How Samuel mistakenly slept with his brother’s wife episode 20


Written by Nicholas Stephen ✍️

Chapter (20)

“What effect does my wandering around the streets have on you? Let’s get rid of all these pointless questions and talk about something more important. I told you earlier that I live my life the way I want. Umm that’s reminds me; what does it mean when someone dream of being chased by some bunch of snakes.”

“Hahahaha funny you” she chuckled.

“I don’t understand. I’m asking you a serious question and all you could do is to sit down and laugh?”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, don’t come into my house and start claiming your usèless rights. If you’ve had enough of this conversation, the door is fully open for you to confidently exit.. What do you take me for? or you think I’m a child that you could just shôut and mistreàt anyhow you wish?” she thundered àngrily, hissed and walked away.

I walked after her while trying to plead for her forgiveness.

“Sharon it has not gotten to this. Please sorry, come let’s talk. Please but I only asked a question, I never knew it would upset you.” I said, gripping hold of her left hand to get her attention.

“See, don’t waste my time as you can see it’s still morning and I have alot of house stuffs to work on. Just go straight to the point, I’m not a child. What is it you really want?” she asked me while halting at a distance.

“The thing is, I just want to be close to you, have you eaten something this morning, I can pay some of your bills. What I need from you is just time and attention that’s all.”

“See, Samuel, I’m not ready for any of this yet. You can come around another day bye.”

“Okay what about your contact” I said while staring at her buttoçks as she walked by.

“No, I don’t give out my contact sorry” she said, walked in and banged the door leaving me speechless.

“Well, let me not bother myself now. Let me finish with grace first. There are so many ways to catch a rat.”, I mumbled to myself and left.

“But wait, why is my brother not picking my calls, and the message I sent since yesterday, no feedback yet? I’ll go to his house this evening with the test results.” I said to myself while heading straight to my humble abode.

I dressed myself up, collected the fake test results and went straight to my brother’s place. When I got there the door was locked, and when I asked the gateman about his whereabouts, he told me he left for work since morning that I’d meet him here few hours from now. Then I told him he should info him that I came and I left.

I got home and stárted imagining myself in béd with grace, how cool it’s going to be.”Mehn that woman is fûcking hot, very soon I’ll shoót my shots” I said to myself, drinking a bottle of Eva wine.

I scrolled through the last message I sent her and discovered that she had not been active since she sent me the message. I was so enthusiastic on chatting with this married woman and besides, I have money.

“What else would a married woman like her request for aside from money, if it’s money she needs, I’d lavish money on her. If she was that wealthy, she’s wouldn’t have been teaching in that not forsáking schóol that has nothing to write home ábout. Their salary is just pèanuts. She should just give me what I want that’s all” I was in deep thoughts while kept rolling myself in-between my body bed.

I tried Monica’s line and this time the phone was ringing but she wasn’t picking up.
“What is wróng with this girl for crying out loud. She has refûsed to pick my calls all this while. After a while an SMS message popped up which reads.

“Don’t ever in your life call me again you foól. I repeat don’t you ever call me again!.”

After reading this my head began to boil in anger and if it was to be a volcano, it’d have erupted. “Seems this girl wants to dîe.”

“You are very foôlish. So you dáre send me such tèxt isn’t it? so you’ve grown wiñgs right? it seems your days wîll soón be numbèred. And if I gèt such mèssage from you again, î’ll kîll you. Mark my wôrds” I wrote this and sent it.

“I continued my drinking. I called Ruth
“Hi, my sweetheart how are you?”
“Hmmm, like seriously?” she answered.

“What, are you not my sweetheart? or did I say something weird?” I asked

“Funny you. It’s okay. I’m pretty much better. So what’s up with this call or you want to tell me to come over just like you did the other day?”

“And what if I want to?”
“Nahhh that’s a capital “N.O!” she said.

“Hmmmm, it’s alright maybe another day we’d get in touch. I only called to see if you’re doing fine.”

“Like I said earlier, I’m fine bye” she ended the call.

“Hmmm women mata sef eh. But she wasn’t like this when she came to my house. Oh oh maybe she’s with her boyfriend. It is well.” I said to myself, while I went to use the restroom

To be continued ✍️
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