How Samuel mistakenly slept with his brother’s wife episode 15


Written by Nicholas Stephen ✍️


After dancing for a while she told me she was hungry so I prepared rice for her and she ate till she was satisfied.

After she finished eating, I realized she was exhausted so I accompanied her to my room.


“Yes my princess,” I answered.

“I’m very tired right now, can you keep me busy by giving me an interesting gist? and that reminds me, What about your other colleague Monica,”

“Oh you knew her?”

“Sure I do. She was my very good friend. Hope she’s fine, would you mind giving me her contact there’s one stuff we discussed about last month although I’ve been trying to reach out to her but couldn’t?”

“I don’t have her contact. Princess let’s focus on the concrete reason why we are here. As I said earlier, you physique really caught my attention. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for a very long time.” I replied her pressing my left hand against her buttoçks.

“Hmmmm, but I have a boyfriend though,” she replied and climbed the bed to lîe down.

I did likewise.

“You have a boyfriend, but what about me. You know I care so much about you. We are all alone here. Time is almost 9pm. I’m thinking about you right now.” I mumured rubbing my left hand rhythmically across her chest down to her hips.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I know what you’re saying is $ex just go straight to the point instead of going through corners. I felt it right from when we were dancing. Men are always like that. You should know I’m no longer a child so before you already think of it, I already knew what you were up to.”

“Monica alright. You’re right.” I replied and gave her a head nod withdrawing my left hand a little.

“Hope you’re with protection? But Samuel you’re a man now unlike then when you were still in your 20s, I guess few years from now you should be clocking 40. And you’re not yet married. Hope everything’s fine oo?”

“Sure. It’s just that I don’t really fancy the marriage stuff of a thing. I just want to live by my own terms. And besides, I have a project I’m working on and I can’t think of anything else until I’m done with it.”

“What about your other brothers Collins, Michael, Timothy……., and besides, what kind of project, can you shed some light?”

“Ruth your questions are getting too much, let’s focus on the main reason why we are here please. We will have time to discuss tomorrow. Hold on let me go and get the protection from where I kept them.” I quickly responded and left.

So I came back and she kept staring at me.
I went to meet her on the bed and whispered on her left ear. “You’re really gonna enjoy this.”

“Hmmm really” she chuckled.
I quickly put on the protection then she opened up and we started the game.

The truth is this girl’s àss was similar to that of “Nicki Minaj” and I $exed her till 2am. To be sincere, her legs were shivering and she was earnestly moaning in pains. We both managed to take our bath and slept off.

The following morning Ruth was still asleep, I woke her up.

“Ruth is it about yesterday’s stuff? you’re a strong woman. Come on! I’ll be going strolling out today” I exclaimed loudly.

“”I don’t understand, this is Wednesday and it’s almost 8. Don’t you go to work? Because I need to be at work latest 8:30?”

“Alright prepare let me escort you. My car is faulty and I’ve not had time to take it to the mechanic. It’d have been easier with my car.”

“Alright hold on let me shower, dress up and start going” she said and went to take her bath while I waited for here at the verandah.

So after dressing up, she came and we both departed. While she was heading to work, I quickly switched direction and headed straight to the clinic to check up on Monica.

When I got there she was no where to be found. I inquired from one of the nurses and I was told that she left the clinic that same yesterday. I removed her contact from blacklist and tried calling her line but it wasn’t going through.

“Hmmmm this girl should better mind her tongue if not. She knows what will happen next. Make she no just carry me play” I groaned to myself and left the clinic.

“So how do I go about the DNA test that this man is insisting on. Or should I meet bola? I know he knows how to run stuffs like this. Let me check my phone if I still have his contact” I said to myself, scrolling through my contact list.

Then I found his contact and I called.
“Bola it’s me Samuel. Longest time!”

“Oh, oh.., oh bro watsup ahh I thought you’ve forgotten about me o, this one you’ve remembered me today, hope all is well?”

“This is going to sound cràzy but can you come over to my place? There’s something that I’d love you to help me with.. Where are you now?”

“I’m less busy. Since you insist, let me dress up and come over.”

“Alright, when you get to Jarolak hotel, just give me a call let me come and pick you up”

“Alright sir, expect me soon.”
“Alright, Anticipating.” I ended the call.


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