Well fortunately, God was on our side and his evil plan did not work out because I had a meeting with those shareholders and gave them an advice to follow Jerry for the main time and use the money to invest in my company,” she was saying when the host interrupted.

“Woah, a company,” she said, “are you, no don’t tell me that,” she added in a funny tone that everyone laughed. Some people got the hint and followed on with interest.

“Yes, Brandon Jr. Wears is a company founded by me to be able to support my husband,” as she was talking pictures of how the company was undergoing construction was shown on the back screen (news ticker). And also how the building was completed.
Applause was sounded around the audience. Jenny smiled and continued, “I employed quality technologists through my friend, Judy James from her company and that was how it was created. The designs when it comes to clothes, shoes, jewelries were drafted by me and other designers.”

The public who were watching the show was in awe. The founder of Brandon Jr. Wears is the wife of the CEO of Just Brand.

“What inspired you to name it or rather what is the inspiration behind the name?” The host asked.

“The inspiration came when I found out I was pregnant for my son, Alexis Brandon,” she told the host. A picture of small Alexis was shown on the screen and a picture of him and his father and also with his mother and grandmother. The audience were wowed by the revelations.

“So the last question, why did you leave your husband? What problem did he encounter?” The host asked.

“Well, Jerry had planned for his wife then a girlfriend to sleep with my husband. Then I received a call that my husband was in trouble. I never knew it was to catch them in the act. I ran over and met my husband in the arms of another woman asleep. You know as normal, I felt hurt and I couldn’t bear the pain, so I had to leave,” she replied while the host nodded, “later I discovered my husband did nothing with her. I also didn’t leave the house for my sister to inhabit. I kept her to help him in the business aspect.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Jenny Brandon for honoring our invitation,” the host said to Jenny and they shook hands and smiled.

Episode 26

Patty watched the morning show in surprise. The owner of Brandon Jr. Wears is her sister. She thought she could boast about her newfound wealth but Jenny had the money worth more than she had. She felt embarrassed and couldn’t face Jenny again. Jenny had defended and saved her reputation.
Juanita stared at the news on TV. She watched baby Jerry Jr. as he laid in his cot unattended to. Jerry was undergoing trial and nothing was in his favour. Jerry was just a young guy of 26. Henry was 30 while Jenny was 28. Patty was 24. Juanita shedded tears and looked at her son. She didn’t want to live again. She was planning on sending her son to Jenny and end her life. The shame was too much for her to bear.
Emergency. Patient in room 136. Suicide. Juanita was caught trying to commit suicide. She never survived. If she knew, she would have survived and bore the shame because Jerry was sentenced to life in prison with hard labour.
Judy later regained her properties and her company was no longer hidden from the public eye as she was now known the owner. She finally got married to Luke and was very happy with her life.
Jerry’s son was brought over to Jenny. She accepted and took good care of him, she named him John. It’s been 2 years since everything happened. Her mother left her residence and came to stay with Jenny and her family. Jenny was pregnant again at this time.
The entire family was happy and at peace. No more planning and backstabbing.
Patty left town and opened her own business. She was becoming successful and was planning her marriage.
Jerry finally left cell when he was 47 years. He was an old man in the making. John never accepted him as a father and Jerry left to another town to be a better man.



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