How Samuel mistakenly slept with his brother’s wife episode 2

Chapter 2
Written by Nicholas Stephen ✍️

I approached her to study her, and when I saw that she wasn’t looking, I went in as if I was about to use the restroom myself and bumped into her.

I started acting as though I didn’t know anything about the restrooms for men and women. “Jesus Christ! what are you doing here?” You out of your mînd or something?” she bellowed in extreme fright.

“Shhhh, please sorry about that. I thought this was the male restroom. I’m truly sorry okay.”
I diligently unlocked the door kept staring at her bre@sts continuously.

“I don’t understand you Samuel! do you realize I’m married to your brother? Are you out of your sênses? will you get out of this place right now? Is this how you’re manner less?” she snared seriously at me.

“Please um I’ll be leaving, I thought this was the male restroom that’s all. I’m really sorry.”

“Oh really! a grown up man like you, now acting like a kid. Can’t you read what’s in that notice. Or were you blînd? In short get out, Get out ” She yelled and pushed me out then closed the door..

To me, all those things she was saying was merely entering the right ear and departing through the left one. I was glad that I had been able to realise why I had initially followed her there. About the slurs and other things, I didn’t care.

Meanwhile her husband is always busy at work, some days he would come home around 8pm so it was just her wife that was taking good care of the house. After that day, Monica started giving me a little distance, she no longer call me to discuss as usual. This prolonged till one particular day I walked up to her..

“Monica, I don’t know why you’ve been avoiding me, I’ve greeted you several times but you’ve always paid deaf ears . What’s wrong please if I’ve done something wrong just find it from the bottom of your heart to forgive me.”

“So you mean you don’t know what you did? what made you to follow me to the restroom in the first place? a married woman at that. What were you thinking. A man like you is supposed to be married all your brother’s are married. Look for a wife that can be taking care of you not all these nõnsense you’re doing. Please don’t let this to repeat itself” she said while pointing her hands towards me.

“Okay but can I have a little discussion with you. Maybe after school hours. I really need to talk to you.”

“Alright that shouldn’t be a problem, that would be probably when I had the opportunity to carve out some time because as you can see I have alot of assignments to mark also have classes as well. If it doesn’t work out today, tomorrow’s another day. This my table is filled up” She added as she continued to mark each book one by one.

“Alright then talk later” I replied her took the little textbooks I brought and left.

After that day my mind was settled. I started to pay more and more attention towards Monica. It got to a point whereby I find it impossible to go a day without thinking of her. Some days I do see her in my dreams, where we typically kiss and engage in other amorous activities. I was just looking for every loophole to turn this my dream into reality.

One night when I was sleeping I woke up and muttered to myself “If I can sleep with th1s w0man, that would be the happiest day of my life.”

The next day we reported to work as usual. And I was just playing my normal game of monitoring her back view unknown to her meanwhile she loves wearing tight skirts alot. It got to a point where she was climbing through the stairs, I instantly grabbed my phone to record a one minute video of her rear view, which was frantically shaking as she climbed the steps to the end.

I watched the video every time I’m at home. I watched the video more than 800 times (approx). I made sure to play the video before leaving for work. I do the same thing right before I go to sleep. I was just waiting for the perfect time to shoot my shot.

On a Saturday evening, I received a call from Timothy, and based on his demeanour, he was extremely annoyed. I asked him what the problem was, and he told me that his wife had gotten him so pissed off that he would injure her.

I pleaded to him not to do anything Rash. But he insisted that his wife should better look for somewhere to sleep this night if not the house will not contain the two of them because I know Timothy very well, once he makes a choice, it’s definitive and when he’s annoyed, it would be very challenging for me to calm him down, he was simply implying that he might kîll her..

I quickly changed into my clothes and left towards my eldest brothers’ place. When I arrived, I entered the gate. Right in the compound his wife Monica was sobbing hysterically on the ground while as brother was hitting her continuously in the back. I tried to stop him, but he insisted that he must deal with her. He even said if care is not taken, he might kîll her.

“She’s not going to stay in this house if possible, she should pack her load and leave.” Timothy roared entered his house and locked the door.

Seeing how stunning Monica was while she kept crying made me feel very uncomfortable.

“Have you eaten? you need to rest but as it stands I know my brother very well, he won’t allow you to stay here this night. please wipe your tears” I said to her as I used my left hand to clean her cheeks.

“What if you come over and stay with me just for this night?” I asked.

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