How Samuel mistakenly slept with his brother’s wife episode 17


Written by Nicholas Stephen ✍️


“I came to see you Sharon, you’re now looking so stunning. Can we actually see tomorrow if you don’t mind?”

“No I can’t sorry.” he hastily replied.
“But why? hope you’re not upsêt with me, is everything all right?” I curiously asked her.

“No want to ãdd me with those bunch of womên that I usually see you with? Samuel let me ask you a question. When are you going to get mãrried or don’t you know you’re getting õld?”

“My eldest brother that you’re far older than had been married for over 5years and God eventually blessed them with twins. The truth be told, I’m not happy seeing you hanging around with women Everytime. Ehhhhh stop giving me that look. I’m just trying to advise you as a friend.” she added while I kept staring at her.

“Are you okãy at all? wait, wait, wait o. Are you the one that’s now trying to lecture me on how to live my life? Is mãrriage an accomplishment? look at so mãny young men that are married they have nothing to mêaningful to portray. Sharon I think I should be going now. I’m already annêyed in short bye.” I responded and left.

“Samuel you better go and get mãrried o” she said while I ignored her and walked away.

After a while I checked the time and it was almost 3:30pm.

My mind quickly flashed back to Mrs Grãce that was one of our teachers I see her like my very good friend although I haven’t collected her contact but I will very soon. I was looking for every means to get to that woman but all seemed abõrtive.

“Mehn! but this woman is already married o, what if I later succêed in sleêping with her and she gets pregnãnt.. What am I going to do? meanwhile, Monica’s case is still pênding. Samuel think, think, think… What’s the way forward. Should I go for that womãn…” I kept pondering and blabbing soliloquies along the way..

After some deliberation, I went to a nearby Chicken Republic and purchased some chicken and rice. I ate until my tommy was filled. I took a taxi back to my humble abode and slept till the following day.

I awoke the next day and dialled Monica’s number, but it said switched off. Then I dialled Bola’s number, and he answered.

“Yes, how’s the stuff going, you said two working days right!”

“Yes, sir, but please take the phone off loud speaker my wife isn’t that far away,” he mumbled.

“Oh alright. Done!”
“Okay I’m almost done with it probably tomorrow I should be there with the results.

“Alright and don’t fail me. I believe you’re already aware of the terms and conditions involved.”

“Yes sir. Rest assured.
“Alright then, anticipating.” I ended the call.

“Alright let me go to the school to observe the environment. Maybe another teacher might have replaced me. Who knows! because I’ve been absent for weeks..” I said to myself.

I went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat, then I took my bath. I dressed up and took a taxi to the school.

When I got to the staff room it was only Daniel that was there.

“Guy! what is gõing on with you? you were not like this before. You’re a very handsome man, grown up man at that. I believe you should be older than me. Talk to me like a man” he said to me with a solemn expression.

“Daniel, you can’t understand. There are some things in life that are always stationary. They can’t be undone.” I replied him.

“My brother. I want you to know that in this life, there’s always a solution to every problem. And also recall that, a problem shared is a problem solved. You haven’t been in school for weeks and you kept telling me I can’t understand. What is it that I don’t understand?”

“My brother, that is a story for another day. What about Mrs Grace, is she around?”

“Oh that woman. I was with her but she had gone to class, probably teaching her students. the other teachers are also teaching as well. You know this is morning. So you mean you came here just to have a conversation with her?”

Before I was about to say something, one of the staffs Raymond hastily walked in and said to me “Samuel, the school administrator needs your attention right now! she’s waiting for you in her office.”

“Hmmm, what’s up with this woman again Na. She bêtter mind her words if not I’ll lêave this school once and for all. If she thinks it’s her salary that’s feêding me then she’s wrong. I live my life the way I want.” I mumbled to myself while I climbed the stairs leading to her office.

To be continued.


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