How Samuel mistakenly slept with his brother’s wife episode 5


Written by Nicholas Stephen ✍️

Chapter 5

“Please, please, please it’s okay, I don’t want to go beyond this. Are you not even embarrassed doing this to your brother’s wife?”

“Stop! stop!! stop!!!” she wailed, panting as I drew my head to eat her out.

“Mmmmmmm, ouuuucchhhh, ahhhhhhh, mmmmmmm” her m0aning continues.

I quickly slid in my dîck and the game began. The rehearsals that has been reminiscing on my mind fully came to reality as I continued to exert all my pressure like a predator on it’s prey

We continued the game till 12am, I couldn’t hold myself because I was enjoying everything which made me to release some sperrms on her, leaving both of us speechless.

We just stared at each other continuously.
“Do you realize I’m going to get pregnant?” she whispered to me while exhaling.

“Pregnant! oh crap, what have I done geez!” I squeaked placing my right hand right directly in my forehead.

“What do you think I’m going to tell my spouse if he gets to know, that his brother impregnated me?”

“Shhh it has not gotten to that calm down okay, there are ways to avoid it please, let’s ab0rt it, it was a mistake I never intend to do this, oh crap what was I thinking?” I apologized to her while feeling guilty.

“Mistake?, so you are advising me to eliminate an innocent child, do you know that a huge sin against God?”

“It’s alright, please let’s just act like everything’s fine okay, because if a third ear gets to know about this we would be in grave danger.” I said to her.

She just remained silent and we both fell asleep till the following morning.

We dressed up, ate some snacks, and went to church together, my brother and his wife were also there.

My brother tried every means to avoid getting in contact with her.

I was observing them. He ignored his wife’s attempts to beg him, and he even left church early out of frustration.

After he departed, I went with him to his house, where we talked and I gave him some explanations.

“Bro, that woman you’re chasing away is your wife for crying out loud, what were you thinking? you married her and you’re treating her this way?”

“So you’ve came to give me some lectures on how to treat my wife isn’t it?” he shouted on top of his voice.

“Brother please calm down, I’m begging you as a brother, you know our other siblings are busy everytime and they won’t have that time to come and start talking to you like I’m doing. Can you just act like a grown up man for once?? what would you gain if you kîll her?”

Right behind me, I heard a voice
“please honey I’m sorry, please listen to him he’s your brother, please forgive me, I had no where else to go”

When I looked around, Monica was begging for pardon while on her knees.

Oh Monica you’re here. So you followed me I guess, because church was supposed to close by 1pm and it’s almost 9:30. Please brother, reconcile with your wife please just for my sake.

“Let me just forgive you for my brothers sake, you can come over” he added, drawing Monica in for a hug while she continued to stare at me nonstop from behind.

I was just reminiscing about what would happen to us if someone found out about our little secret as I watched the two of them embrace each other.

“Samuel it’s alright, don’t think too much, she’s already forgiven. I bet you haven’t eaten come on! pass the night here with us so that we could all head to work tomorrow morning.”

“Alright Timothy, my pleasure” I replied with great relief of sigh.

“So how’s work, hope everything’s at ease? what about dad, been a while since I heard from him” I inquired.

“”Samuel, please listen; I’m not saying your teaching job is wrong; on the contrary, I’m more concerned about your master’s degree. Try to complete your MSc as soon as possible at the very least, it shouldn’t go exceed next year. Besides, you’re well-off why settle for a menial teaching position? I know you’ve stated that you don’t want to come over and work with us. Just take some time to consider what I’m saying.”

“I understand you bro but the thing is I’ve made provisions for that and I’d try as much as possible to get it, as for my job please I’m okay with it for now, let’s pause this discussion. Yes you were right earlier. I’m hungry I need to get something to eat” I mumbled to him, massaging my Tommy assiduously while frowning my face.

” Hahahaha Samuel, you know, having grown up with you, I am familiar with how you appear when you are famished. I can tell just by looking at you. Anyway, before leaving this morning, I made some rice. Please wait while I call my wife to prepare some for you “He replied, knuckling his thumb at me.

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