The Brilliant Wife episode 11&12

The Brilliant Wife 11 and 12

© Ndukwe Ularinma

Juanita went to the washroom’s basin 3 times. She had been feeling sick and nauseous lately. Her period had come on time these two months but she was still afraid to visit the gynaecologist. The only man she had been involved with was Jerry, Henry’s brother. Jerry had promised to help her come close to Henry but it failed on that one occasion. She thought she could play the victim card and go to Henry to force pregnancy on him but no matter how she did it with Jerry, she couldn’t conceive so she threw off her original plan of getting pregnant to lure Henry. She also gave up on pursuing Henry and decided to stick with Jerry. She threw up again in the wash basin and sighed to herself. She comforted herself and went to her toilet drawer. She drew it open and picked up a pregnancy kit. She wished she wasn’t pregnant and did the usual procedure with the test kit. After few minutes of waiting, it showed, “Hi, congrats, you are pregnant!” That news hit Juanita hard as she slowly dropped to the floor. She felt her tummy. After 2 years the pregnancy came but it was not for Henry. She remembered how she mocked Jenny at the hotel. This was a great face slap. She covered her face with her hands and screamed.
The table kept turning in front of Jerry. It refused to stop. He wondered what went wrong. The rule of his magic was never to get any one pregnant. He had lost half of his power to see what is recently going on in Henry’s home. He thought it would be easier to subdue Henry by planting in Patty the spirit of lust and greed but another power seemed to be fighting against him and he lost most of the times. He tried stopping the table but it refused to budge. It kept turning. He was angry and knew he had messed up by having it with no protection last two months.
Why did he lose? One, Jenny also implanted in him the spirit of low self control two months ago. She found one of the rule to his power. That day he had wanted it so much and couldn’t wait to get another round when the protection he had, had finished. He kept doing it and poured it in Juanita several times before he got himself. He couldn’t do anything about it as it was also against the rule to kill an unborn child. He was stuck and could only pray that nothing happened but now, it just showed that indeed something has happened. He sighed and regretted his actions. He called Juanita who picked up on the first ring.
Juanita sat on the chair in the parlour. She held her phone contemplating whether to call Jerry or not. Immediately the phone rang, she picked. She confirmed the news over the phone, “let’s have an abortion,” she suggested.
“Never, don’t try it. That’s our baby we are talking about,” he told her calmly.
“But Jerry, we have no properties to take care of our child or become parents,” she said to him over the phone, one hand subconsciously feeling her stomach.

“I-I will do something, I will try,” he said frustrated. He had almost everything planned out but those people kept fighting him. No matter how he tried to fight them he ends up loosing. How he had tried to know who they were but something always blocked and covered them. He had everything planned out. Patty was the perfect pawn since Juanita stopped showing interest in Henry.
“Jerry,” Juanita called, “please try your best to look for a solution.”
“I-I-I will try,” he consoled and hung up.
Juanita cried. She didn’t know why she was crying but the tears flowed.

Episode 12

A scandal broke out, CEO of Just Brand, Henry Brandon, reportedly having an affair with wife’s younger sister. It was also revealed that his wife, Jenny McCarthy divorced him on grounds of infidelity. Below are the snapshots of Henry Brandon and his wife younger sister.
These depicted on everybody’s phone screen. A picture of Henry hugging Patty was below, a picture of them entering the same car and her accompanying him to different meetings also of them taking a stroll. So many comments were under the post. Those bashing him and those supporting him. Those who insulted his wife or ex wife as a coward who left her home for her sister to take over. Allowing the sister to become well known in the socialites circle while she became unknown.

Was Jenny unknown? Yes. Not everyone knew she was the CEO of Brandon Jr. Wears although they knew the owner was a woman but they haven’t seen her face.
Because of this news, some shareholders having been bribed, pulled away their shares leaving Henry with a loss of 1.2 billion dollars. They had invested heavily in the business.

Henry stared at the news in his hands. He stared at Patty who was seated on an armchair some few metres away from where he sat.
“Are you sure you know nothing about this?” Henry asked once more.
“I promise brother in-law, I know nothing. I have no idea who took the pictures and how they were taken,” she replied him with an exasperated expression.
“God!” He called and covered his face with his hands and sighed. He felt danger approaching but not in this way. Hmm, what was he going to do about this? How was he going to clear his name and defend Jenny? This divorce, God, what would he explain was the cause of the divorce. He was broken twice. If not for the divorce he could have immediately clear his name but now he couldn’t. 3 shareholders have left and withdrew their shares with them. They refused to listen to him and his managers explanation. He was a billionaire quite alright but he needed the support of shareholders to keep his business strong. He sighed, looked at Patty who sat on the chair whispering to herself. This was also a bad stench to her name as her popularity in the socialites circle will drop.
3 months later, Jerry was seen with Juanita opening a boutique centre. They had gotten married a week after they found out about the pregnancy. The boutique was heavily stock with Brandon Jr. Wears collections as it was moving well and gaining customers. 3 months ago, he had invested in a heavy deal and got a billion dollar in return. He built a new house, bought a new car and rented a shop for Juanita who wanted to do something with her life. Not everyone knew he was the brother to Henry and he wanted it to remain that way until he ruins Henry.

The scandal was old news but the harm was irreparable. Out of 7 shareholders only 3 remained. Henry himself, GB Wears and Brandon Jr. Wears. What surprised Henry was how much Brandon Jr. kept investing. They didn’t mind the scandal but tried to keep the company strong. He was grateful but no matter how he tried to investigate about the CEO, it never worked out.

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