The Brilliant Wife episode 7

The Brilliant Wife 7

© Ndukwe Ularinma

Patty walked around her room with her phone in her hand. Things didn’t go according to plan. She yelled in angrily. She had made sure she disconnected the lights but why did it come on. Why did it ruin her plan? Her foolish sister had given her a chance to conceive an heir for him but why was it snatched from her? She would have had the chance to laugh at her sister while pregnant because she couldn’t even conceive a child. She laughed but sighed, even if this doesn’t work she had to plan harder. She had to sleep with him and convince him to share his property between him and her. Her useless sister can rot in hell all she care. She just had to pull some rope and get what she wants and laugh at the end with her many riches and she will become Mrs. Henry Brandon.


Hearing her sister’s thought from where she was, Jenny had already wetted her bed with tears. She just wanted her sister to take care of Henry and to help him in his business since she went to business school but she never thought her sister would fall in love with his money and wealth and even despise her own elder sister calling her foolish and useless. She sobbed and sighed as she felt her stomach, Brandon Jr. Mommy loves you and she wants to protect you thus she can’t let people know you exist, when the time is right you can come out and claim what’s yours but first mommy has to fight hard and win.


In the morning, at Henry’s house in his bedroom, he was going through some of Jenny’s pictures from the time they got married and the outings they went to. He missed her so much and wanted to meet with her but he didn’t know where. His mother in law had called him two days after her departure asking that she wanted to speak with her daughter but her daughter wasn’t home even Patty denied knowing where she went to.
Hmm, talking of Patty, she seemed pretty shocked when the electricity connected. She even wore a transparent gown and she was touching him seductively, he had to do something about her, maybe put her in work. That will help her forgets the thoughts she had for him.

When he was thinking of what to do to Patty, his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and hissed. “Long time,” he muttered when he picked the called.
“Do you miss me?” The other caller asked.
“Why will I miss you? Are you worth missing?” He asked already fed up with the call.
“Oh don’t be angry dear step brother, I’m not done with you yet. What of my dear sister in law?” He asked smiling mischievously. He already knew what happened but he wanted to annoy Henry.
“Jerry Brandon,” he called, “ leave my wife out of this,” he screamed.
“Really? And why should I?”
“Because she didn’t do anything to you,” he replied already fuming with anger.
Jerry on the other side of the phone, caressed Juanita who was in his arms. He was angry his plan failed because that would have brought down his highly so called “elder brother”.
“So you admit you did do something, didn’t you?” He asked.
“If you have nothing to say to me, I’m hanging up,” he replied already reaching out to touch the red button.
Jerry hissed, “dear elder brother, I just asked about my elder sister, I just wanted to know about how she’s faring nothing else. If her line was going through do you think I’ll call my so called elder brother,” he said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Wait, have they been communicating? Jerry is not a good person because he could still remember what happened years ago. How things went out of hand and how people lost their lives.
He was about to end the call, when he heard Jerry’s voice, “or did she leave you because you cheated on her?” He asked hitting the nail on the head.
Henry whimpered, “how did he know she left?” He wondered and also because of cheating, “Goddamnyou, I didn’t cheat on my wife it was all a misunderstanding,” he answered and immediately he hang up.
Old Mrs. McCarthy, Jenny’s mom was chanting some words. She was a white magician, that is, she healed people of their various disease and helped them out of difficult situations beyond their control. She had long given up on it but because of the people after her son in law, she went back to it. She sighed and hissed. That person is too strong but not strong for her. Jenny will have to give birth to be able to fight this battle.

She will have to support her daughter and help her fight against those evildoers who wants to harm the innocent. They must win this battle and put an end to that black magician and his plans. Only then will her grandson enjoy his life.

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