The Brilliant Wife episode 2

The Brilliant Wife 2

©Ndukwe Ularinma

Jenny had received a call from an unfamiliar number telling her to rush over to the hotel that her husband was in trouble. Recalling that Henry had told her about the so called meeting she ran out with just a white top and a pale blue loose trousers. Her sister had opted to follow her and they both entered the car heading to the hotel.


It was 11:45 pm, when they arrived the hotel and after getting the room number, they rushed towards the elevator punching in the number. Reaching up at room 215, they both pushed the door open and saw Henry and the lady naked on the bed asleep. Jenny had almost collapsed when she saw them and her husband asleep peacefully with a woman in his arms naked.

Patty her sister, was also shocked by what she saw. She felt pity for her sister as she saw a tear roll down her eyes. She rushed towards them in anger leaving her sister to fall on the floor, with water she saw on the table side, she poured it on them and the lady first woke up before Henry did.


Regaining his composure and seeing his wife on the floor crying, Henry felt stabbed in the heart. He felt sorry for his wife and wondered what he was doing in another woman arms, naked. He had that sorry look and Jenny cried more. He looked at the lady and asked her what she was doing here naked with him on bed.

She smiled and covered herself with the bed cover and flirtatiously stroked his chest watching the sour look on both sisters. Then she spoke, “I can see we had a short night but you rode on and on that I can’t even stand properly. You were so good,” she said watching Jenny look at her husband in shock and bowed down her head.

“Of course not,” Henry denied, he literally couldn’t understand what was happening, “I came for a business meeting with Mr. Lip and we drank to celebrate the beginning of partnership.”

Now, she got it. Henry who had low tolerance to alcohol got drunk because of just a partnership. Maybe, he had gotten drunk and he did it without knowing but why did they call her to rush over, are they planning something. For now, she trusts her husband and she is willing to forgive him but she has to play this game well.

“… Am sorry babe, am sorry,” he pleaded. He didn’t shed tears but she had known him for long to know when he really is sorry and regrets doing something, “please babe forgive me,” he said rushing towards her in his nudity.

She stood up before he got to her and said, “Pat, let’s go home,” and to her husband, “we’ll meet at home,” was all she said to him and left.

Then the lady spoke when Jenny was about to close the door, “leave her let her go. She probably doesn’t know what she’s loosing, she’s a fool. She even isn’t beautiful and you crying for her, pathetic, just let her go. I am ready to be a second wife to you.”

She advanced towards where he was and was about touching him when he screamed, “I don’t know you but all I know is you are ruining my marriage. You’ve succeeded in ruining my life for good. I know what I passed through before I got her as my wife, so please leave.”

“Oh, okay but when you need me call me,” she said tossing her contact card to him, and let the bed cover fall from her body but his mind wasn’t there. She sighed, all she wanted was to get pregnant for him but now she can’t but she won’t give up, she will keep trying.


Patty drove the car home and she often stole glances from her sister. She felt pity for her and wondered how she will cope. The ride home was short and silent. Immediately parking the car, Jenny came down heading straight to her room, to her bedroom. She stared on the bed and remembered their first time, sure, she wasn’t a virgin but they had had fun and he had promised not to cheat on her. But now, now he did.

The tears stopped falling and she took this decision, to divorce him. He can keep the documents and properties to himself she doesn’t need them. And then, the woman’s words came back, “we had sex and I know I am pregnant, judging from your looks, you are rich, my child will surely enjoy life.” The tears flowed and she collapsed on the bed staring at her husband who just came in. He rushed towards her and knelt down, “babe, I promise I did nothing. I took soft drinks and minutes later I became drowsy and I couldn’t remember what happened next and then I woke up with a strange woman next to me naked. I, I don’t know how it happened bae, but all I know is that nothing happened.”

It gave her joy to know nothing happened. She so much loved her husband and another woman ruining it, God, she knew she can’t stay away from him but she has too. She knew something was up, someone planned this.

“It’s okay,” she finally spoke and he smiled and looked at her face but she kept a straight face, “but we will have a divorce.”

“Ho, honey,” he called. He couldn’t believe his ears and felt tears fall down his face, “no we are not going to have. I didn’t cheat on you,” he said.

“I don’t want your properties, you can keep them, I just want a divorce. I have contacted my lawyer and she will hand over to you the divorce papers for signing,” she said and continued, “I leave tomorrow but for now let’s sleep, it’s been a long night,” she told him lying down on the bed.

He had nothing to say and seeing his wife in shock, he decided to do her wish. He loves her so dear but he will get to the root of this and fish those who brought that woman to him out and make them pay for ruining his marriage and as he lay on the bed after taking his bath and wearing his pajamas an unusual calm and peace befell him, making him sleep.

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