How Samuel mistakenly slept with his brother’s wife episode 13


Written by Nicholas Stephen ✍️

Chapter 13

**I’m trying to talk to you as a brother and you’re telling me to leave?**

**I don’t understand. You showed less concern earlier and now you’re intending to act as if you care. Wait! that night I drove my wife off did you accompany her? I mean did she stayed with you in your house?**

**I…., I…, don’t understand you brother what are you trying to say? we what if I told you I didn’t accompany her? I took her to a hotel and she stayed there till the following day.**

**Emeka is my very good friend and I don’t think he’d do such thing to me likewise you. Samuel! you were the only one that she was close to, you both go to work, you both see each other… You expect me not to suspect something?**

**Wait, wait, wait..Let me get this straight. Are you trying to imply that I impregnated your wife??** I retorted while pointing my Left hand towards him.

**Well I never said that, but it’s better we confirm with a DNA test. You and my other colleague Emeka should go for a DNA test. I don’t even know who to trust anymore.** He replied, angrily entered his room and banged the door.

I just watched him as he left without uttering a single word.

**What is Timothy up to! this man sef! which one is DNA test again naa** I mumured to myself with guilt written all over my face.

I quickly stood up and adjusted my trousers as well. I kept staring looking around and after a while I left and headed straight to my house.

The following morning, I rushed to the market to get myself some new clothings, after buying I shockingly bumped into one of my close friend Ruth. “Ahh ruth wow longest time how are you doing?”

**I’m pretty much fine and you?** she said whilst holding my left hand.

**Yeah, yeah, likewise. It been long… you actually came to buy something as well?** I chuckled while smiling lavishly.

*Ummmm yeah, I’m actually going now we’ll talk later okay, I have something to attend to* she replied as we both exchanged contact.

I kept staring at her back view as she walked by. Imagining how good she would be on bed.
Although I intend to date her before but I couldn’t. I guess I should have an edge now.

I went home, got dressed up and went to the clinic to check up on Monica.
I saw her sitting down in the bed looking so pale and she had added some weight.

I slowly drew closer to where she was sitting and said to her.

**Monica, I’m so sorry about last time.** I looked at her trying to grab her attention but she just remained silent while facing the opposite direction.

**See Monica, I don’t care if you’re listening or not but what I just want to tell you is that I’ll look for a way to sort this out. I believe you are already aware of what I told you earlier so better don’t cross the line. And another thing, the nurses said you’re in good shape, so you’re free to go. Your husband was seriously angry so he left without paying a dine. So I’ve paid all the bills.** I said to her, went to greet the nurses and left.

I left there, went to my house, I turned on the home theater playing some cool music to calm my nerves. After a while I called Ruth and she picked.

I quickly went to reduce the volume before attending to the call.

**Hello my sweet beautiful love looking damsel……,**
**Awwwwwn, kidding right!**

**I’m serious, not kidding though! umm do you mind coming over, you know we’ve known each other for years. Do you mind coming to have dinner in my place**
**For real** she said.

**Yeah I’m damn serious**
**Alright then expect me around 4pm by that time I should be free I guess.**

**Alright then, Anticipating** I replied and ended the call.

After a while I got another call and when I checked it was my brother. So I picked in order to avoid unnecessary pleasantries.

**About the DNA test, I haven’t heard from you or have you suddenly forgotten?**

**Okay I’ll do that soon it’s just that I’ve been busy lately.**

*Better do because if I don’t get any feedback from you, I’ll be màd at you. When you’re done with yours and it shows negative then I’ll know what to do next.** he finished speaking and aborted the call.

**Seems my brother is taking this thing so serious. I think I know what to do. I’ll manipulate a fake test and give it to him. But first let me enjoy myself with this babe I’m expecting, other things are secondary** I said to myself as I went to increased the volume to the highest.


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